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wow I can’t believe what just happened to me.

So, I was in Mcdonalds just using the wi-fi when this lady walked in. Her hair was dyed so I could tell that she was an SJW. There were only men in the line at Mcdonalds and she walked pass all of them and said, “This is the 21st century, feminism allows me to do this to cis-het white men like you.” and then she cackled evilly. She then asked the cashier to make her one McCake, and also to give her a discount because of the wage gap (not real btw). When the cashier told her that Mcdolands doesn’t make cakes she just gave him an evil glaire and said, “This is just like Anita said. Yet another cis-het mansplaining away free food. This is going straight on tumblr and twitter. I hope you enjoy having your entire life censored, shitlord.”

That’s when I couldn’t take it anymore. I walked straight up to the woman, got right in her face, and yelled THE CAKE IS A LIE! The entire mcdonalds gasped… and then they started applauding. That’s when I realized, that everyone in that mcdonalds had been a gamer. The SJW was beside herself and stumbled out of the mcdolmnalds, falling into a puddle of water and sullying her Steven Universe jorts. The cashier started crying out of joy and handed me $100 straight from the cash register. He also said I’m allowed to get free nuggets for the rest of my life.

It turned out that he was the son of the CEO of Mcdonalds. Also, I just asked him to marry me. You might have heard of him, his name is Albert Einstein Jr.


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how you know it’s a shitty recolor of the zamii070 drama is that the most well-reasoned post i saw against rcdart was actually a complete appeal to emotion and using one’s own feelings of disgust as some kind of external moral barometer

the “argument” went something like this: i am a trans man, i hate my breasts and wide hips, rcdart draws trans men with breasts and wide hips and even has the audacity to call breasts on trans men “tits,” this hurts me personally for personal reasons, therefore rcdart should stop. rcdart has not stopped, therefore rcdart deserves harassment to the point where they stop. this post included the great “concession” of “artist is non-binary but” and the amazing finale of “take trans headcanons away from cis people please.” which i find personally incredulous, because… trans men are 99% afab and afabs will have breasts and noticeable hips before transitioning! sometimes during! sometimes even after! some trans men find art like rcdart’s ridiculously affirming and heartwarming! like people still see them as men even though they have breasts and wide hips! i don’t want that taken away from people!

also i am frankly astounded that taking the time to actually draw non-white characters as their race, with characteristics of that race, is now “racial stereotyping” and “caricatures.” the zamii070 race complaint was that she didn’t know how to color non-white characters and was whitewashing. the rcdart race complaint is that rcdart depicts characters as their non-white race but because they’re visibly not recolors-of-white-features they’re “stereotyped” and “caricatures.” i sense a damned if you do, damned if you don’t mentality

What’s the proper word to use when someone doubles down on their bullshit, and then later continues the trend?

is it triples down? Triple-doubles down?

Whatever it is Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie just did it a few hours back. 

She at least somewhat admitted that we’re women, sort of, but the way she talks about us and our womanhood in her newest ramble is…very troubling to read and poses questions about how real and valid she thinks we are. Like, she talks about us as boys and men about as much (if not more) than she does of us as women, and acknowledges she should use ‘cis’ but explains away that it’s not an organic part of her vocabulary so she just used “women born female” which is just such cissexist crap. Again, not a surprise, but just…

It’s ridiculous. She starts off saying she got defensive about being called transphobic, realized she can be transphobic while generally supporting LGBTQ rights, and then continued to just…throw out a boatload of cissexist tripe and long-debunked notions around socialization and privilege. All while asserting that ‘individuals exist and vary’ but that groups trend in certain ways…which is true but it’s clear she’s grouping trans women in with cis men there, and it’s just…no.

No, Adichie. Please just fuck off and shut up until you’ve taken a few hours to actually learn about us.

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Date a trans gay Jew who is afraid nobody'll ever be attracted to them

Aw friend I’m so so sorry. I’m a bi trans guy and I know how you feel, it’s really hard. Transphobia and antisemitism are rampant and on the rise so I understand why you would feel that way, but trust me, someone will love you and be attracted to you.

(Cis people look away now I love y'all but)
So honestly? Dating other trans people is easiest for me. My current partner is a trans girl and it’s just easier because I know she doesn’t think of me as a girl or see me as some kind of fetish. Cis people also like don’t always get it and can’t always help with certain things, and idk dating trans people has always been easier for me personally.

«E poi baciarti ogni notte, proprio come le zanzare. E cercare le tue mani sempre quando nasce il sole e ricordati che per niente al mondo ti farei soffrire, perché sei cosa bella e non meriti del male.»

Okay, I’m making a post on this because I’ve seen it on the dash and I’ve had to unfollow three blogs already.

Nonbinary people can identify as gay. Nonbinary people who do ID as gay are just as valid as binary gay people.

This isn’t up for discussion. I honestly don’t care who you are, how long you have been following Axel and Kirin’s blog - but unfollow now if you think otherwise.

I’m not here for cis people or binary trans people who want to take such an out-dated and binarist look at sexuality and gender.

- mod Kyla

i kinda wanna take the Mulan phenomenon away from cis east asians and make it into both a presentation AND a gender thing
so in a way it can generally be explained as a demi gender?
like, MùNán( 木 男) and MùNǚ ( 木 女)
idk if we have an east asian community here on tumblr but please help me spread this message along? even if ur not east asian please spread this,
and if u are east asian and speak mandarin please feel free to use this

  • cis: wait you're trans, what the fuck! You tricked me into being attracted to you, I wouldn't have been had I known
  • trans woman: I literally do not care about you or know who you are and would never date you in a million years so go away

it’s my experience and observation that respectability politics mainly refers to things said by the oppressor class to the oppressed class that set conditions for their veneer of treating the oppressed as not-subhuman. you see this with straight people constantly saying things like “i’ve got no problem with gay people so long as they aren’t constantly in your face about it,” as though any visible display of gayness is a disrespect to them

while i grant that more assimilationist members of an oppressed class can send similar messages to their own, the application of this to the Ace Discourse would rest on the assumption that aces are a coherent enough social class to be oppressed and that this oppression would be of the same nature as that of gay and trans people, which is not the case; i also maintain that keeping cis straight people away from ourselves is one of the farthest things from assimilationism

the idea that aces are oppressed for falling outside of some nebulously-defined cisheteropatriarchal norm and that you have to be cis(het)^4 to be Straight is faulty because, as has been said before, straight people literally want as many people as possible to be straight, and they really aren’t that picky. as others have pointed out, conservative christians (one of the most prominent homophobic groups) literally prefer that gay people be celibate (essentially, that they perform asexuality by “never acting on their desires and thereby never committing the sin”) than actually express their gayness

People who don’t have firsthand experiences about shit write movies all the time. People who have never been in war have wrote war movies, people who aren’t even of color write about racism in their movies, it goes on. And do you know what those people, most of the time, do? They consult with people who have firsthand experience. They do their homework. So stop bitching that About Jay is written by cis people and enjoy the fact that we have a movie ABOUT A TRANS BOY. Can you think of any trans men being represented in media? Because I cant. All you hear about is the trans ladies taking over the world. The men? Nope. Trans rep is like the opposite of cis characters.