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Cis people have a pride flag? I'm doing a thing with all the flag and I dont know if they have one o.o thank you for your time, i dont know who to ask this .

Cisgender people do not and should not have a pride flag. Celebrating the identity of an oppressive group celebrates that group’s ability to marginalize others. There is no pride in the 80% of trans students that feel unsafe in school, the 90% of trans folks who experienced discrimination at work, or the 41% of trans people that attempt suicide. Cisgender people should not feel pride, they should feel determination to eliminate cissexism and transphobia in our society.

- Eli

I'm complaining about stuff again

Sometimes I feel like the only trans* person that doesn’t get annoyed/upset when I’m misgendered or I confuse people and they want to ask me questions. I understand that it can be frustrating or embarrassing but we have to understand that our situation still isn’t widely understood by the general population. There are many people who see trans* people as bitter and rude because they are snapped at by said trans* person for simply not understanding. I’ve been told many times, “wow you’re the first one to not freak out on me, thanks”. If someone asks an intrusive or offensive question, chances are they don’t know any better and you should just calmly explain why they shouldn’t say that, not start getting defensive. Some people genuinely want to understand, don’t be rude to these people. We’re setting up a bad stereotype for ourselves. As someone who is transgender, mixed race, and has an alternative fashion style, I pretty much HAVE to be nice to people in public so they don’t think bad of any group I may be able to be put in. But even if that is not your situation, please be nice to people who don’t understand. The world is not tumblr. But the world is not always how tumblr describes it either. Not every cis person is judgemental. Not every white person is oblivious. Not every man is sexist. And not everyone understands. Just be a human being and be nice to people, your life will be a lot easier.

There are men. There are women.

There are trans men. There are trans women.

Why are we trying to equate things that are different? Shouldn’t trans people have their own identities seperate from “cis” people? 

At the end of the day, a trans woman is not equal to a cis woman. A trans man is not equal to a cis man. They don’t have the same biology. They don’t have the same life experiences. I’m not IN ANY WAY trying to say that trans people are “lesser”, but that they are clearly different. Is there a problem with this way of thinking? I don’t think there is.
Oxford English Dictionary adds the word "cisgender," finally
It's a surprise to see it among gimmicky additions like sext and half-ass.

The word “cisgender” was officially added to the Oxford English Dictionary, proving that it’s truly working its way into modern usage and will become commonplace terminology before too long. 

The Oxford Dictionary (different from the OED) added the term cisgender in 2013, and in February 2014, Facebook included ten different cis- terms in its expanded gender-identity options. Yet people have been using cisgender for at least two decades. The Oxford Dictionary traces the evolution of the word to the ‘90s, and usage appears to go back to at least 1994, when a University of Minnesota biologist included the term in a post about a study on transphobia.

To be fair, the term was mostly confined to academic journals and online forums about gender issues until trans activist Julia Serano popularized it in her 2007 book, Whipping Girl. Serano says she started using the adjective after reading an essay by social-justice activist Emi Koyama, who wrote that terms like cisgender and cissexual are useful because “they de-centralize the dominant group, exposing it as merely one possible alternative rather than the 'norm’ against which trans people are defined.”

Hey, this is important. Language matters. 

Look at all this trash I found on dA


No, I’m not Cis nor Hetero, and I can’t believe I have to say that before I get to the actual topic because so many people are goddamn overly sensative.

Ok, to the actual topic: The dA stamps listed above: Basically our generation is reverse anti “insert sexuality”  Back then, yes, homosexuality was considered taboo, but thats ALL over. It’s history. So why do people keep pissing all over heterosexual people? Are we really going to start fighting fire with fire? Wow.

“Gender noob” So Cis people are gender beginners is what you’re trying to imply? Ok, gender is a type of game! Now I see! Yeah, cause having a gender identity that is part of my life and who I am is a game! *my sarcasm is cringing*

I think people forgot what science is. When someone is born, they’re either a boy or girl (unless born with a trans body) so we label the physical body types as boy, if they have a penis, and girl, if they have a vagina. Let’s say you’re born with the physical body of a boy, and you have a penis. It’s ok to label your gender as a boy. Your mind set it “Hey, I have a penis. I’m a boy.” I can’t believe I have to point all this out cause people are literally that dimwitted in this damned generation. Now, if you’re born physically as a boy, but you see your identity as a girl, thats ok too. But I’m tired of people saying “WELL EVEN THOUGH YOUR BODY IS PHYSICALLY A BOY YOU SHOULDN’T CALL YOURSELF A BOY” What the hell tumblr/DeviantART.

“Anti cishet” I find it funny how if someone is Anti Gay/Homosexual, then thats bad. And it is bad. BUT if someone hates on people who are Cis and Hetero, then people go crazy and bash and shame them!? WTF????

Why is our generation shaming on people with certain gender identities/sexualities? OH WAIT, I almost forgot. I’m on tumblr, a place where there are SO MANY hypocrites that I cringe myself out of existence. 

