cis tem

Signs as Non-Binary Thoughts

Aries:”I am my own aesthetic”

Taurus:”Clothes have no gender”

Gemini:”I put the bi in nonbinary”

Cancer:”You will not hide the divine in me, for it has no limitations”

Leo:”Be proud of who you are”

Virgo:”Non-Binary people are valid”

Libra: “Guys, Gals, and non-binary pals”

Scorpio:”Are you a girl or a boy?” “No”

Sagittarius: “Gender is a Social Construct, pass it on ”

Capricorn: “Not a girl, not a boy, not your business”

Aquarius:”Fuck the Cis-tem

Pisces:”You are art, you are sky, you are everything”

Friday’s update!

Sorry for being late, I’ve been so busy this week with the launching of the french version of Down with the cis-tem!

Speaking of which, I’m working on a second zine! You’ll hear about it soon!! It will includes all your favourite strips, including the New Year’s Eve story and the MRA meeting! Saty tuned!