Penso troppe volte a quando mi dicesti che nessuno poteva annullare quello che avevamo creato, messo in piedi dal nulla, facevamo tanto gli stupidi immaginando cosa avremmo fatto da grandi, pensavamo che il tempo, le persone e il mondo non ci avrebbero mai separato. Non è andato tutto secondo i piani, ci siamo tanto sbagliati.
—  Alice Giaquinta, Ricomporsi.

Can cis people shut up about which gender and pronouns etc. are valid ?!

Your opinion from the point of view of both inexperience and privilege, is meaningless. You can graduate a course on gender and your opinion is still going to be meaningless. You have nothing of essence to contribute to this discussion. Nothing! Zero! Zilch!

You want to be a good Trans Ally™ ? Then shut up and support us instead of deciding for us.

Hot For Teacher

AU, Klaine, 17k.  A03. KHBB.

When dreamy new orchestra director Blaine Anderson shows up at Mountain High, an arts school near L.A., Kurt doesn’t plan on having much to do with him.  Kurt just wants to keep his head down and do his job, heading up the choral program and making sure Rachel doesn’t go overboard with her drama students.   It’s hard enough admitting that he needed a break from his acting career without adding failed romance to the equation. But when even Rachel succumbs to Blaine’s charms, Kurt decides to see for himself what Blaine is like.

Written for the 2016 Kurt Hummel Big Bang.  Many thanks to the talented @47mel47  for creating this amazing trailer - I want to watch it over and over.  And thanks as always to my dear friend and wonderful beta @perryavenue without whom this fandom life would not be nearly as much fun.

Chapter 1

Kurt figures he must have missed the email in the flurry of back to school activity.  But as he files in to the first teacher orientation meeting of the year, shuffling around the circle of chairs to make space for several late arrivals, Rachel is quick to fill him in.

“There’s a new orchestra director.  Easy on the eyes, isn’t he?  Although apparently he hasn’t taught high school before.”

Kurt leans forward and looks down the row, but the athletic director is blocking his view.   All he can see is that the new teacher is wearing bright red pants and boat shoes.  “Did Mr. Cortez retire?”

Rachel nods.  “Sort of.  I think Sue kicked him out.  Something about not showing sufficient respect for her royal highness.”

“She’s not royalty, no matter what she says.  I checked.”

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melting-dragon  asked:

I get some people can have strong opinions regarding people who identify as trans, but that's no reason to call out every "cis person" for being who they are, that's almost like saying- hey trans people STOP. I know us "cis white males" aren't oppressed. But I'm a cis white male and I validate and support trans people because they're just as human as anyone. So when I see a post about "why cis people are literally cancer." It just hurts me. And I'm sure you'd hurt if the same happened to you.

The thing is, when a trans person says “cis people are cancer” it doesn’t have an effect on society as a whole.  We’re a marginalized minority.  While that statement isn’t true, I can’t name a single cis person I’ve interacted with who hasn’t said something really transphobic to me.  I’m tired of it.  Also, I can’t think of a single post here that wasn’t “hey cis ppl. stop doing this transphobic thing. k thx”.

On the other hand, when a cis person says “trans people are cancer”, even as a joke, it contributes to the continuing hate and alienation of trans people.  Other hateful people see it and have their opinions validated.

Do I hate cis people?  No.  Do I hate how they make me feel?  Do I hate the position society puts me in because I’m different?  Hell yes.

If you feel personally attacked by this blog, maybe you need to reevaluate yourself and your actions.

-Mod Eevee


Wait 1 year… for this… … Yeah… Thanks riot… I really need this skin… Yeah… So cool… Yu-uh… Ok, maybe there is Darius heartseeker too… because he don’t have a skin yet this year. … Lucian.

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Midnight Train

read it on the AO3 at

by bananacabana

After discovering some awful news, Kurt catches the last train back to Columbus early on Christmas morning, wanting only to be home with his family. On this train Kurt will find a boy who has nothing but also has nothing to lose. Homeless!Blaine.

Words: 5336, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at
Sometimes Life Isn’t Fair

Written for Klaine Advent.

Prompt: Fair

Kurt and Blaine have to teach their child that sometimes life isn’t always fair.

537 words.  Rated: G

Can also be found on AO3.

“It’s not fair!” Kurt and Blaine’s seven year old daughter shouted as she stomped through their home to her room, slamming the door behind her.

After the door slammed, Kurt and Blaine looked at each other and sighed. When they had picked up Elizabeth from school, she had clued them in on the fact that one of her best friends was getting all of her Christmas presents early and that she hadn’t gotten the lead in the school’s Christmas play that year. When Kurt and Blaine had told her that she was going to have to wait until Christmas morning to open her presents and that she wasn’t going to get the lead every single year, Elizabeth had gotten angry with them and marched off to her room the second they got home.

“Well, that was a little more dramatic of a reaction than I thought we’d get,” Blaine said, walking towards the kitchen to grab drinks for him and Kurt.

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