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If Percy Jackson Was Genderfluid

Can we please talk about Percy Jackson being genderfluid and how amazing that would be?

Can we talk about about little Percy having no idea why he sometimes doesn’t like being called a boy, and sometimes doesn’t feel like he could be a girl either. He wouldn’t talk about it at all of course, but he would constantly staring at himself in the mirror and thinking ‘what am I?’ How much more trouble he’d have with Gabe until he finally realised that he couldn’t tell Gabe that he didn’t feel like a boy that day, and hw much more he would loathe Gabe?

And can we talk about Percy coming to camp, and everyone having no idea what his gender is? Like he looks quite androgynous (and even more so when he hits puberty) and no one wants to come straight out and ask him, so they just wait for him to be claimed so Chiron will finally tell them? But when Percy is claimed it’s as the “child of Poseidon”, which makes everyone even more confused and annoyed and Annabeth would probably be even more cold towards him, because he’s a mystery she can’t figure out and it’d be killing her (and don’t think bout Mr D, who somewhat knew what was going on with Percy, and would call him more feminine names ie Peggy or Penny on days that he’s a girl and yeah… just imagine Mr D being somewhat nice)

And can we talk about this would only make things worse for him? He already felt somewhat rejected by the camp once he was claimed, and now he’s got people staring him down and trying to figure him out, even though he doesn’t even have any idea what he is (and he probably wouldn’t even know that they were all doing this, he probably just thought it was about the whole Poseidon thing). Can can we talk about him being closer with the Aphrodite cabin, as they’re the only ones who don’t judge him or question him? Silena would just become his mum (and Drew his slightly bitter aunt) and he’d be so happy because it’d be like having family? And he’d be close with the other non-cis campers too, even if they weren’t out yet (like trans!Will, and can we please just imagine Will bringing along his supportive mum-friend Drew when he meets up with Percy, and the three of them getting on like wildfire, and sassing the hell out of each other?)

And just much more heartbreaking would that scene at Circe island be? Just imagine him freaking out because he isn’t a guy that day, and he has bad dysphoria, and oh my god does she know? And seeing in the mirror the body he’s always wanted, but it keeps shifting from being more masculine to more feminine because he doesn’t know what he wants or who he is. Or imagine that he’d actually been a girl that day, and had been brought along and pampered with Annabeth, even though Reyna was sure that something about him was off (and again, Annabeth would be even more confused) and him being like… well. This is new.

And what about Calypso? Think about how confused she would be, seeing this person on her island who sometimes looks more like a female model (to her) than a hero. But she still falls in love with him, and once she leaves, she can’t help but second guess herself (which is why she’s more bitter when Leo comes along because she’s so confused about it all still)

And then jump ahead to the heroes of olympus series, and imagine how confused Jason, Piper and Leo would be because the stories about the great hero who defeated Kronos changes depending on who’s telling the story. In Annabeth’s, Percy is always a boy, but in Rachel’s he’s ‘whatever he is’ and in other stories he’s a girl and ect, and they’re just so confused. And when they finally meet him they think 'as soon as we see him everything will be cleared up’ but it’s not. They’re just even more confused. He looks even more androgynous then they thought he would (and it makes Jason uneasy because he doesn’t quite know whether he’s fighting with a girl or a boy) and he gives no hints to his gender. He’s got enough to worry about without thinking about his gender (or sexuality).

And imagine Percy going through the events of Neptune son, feeling angry and confused because he thinks that he knew who he was before he lost his memory and is even more determined to find that blonde girl he remembers because she must know what and who he is, right? And when he meets Frank they get on like a house on fire because they both suffer from body dysphoria and yet need to present themselves as leaders, and although Hazel doesn’t quite understand, she tells everyone off who calls Percy an 'it’ or 'that’. And imagine Reyna seeing him again and being like 'I still don’t know your gender, but you look very feminine and pretty and wait, do I like you?’ (and hence begins Reyna discovery of her sexuality).