And yes, I understand there IS some anti-homosexuality out there, and theres not really a way to stop it. No matter what, theres always going to be hate. However, look how far we’ve come. Gay marriage is now legal in the U.S.! We’ve made a better impact on the community! 

Look, the LGBT *add more sexualities here* community is much more accepted than it ever was before, so why do people need to make straight people feel bad? “BECUZ US HOMOS WERE TREATED BADLY IN OUR HISTORY SO THEY SHOULD FEEL HOW WE FEEL” So you want to get unhealthy revenge and fight fire with fire? You want to get revenge on something AGES ago and even though you’re sexuality is getting over billions of support you’re still going to be a cunt?

“Heterosexuals don’t exist” I understand Bisexuals and some Transexuals are capable of having babies, but REALLY now!? 

Oh, I believe this is how tumblr/our generation works:

Person: “Hi! I’m heterosexual!”


Now heres how our history was:

Person: “Hi! I’m homosexual!”

All around Community: “OMG EWW DOWN WITH GAYS!”

See the pattern here?

Plus, other than Bisexuals and Transsexuals*, who ELSE do you think makes babies? Yes, straight people. And yes, not all straight people want to have babies, or some of them can;t. So instead of making Heterosexuality “non existant” How about you think how the homos must have felt back then and think to yourself “Hmm, I don’t want straight people to be bashed like my sexuality has, lets be friends” BUT NO OUR GENERATION IS ALL LIKE “AAAAUUGGHHH LETS TREAT CIS AND HETERO PEOPLE LIKE CRAP BECAUSE THEY DESERVE PAIN EVEN THOUGH THEY RESPECT OUR SEXUALITY NOW BECAUSE ITS 2K15″

And yes, I know there ARE people out there who aren’t fond of the idea of homosexuality, and yes, some of them may be cis and straight. But you know what other people can hate homosexuality? Trans people, genderfluid people, nonbinary, etc. Anyone can hate anything. 

And no, hating homosexuality isn’t good, NOR is hating heterosexuality either. Hate and Hate causes more hate.

“Cisphobia doesn’t exist” I like how the stamp has a heart. You’re making yourself look like an asshole on the internet sweetheart!<3 Anyway, tumblr is making it more existent then EVER. I already explained most of it above. 

Person: “Hmm, my physical body has a penis, and the doctor’s call that a boy. Well, I’m comfortable with what I am! I’m keeping my gender identity as a male!”


Did you cringe yet? I sure did.


Master Post of Gender Identities

Disclaimer: I pulled a lot of these definitions from the internet. If you see a definition that isn’t correct or should be clarified, please let me know and I will update this list.

  • Cisgender identifies with gender given at birth
  • Transgender does not identifiy with gender given at birth
  • Demigirl not fully a girl
  • Demiboy not fully a boy
  • Genderfluid gender changes
  • Agender identifies with no gender
  • Bigender has two genders
  • Crystagender when your gender randomly changes, often feel fractured between multiple genders
  • Cryptogender gender that can’t be described
  • Aporagender gender separate from male, female, and anything in between but still having a specific gendered feeling
  • Aliagender gender is apart from existing gender
  • Angenital feel uncomfortable (potentially dysphoric) with having any sort of genitalia (sex) at all but do not mind gendered pronouns or having a gender label. You have a desire to be sexless but not necessarily genderless.
  • Androgyne identifies at androgynous gender
  • Neutrois gender nuetral
  • Non binary gender outside the male/female binary
  • Demibinary not fully binary or non-binary
  • Genderflux intensity of gender varies. similar to a light switch, one day feeling genderless, the next feeling very gendered.
  • Genderless no gender
  • Gender neutral neutral gender
  • Genderqueer umbrella term for all genres not male/female
  • Graygender someone who identifies outside the gender binary but does not feel completely one gender (similar to graysexual/grayromantic)
  • Gyaragender/Gendervex - Having multiple genders, but understanding none of them.
  • Gyaragirl/Gyarafeminine - Having multiple genders that, none of which you understand that have feminine qualities.
  • Gyaraboy/Gyaramasculine - Having multiple genders, none of which you understand that have masculine qualities.
  • Intergender an in between gender related to one’s intersex status. dyadics cannot be intergender
  • Intersex a person born with reproductive or sexual anatamy that does not fit male or female binary
  • Multigender more than one gender
  • Nanogender small part of a gender (considered opposite of demigenders)
  • Nanogirl small part girl
  • Nanoboy small part boy 
  • Pangender/Omnigender non-binary gender experience which refers to a wide multiplicity of genders that can (or not) tend to the infinite (meaning that this experience can go beyond the current knowledge of genders)
  • Polygender more than one gender
  • Temporagender gender changes with seasons
  • Trigender has three genders
  • Voidgender no gender

See Sexual/Romantic Orientations here