cise starr

Look at this agreeable, delightful, delectable, unforgettable, so sweet she may be edible, she needs a pedestal to step out of Heaven, you ready boo? Never hypothetical, your facts are statistical. Fuck theatrical, baby girl cause you’re actual, physically your chemistry is so mathematical. How to use academics to define your spirit, you’re lifting my limits, your name off of my tongue is a lyric. She’s a compilation, of my mind’s representation of a representative representing your excellent revelation of time and dedication, never impatient, she don’t reveal herself to me, so I can see her Heavenly ways and heavenly gaze and plus it don’t hurt that she got an ass for days …
—  Cise Starr, ‘Lady Brown’ (Nujabes)

World Premiere

Greater Purpose - Marcus D ft. Cise Star

We Will Make It ft. Cise Star & Blu
  • We Will Make It ft. Cise Star & Blu
  • P.R

this journey never subtle, wrestling demons and struggle
i’m one love without conditions, this dragon is double
take me higher than humble, but there’s no gas in this shuttle
so i’m still on this earth, watching the universe 
spin around like clockwork, put it in the verse
just finding my mind, just writing these lines
just to keep it together, hello i ride in the rhyme
just reminding myself, yes everything is in time
rebirth is always after the hurt, we come alive
alive, strive diligent until we die
push roots into the earth, branches to the sky
seeds fallin’ to the ground, and generations rise
hoping that we raisin’ the right in these polluted skies
arise to occasion, with purpose never brazen
many got some abbrasions but damn it we gonna make it