And imagine him meeting Nico (again)! And Percy (my sweet bi child) finding him really attractive being jealous of how masculine Nico looks, and how feminine and curvy Hazel looks. And how awkward Percy would be around this attractive guy who seems to know him, and Nico being floored by how sweet and shy Percy is around him (and don’t think about how Will would be so angry at Nico for not telling him that Percy was okay and how Nico had to spends weeks making it up to him again).

And after the war, Annabeth introduces Percy to Magnus and Alex and no one quite understands why Alex and Percy get on so well. And then Alex introduces Percy to the label gendefluid (and bisexual) and Percy would be in tears because there’s a name, there’s nothing wrong with him, and he finally knows who he is. And imagine Alex and Percy staying good friends after that, and teasing each other about the Chase’s in their lives, and talking about their genders and sexualities and going to pride together.

Can you imagine Percy taking weeks to decide who to come out to? Obviously he tells his parents first and they accept him (and look it up on the internet so they understand it better) and become the best parents ever. And his sister making bracelets to correspond with his pronouns (green for them/they, pink for she/her and blue for he/him) and calling Percy her older sibling instead of brother or sister.

Then he’d come out to Grover (who’d probably already have an idea because of the empathy link) and Rachel 'Screw The Cis-tem’ Elizabeth Dare (she’s my agender child), and finally Will and Nico. And Will would be so excited and happy for him, while Nico would be like so confused because the guy he likes, Percy 'Make You Question Your Sexuality’ Jackson, is sometimes a girl? But eventually he’d get over it and be so accepting and protective of his genderfluid (and bi) friend (and the three of them would go to pride together, and bring along their other friends because everyone in the pjo universe is LGBTQIA to me). And together they’d start building up awareness of LGBTIA issues in the camp etc

I think he’d wait a long while until telling Annabeth though, because he’s worried it’ll ruin their relationship or she won’t accept him but of course she does. And she researches the hell out that and does her best to understand him and be supportive (and perhaps she stays with him, but maybe she doesn’t, it’s up to you) and he’d spend hours trying to explain his feeling to her so she could write it all down for the other campers to get a better idea of it

And please imagine Percy wearing makeup and shorts, and dresses and pretty tops, and crop tops and- yeah, you get the gist. And imagine him changing his hairstyle constantly, sometimes growing his hair out to long, curly locks, or getting a undercut, and tying it up in bun and paits and dying it all different colours. Think of how amazing he’d look, and how many people would flirt with him because of that.

So yeah, please imagine a happy, beautiful genderfluid bisexual Percy Jackson being happy and accepted by his friends and family and for the first time in his life, feeling right.

Friday’s update!

Sorry for being late, I’ve been so busy this week with the launching of the french version of Down with the cis-tem!

Speaking of which, I’m working on a second zine! You’ll hear about it soon!! It will includes all your favourite strips, including the New Year’s Eve story and the MRA meeting! Saty tuned!

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blog intro

hi everyone! i’ve just created this blog, and it is nowhere near finished, but i think its important to go ahead and get it out there.

this is a blog completely about positivity for boys and men and spreading good vibes, because there is a lack of that on tumblr!

gay boys, straight boys, cis boys, trans boys, POC boys, white boys, disabled boys, and any other boy you can think of- you’re welcome here, and you are lovely and you matter!

if you want a post about positivity for something specific (autistic boys, bisexual boys, etc.) then please send an ask!

-mod tem

character aesthetic meme: neighbourhood kids

tamsen hanakane: dyed hair, baggy adidas sweatpants, subtle feminist additions to outfits, lighters with words scrawled across them, punk records playing loud as possible, chipped nail polish, chapped and bitten lips, neon snapbacks, denim jackets covered in patches, FUCK THE CIS-TEM badges, battered nike trainers, bruised knuckles, forehead kisses, chokers, “punks respect pronouns”, scratched phone screens

michael thomas: pink hoodies, wearing only a hoodie over a binder, rainbow hair, late nights talking to people you love, falling asleep to music playing, walls crammed with posters and drawings, kissing under the stars, mood rings on every finger, headphones dangling around your neck, badges with he/him pronouns on them, soft indie concerts where the singer has a little chat with the crowd, piles upon piles of books, notebooks and sketchpads

