Prompt #8

Cisco insists that they take this photo as soon as they announce their relationship status. Both of them are like “Dude, do you not understand what secret identity means?” And he’s like!!! “We’re not going to show it to anyone, it’s just for fun!” So they take it, and Cisco has prints made and everything and teams Arrow and Flash both think it’s the cutest thing ever. Everyone gets a print, despite what Cisco said about not showing it to anyone. But really? Barry and Oliver don’t care, they carry the photo in their wallets and everything because they’re so in love.

Safe (Barry Allen x Reader)

Request:  Could you write a pll a the flash crossover where the reader is one of the liars and the flash team manages to break into A’s cameras and Barry sees what A put you through

Prompt: Barry finds a package with a note from A and CDs filled with all that A put you through and then He tries convinces you to let him and the team help. 

Words: 1350

Warning: I described in a small part that A tried to bury you and your friends alive just letting you know in case so you not comfortable with that. Some stalking from A and mentions the reader taking off pants before bed.

A/n: If there is any mistakes let me know, it is currently 3:17am so my proofreading may be a little off. Also, I haven’t seen PLL in months so sorry for the vague mentions and description. 

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“This can’t be possible.” Barry whispered to himself in disbelief at what he was witnessing. Just thirty minutes ago he found a package outside your shared apartment with CDs inside and note that said:

I am still here. Ready for more fun? -A

Barry played the footage and was shocked to see a unconscious younger you and four other girls on the screen. You were locked in transparent coffins with seemingly no way out as someone in a black hood trapped you in dirt. A car passed by and the hooded person picks up the camera and hides.They continued recording as a tall cop came to your rescue just a few seconds later.

Barry looked into the box and saw that all the CDs were dated by month and year. After watching a couple he noticed that each album was for the tortures of the month and that they all involved you and/or your friends in a dangerous or compromising situation.

His heart stopped for a second at the realization of something about the dates. This ‘A’ person seemed to have stopped for a couple of years but then there was a CD marked with a date from two days ago and with shaking fingers he pressed play. On the screen appeared Y/N sitting down at Jitters with Iris laughing at something, completely unaware at someone recording them just across the cafe. The video then cuts to Y/N at the lab with Cisco and Caitlin working on some gadgets for metahumans. Barry had decided that enough was enough and he need to do something it but froze in his spot when the screen showed you taking off your pajama pants before laying down next to Barry in bed.

“That’s from inside our bedroom.”

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Barry Allen Imagine - Paralyzed (Part Two)

Author’s Note: Apologies for putting the second part up so late. Had a lot going on the past few days but now I’m all free so I will be trying to get through all the requests within this week itself. :)

Also, please do leave behind some feedback as to what you thought of the series so far. I’m feeling a bit iffy about it and would really like to know if you all feel the same.

Part One

The Creature has gotten its orders.

The Creature must kill without hesitation.

The Creature must destroy the Light and Hope of Central City.

The Creature tries to disobey.

The Creature does not want to kill any more.

The Creature does not wish to bring about the Darkness.

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