Don’t apologise for:

  • Being white
  • Being cis
  • Being heterosexual/heteroromantic
  • Being male
  • Being comfortable with your body
  • Not having a mental illness
  • Being able-bodied
  • Having an opinion that isn’t harmful

Tumblr teaches us that minorities have to be favoured. Tumblr teaches us that not being in those minorities means that you have to ‘check your privilege’ and are worthless scum. Tumblr teaches us that having a mental illness is ‘cool’ and that you can use the mental illness to act like an asshole and not apologize for it. Tumblr teaches us that being comfortable in your own skin is not a good thing. Tumblr teaches us that having an opinion is wrong and that expressing that opinion allows others to dox you or send hate. Tumblr creates more insecurities than it tries to get rid of.