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Black Power by Carlos Cabaleiro

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Can you believe that Misha Collins is a literal real life person that exists?

Can you believe that Jensen Ackles is living and breathing on the same earth as us right this very second?

Can you believe that Jared Padalecki is an actual human being that loves us with all his heart?

Can you believe that, out of thousands of years of civilisation, we’re privileged enough to be alive at the same time as these three men?

Snowed In

Pairing:  Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,762

Summary: Dean and the reader get snowed in on Christmas Day. 

Christmas Request by: @winchestdiaries

“You look like you’re trying to melt the snow with your mind.” You say looking at your boyfriend.

“They said we’d get four inches tops. There’s over a fucking foot right now.” Dean growls staring out the window.

“You should write a strongly worded email to Channel 7.” You say mocking him.

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SPN 12.07 Rock Never Dies
‘You know what? I’m done apologizing. Lucifer possessed Vince Vincente. This is Vince Vincente’s music, so listening to it is research!’
(Moral of the story: don’t give your brother a hard time for the music he listens to, because you’ll suffer the consequences)


Title: Confession

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 1,686

Warnings: Fluff

Summary: After a long few days of research, Sam takes the reader out on a cold night for a warm drink. 

Prompt: Hot Chocolate

A/N: This is day 2 of 25 Days of Christmas. If you would like to be tagged in this fun little thing I’m doing, please send me an ask. This is not a series. Feedback would be much appreciated! xoxox


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You sat at the far table in the library, your feet propped up on the table with a lore book in your lap. For three straight days, you had been researching everything there is to know about a symbol the boys saw carved on the skin of a little boy and you had come up short of nothing. You were exhausted, you were frustrated, and better yet, your body was so sore from sitting in those uncomfortable chairs for days.

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