rebelle solan: shaved heads, flawless cat winged eyeliner, cinnamon rolls, herbal tea, marks on your hands from playing guitar, bright lipstick on dark skin, fishnets under ripped jeans, pansexual flags hanging up on walls, shimmering clear curtains, rainbows on hardwoods floors, pretty nail art, late night netflix marathons, lacy bralettes, embroidered designs on denim jackets, bright pink button ups, white henna tattoos, big hoop earrings

billie renfield: cigarette smoke billowing in neon lighting, heavy soled doc martens, blue hair spread out on white sheets, “no gender? no problem” t-shirts, futch bisexual aes, no shaving™, grunge concerts, socks decorated with little galaxies, bad pick up lines, fake tattoos so good they look real, sneaking up onto rooftops to stargaze, shredded jeans, second hand thrift store shirts with moth holes in them, fuck the patriarchy, that aesthetic tumblr makeup with fake freckles, pale skin with little moles dotted all over, conspiracy theories™, getting stoned and talking about intellectual things

adonis levithan: bright nail polish, feminine boy aesthetic, wearing nothing but a long jumper and boxers, vanilla scented candles, “my sexuality is nope”, bright clothing verging on pastel, running your hands through cat fur, crazy cat boy™, watching the sunset from your attic room, dangling earrings, stuffing hands into baggy jumper pockets, fireworks in the dead of night, vegan™, yuri!!! on ice, soft pop songs streaming from the radio in his battered fiat, john green books

Piję, bo piję. Piję, bo lu­bię. Piję, bo się boję. Piję, bo jes­tem ob­ciążony ge­netycznie. Wszys­cy moim przod­ko­wie pi­li. Pi­li moi pradziado­wie i dziado­wie, pił mój oj­ciec i piła mo­ja mat­ka. Nie mam ani sióstr, ani bra­ci, ale jes­tem pe­wien: gdy­by by­li na świecie, wszys­tkie mo­je sios­try by piły i wszys­cy mi bra­cia również by pi­li. Piję, bo mam słaby cha­rak­ter. Piję, bo coś mi się przes­ta­wiło w głowie. Piję, bo jes­tem zbyt spo­koj­ny i chcę się ożywić. Piję, bo jes­tem ner­wo­wy i chcę ukoić ner­wy. Piję, bo jes­tem smut­ny i chcę roz­we­selić duszę. Piję, kiedy jes­tem szczęśli­wie za­kocha­ny. Piję, bo da­rem­nie szu­kam miłości. Piję, bo jes­tem zbyt nor­malny i pot­rze­buję od­ro­biny sza­leństwa. Piję, gdy coś mnie bo­li i chcę ukoić ból. Piję z tęskno­ty za kimś. I piję z nad­miaru spełnienia, kiedy ktoś przy mnie jest. Piję, kiedy słucham Mo­zar­ta i kiedy czy­tam Leib­ni­za. Piję z po­wodu cieles­ne­go uniesienia i piję z po­wodu sek­sual­ne­go głodu. Piję, kiedy wy­pijam pier­wszy kieliszek, i piję, kiedy wy­pijam os­tatni kieliszek, wte­dy piję tym bar­dziej, po­nieważ os­tatniego kieliszka nie wy­piłem nig­dy.
—  Jerzy Pilch ‘Pod mocnym aniołem’

So I went to the Montreal pride parade. There was a fair share of horrible irrelevant capitalist bullshit but here are some good things that were there!

On the first image a couple other signs they were holding up said “fuck capitalism” and “fuck the cis-tem”. I was feeling their techno anarchy aesthetic.

I couldn’t have been more happy 

seriously, what i love about trans headcannons is that, it can basically be anyone, and no matter what anyone says, they cant do shit because fuck the cis-tem (eyyY)

oh you like Indiana Jones? BAM Doc Jones is trans
oh you like the blues brothers? WHOOPS theyre trans brothers now
oh your favorite goth child Lydia Deetz? lovely darling is trans
oh you like Gomez and Morticia Addams but think its wrong because they have kids? SURPRISE theyre both actually trans and i dont care what you have to say