List Of Alternate Universes

Alternate Universe (also known as alternate reality), is commonly abbreviated as AU and it is a descriptor used to characterize fanworks which change one or more elements of the source work’s canon. The term most often refers to fanfiction, but fanart can also depicted the characters in AUs.

Unlike regular fanfiction, which generally remains within the boundaries of the canon set out by the author, alternate universe fiction writers like to explore the possibilities of pivotal changes made to characters’ history, motivations, or environment.

  • Alien Invasion AU – In which the story deals with an alien invasion when canonically it does not ever happened.
  • All Human AU – In which characters who are canonically non-human are now humans, with corresponding changes to their backstories.
  • Alpha/Beta/Omega AU – Often referred to as A/B/O or even Omegaverse. It is a growing trope of AUs originated in kinkmemes in which characters can be Alphas (dominant males or females), Betas (ordinary working class), or Omegas (submissive males or females).
  • Android AU – In which the main character or most of the cast are turn into androids that serve different purposes, such as bodyguard, solider, caregiver and so on. In other cases it becomes something similar to Absolute Boyfriend (Zettai Kareshi) where they are mail order androids that can be order online or from a cataloged. If not, they may have originally been human but turn into an android for whatever reason.
  • Angel/Demon AU – When angels and demons exist (in the case of canons that don’t have them) or a character is recast as one of them. However, these kind of AUs don’t necessarily have to have both beings in the story as some tend to focus on only one of them.
  • Arranged Marriage AU – Similar to the Marriage Law AU, only the difference is that not all the characters are required to be married. It is mostly focused on only one pairing and it is usually a pairing that wouldn’t normally get together such as crack ships or doomed ships. In some stories it is a plausible idea, but in others it is not.
  • Bakery AU – When most of the cast of a story works at a bakery while the rest are customers.
  • BDSM AU – Is when the entire cast is either a dominant or a submissive and BDSM relationships are considered the norm. Be advised that while a healthy BDSM relationship is consensual and not dangerous, if handled incorrectly it can result in abusive behavior which is offensive and considered bad BDSM etiquette.
  • Bookstore AU – When most of the casts works at a bookstore. If not, usually a few of the characters work there, while the rest of them are customers. Another version is the Library AU, in which one or two of the characters are librarians, while the rest of the cast spend their time looking for particular books.
  • Business AU – In which the story is set in a building and the characters are employees. Sometimes it is focus on one character who works as a secretary and another character as their boss. 
  • Circus AU – In which the story is set in a circus and the characters are circus performers or customers.
  • Coffee Shop AU – Also known as Barista AU. In most cases, one half of the main pairing is the barista and the other is or becomes their favorite customer; in some stories the whole cast works at a coffee shop.
  • Crime AU – In which the characters of a story are various type of criminals, such as burglars, bank robbers, gangsters, drug dealers, smugglers, hitman/fixer and so on. This AU focuses on their criminal lives. It is similar to the Mafia AU.
  • Darkside AU – Is when the canon villain of the story succeeds in their mission and the AU story focuses on the outcome of it.
  • Desert island AU – Or an uninhabited island AU, in which a character or most of the characters of a story are trapped on a deserted island, usually from being shipwrecked or their plane crashing.
  • Dystopian AU – Is set in a dystopian society that is not the original setting of the canon.
  • Fairy Tail AU – In which canon characters are put into situations and/or settings from fairy tales, such as Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty,  Little Red Riding Hood, etc.
  • Fantasy AU – In which the story takes place in a fantasy universe where magic or magical abilities is normal, technology is nonexistent and supernatural creatures exist.
  • Flower Shop AU – Similar to the Coffee Shop AU and the Bakery AU, but instead the entire cast works in a flower shop. Or one of the characters works there and the rest are customers.
  • Genderswap AU – In which one or more characters in the story switch binary sexes, such as depicting a male character as a cis woman.
  • Harem AU – Or Reverse Harem AU is when a story that doesn’t contain any polygamous or love triangle relationships turns into one. Usually the main character has something happen to them that attracts the other characters to them, be it from a love potion, experimental perfume, spell gone wrong, and so on.
  • Haunted House AU – Or Haunted Castle AU, in which a character moves into a new home or castle and doesn’t know that it is haunted (usually by a ghost, sometimes a demon or some other type of creature) or they are dared by their friends to spend the night in it. 
  • High School/College AU – In which the characters are shown in high school or in college together. They are often done with characters who canonically meet later in life, altering or entirely overwriting their original backstories. Similar to this AU is the Boarding School AU and the Elementary School AU.
  • Hogwarts AU – In which the characters from other stories are placed into the setting of Harry Potter. These can be coexistent with Harry Potter canon, or ignore it entirely. But they are often portrayed as students of Hogwarts instead of teachers that work there.
  • Hospital AU – In which the characters of a story are doctors, nurses and patients in a hospital (sometimes it is set in an asylum). 
  • Hooker AU – Where one or more of the characters is a sex worker. The more common is the Pretty Woman-type fantasy of a hooker with a heart of gold, rescued from life on the streets by a client. Sex work of all kinds is portrayed: brothels, escorts, street prostitution, “call-girls” as well as strippers and go-go boys. Most of the time one character of the pairing is the hooker and the other the client, though some stories have both characters as prostitutes (sometimes along with other canon characters, in either a brothel-type setting or living on the streets).
