I wish I was Cis

So I wouldn’t have to worry
Going through life
Like any other

I wish I was Cis
So the creepers would go away
I could just be

I wish I was Cis
So that one day
I could give birth

I wish I was Cis
So that I’m not see as different
And my family might finally see me as Any other women.

I wish I was Cis
So that society would stop viewing me as a subhuman sex object
So I wouldn’t have to defend my gender to anyone who questions it

But I’m not Cis.
And that’s ok.

BBHMM for Haters

For people who are complaining about how Rihanna’s video is too violent misogynistic and some how against white women…

Lets replay this video and notice something.

THE HUSBAND (white, cisgender, straight, patriarchal, misogynistic man)


The wife is gone for multiple days and nights but he is out partying with other women smoking, drinking. Enjoying himself at the cost of his wife’s security.

The life he obtained is obtained from multiple White Collar scams like this and he just chose the wrong one this time.

Ive seen more violence than this 10 times over. And the violence is implied!!! Never actually done….

I don’t necessarily like Rihanna like that but people need to stop with their bullshit.

If Kill Bill is more violent than this…
And if it had a scene like this…with Cotton Mouth or something… which it could very well be possible…no one would have fucking complained the way are about Rihanna.

Point blank

I actually feel kind of alone sometimes when I see large groups or posts of autistics on Tumblr and they’re all genderfluid or neutral and using they/them. I know autism’s at least loosely linked to being ambiguous about gender but I’m a very very solid cis female who happens to be bisexual. And I don’t have any other orientations, identities, or anything beyond that. I don’t want to, since I was born this way, but still.

I’m 25 and came across the term genderfluid this year. The more I read, the more things fell into place. Suddenly it wasn’t “wrong” of me to see me as a boy when I was 6, nor to be really girly some other days. I guess it never felt too strange before bc I’m 99% straight and that 1% bothered me a bit growing up more than my gender. But now my whole life makes sense. This new word came as a nice surprise more than a shock. God even my wardrobe makes sense now. I’m so happy about sth so simple :)






























Trans Gender/Sexual


Two Spirited

Pride Puppies Complete Set

Just something I threw together today as an expression of pride. Everyone should be proud of who they are, no matter their orientation.

These are transparent and you are free to use them as you choose. You do not have to credit me but please do not claim them as your own.

I tried to be as inclusive as possible, but if I forgot someone please feel free to shoot me a message and I will add to this.

Please do not remove artist’s comment.

Oxford English Dictionary adds the word "cisgender," finally
It's a surprise to see it among gimmicky additions like sext and half-ass.

The word “cisgender” was officially added to the Oxford English Dictionary, proving that it’s truly working its way into modern usage and will become commonplace terminology before too long. 

The Oxford Dictionary (different from the OED) added the term cisgender in 2013, and in February 2014, Facebook included ten different cis- terms in its expanded gender-identity options. Yet people have been using cisgender for at least two decades. The Oxford Dictionary traces the evolution of the word to the ‘90s, and usage appears to go back to at least 1994, when a University of Minnesota biologist included the term in a post about a study on transphobia.

To be fair, the term was mostly confined to academic journals and online forums about gender issues until trans activist Julia Serano popularized it in her 2007 book, Whipping Girl. Serano says she started using the adjective after reading an essay by social-justice activist Emi Koyama, who wrote that terms like cisgender and cissexual are useful because “they de-centralize the dominant group, exposing it as merely one possible alternative rather than the 'norm’ against which trans people are defined.”

Hey, this is important. Language matters. 

Master Post of Gender Identities

Disclaimer: I pulled a lot of these definitions from the internet. If you see a definition that isn’t correct or should be clarified, please let me know and I will update this list.

  • Cisgender identifies with gender given at birth
  • Transgender does not identifiy with gender given at birth
  • Demigirl not fully a girl
  • Demiboy not fully a boy
  • Genderfluid gender changes
  • Agender identifies with no gender
  • Bigender has two genders
  • Crystagender when your gender randomly changes, often feel fractured between multiple genders
  • Cryptogender gender that can’t be described
  • Aporagender gender separate from male, female, and anything in between but still having a specific gendered feeling
  • Aliagender gender is apart from existing gender
  • Angenital feel uncomfortable (potentially dysphoric) with having any sort of genitalia (sex) at all but do not mind gendered pronouns or having a gender label. You have a desire to be sexless but not necessarily genderless.
  • Androgyne identifies at androgynous gender
  • Neutrois gender nuetral
  • Non binary gender outside the male/female binary
  • Demibinary not fully binary or non-binary
  • Genderflux intensity of gender varies. similar to a light switch, one day feeling genderless, the next feeling very gendered.
  • Genderless no gender
  • Gender neutral neutral gender
  • Genderqueer umbrella term for all genres not male/female
  • Graygender someone who identifies outside the gender binary but does not feel completely one gender (similar to graysexual/grayromantic)
  • Gyaragender/Gendervex - Having multiple genders, but understanding none of them.
  • Gyaragirl/Gyarafeminine - Having multiple genders that, none of which you understand that have feminine qualities.
  • Gyaraboy/Gyaramasculine - Having multiple genders, none of which you understand that have masculine qualities.
  • Intergender an in between gender related to one’s intersex status. dyadics cannot be intergender
  • Intersex a person born with reproductive or sexual anatamy that does not fit male or female binary
  • Multigender more than one gender
  • Nanogender small part of a gender (considered opposite of demigenders)
  • Nanogirl small part girl
  • Nanoboy small part boy 
  • Pangender/Omnigender non-binary gender experience which refers to a wide multiplicity of genders that can (or not) tend to the infinite (meaning that this experience can go beyond the current knowledge of genders)
  • Polygender more than one gender
  • Temporagender gender changes with seasons
  • Trigender has three genders
  • Voidgender no gender

See Sexual/Romantic Orientations here

'Cisgender' has been added to the Oxford English Dictionary
The compilers of the Oxford English Dictionary might have viewed it as just another word, but for people who have spent their lives fighting for the equal treatment of transgender people, it represents much more than that.

“That’s a made-up word.”

“It’s not in the dictionary.”

“I won’t use that word, because it isn’t real.”


Tumblr keeps on talking about how bad stereotypes are and y'all are the biggest hoarders of them. Tbh, some of y'all need to get this through your head.

Being cis does not make someone a bad person.
Being trans does not make someone a good person.

Being straight does not make someone a bad person.
Being gay does not make someone a good person.

Being white does not make someone a bad person.
Being a poc does not make someone a good person.

Being a man does not make someone a bad person
Being a woman does make someone a good person.

Just as no one in the LGTB community should have to apologize for the identity, neither should anyone else.