  • Hunger Games AU – In which characters from other stories are competitors in the Hunger Games.
  • Ice Cream Shop AU – When the casts works at an ice cream shop. Possibly one of the characters owns it, while the rest are employees or customers.
  • Law Enforcement/Military AU – In which the cast are policeman, federal agents, soldiers, marines or whatnot and the story focuses on their lives.
  • Mafia AU – In which the characters are in a mafia.
  • Magic AU – Incorporate magic in stories where there is no magic present in canon.
  • Marriage Law AU – It spawn from the Marriage Law Challenge in the Harry Potter fandom, in which the premise is to forced marriage between a Muggle-born to a Pure-blood (or Half-Blood) due to a new decree passed by the Ministry of Magic to help preserve the magical population. 
  • Master/Slave AU – In which the cast are place in an universe where slavery is an accepted economic and cultural institution. Some stories treat this as a significant moral problem to be resisted and overthrown if possible; others treat slavery as an unchangeable institution.
  • Merpeople AU – Or also known as Undersea AU, in which a story is set in the ocean and the characters are turned into mermaids and merman. Sometimes it’s focus on only one character that becomes a mermaid or merman and another character that is a human. When it’s the latter the AU usually turns into a Little Mermaid type of story.
  • Modern AU – In which characters from a historical (or pseudo-historical) canon universe are placed into a modern setting.
  • Monster AU – In which the characters are changed into non-human creatures, such as Incubus/Succubus or other kinds of monsters.
  • No Human AU – Also known as Animal AU, is the opposite of All Human AU, in which characters that are canonically human are now non-humans.
  • Noir Detective AU – In which the characters are put in a typical ‘40s or '50s film noir environment. Or sometimes as a homage towards the style, in which the characters are still their canon selves, but plot or aesthetics are given a noir slant.
  • Opposite AU – In which canon personalities and backstories are swapped out with an opposite versions of themselves. Such as a quiet shy character may become loud and outgoing.
  • Pacific Rim AU – In which the characters are put into the world of Pacific Rim (most often as Jaeger pilots). This AU gained popularity due to the concept of Drift Compatibility that made for excellent shipping interactions.
  • Pen Pal AU – Is when two characters (who have met in canon) have not met each other in this AU. Sometimes they live in the area and other times they don’t live on the same continent. Usually it is their school that sets them up as pen pals. If not, it is because one of the characters writes a letter to the wrong person/wrong address or they accidentally texts the wrong person.
  • Pirate AU – When the whole cast are pirates and it is focus on shipboard life, usually it is set in early nineteenth-century Europe. Sometimes it’s pirates in outer space.
  • Prison AU – In which characters meet for the first time in an prison environment where they have to depend on each other.
  • Private Detective AU – When one of the characters becomes a professional detective while the rest of the cast are their clients or the detective’s contacts in the police department (sometimes they work in other fields, in which the Detective character calls them in for favors to help solve difficult cases).
  • Reincarnation AU – In which stories with historical canon setting have the characters become reincarnated into a modern setting and in doing so they are quite similar to their canon selves.
  • Reverse AU – Is when the roles (and sometimes backstories) of the characters are swapped, such as the hero is the villain and the villain is the hero.
  • Rockstar AU – In which the main casts is a popular music band or one of them is a solo artists with many groupies which may consist the rest of the characters. 
  • Roommate AU – In which the characters in a fandom are all living together in an apartment or an house. Usually this kind of story is focused on two characters that become roommates.
  • Royalty AU – Where one or more characters (who canonically aren’t) are members of a royal family. This usually goes hand in hand with a historical period, featuring a Medieval AU or Regency AU, although some works are set in Modern times or even the Future.
  • Single Parent AU – In which a character has a child or becomes a parent in someway and raises them on their own. 
  • Soulmates AU – Is when two (or more) characters are fated to be together, sometimes through multiple lives and/or into the afterlife. Sometimes but not always, the pairing might have a characteristic or tell to help them find each other, such as identical or complementary birthmarks, tattoos, scars, or an invisible string that ties to their other half which becomes thicker and shorter the closer they get to them. Some stories only need a character to hear (or just see) their soulmate to know who they are.
  • Space AU – Where a fandom that is canonically set on Earth becomes set in outer space.
  • Spy AU – Also known as Secret Agent AU or Espionage AU. The whole cast is turned into spies, sometimes they work for the same organization, government or they operate independently. Other times the AU is focused on only one or two characters that are the spies.
  • Superpowers AU – In which the characters have superpowers and are either heroes and/or villains. 
  • Steampunk AU – In which a story is turned into a futuristic/sci-fi version of a 19th Century, usually Victorian or Edwardian containing clocks, gears, springs, steam power, analog computers, airships, etc. 
  • Vampire/Werewolf AU – In which vampires and werewolves exist (in the case of canons that don’t have them) or a character is recast as a vampire or werewolf. However, these kind of AUs don’t necessarily have to have both species as some tend to focus on only one kind.
  • Victorian AU – In which characters from a modern or future-set story are relocate to a stereotypical Victorian romanticism era.
  • Western AU – In which the characters are transplanted into the “Old West”; or sometimes, especially in science fiction stories a Space Western equivalent, which may involve a western-type plot without horses and cattle ranches.
  • Wonderland AU – In which the story and the characters are turned into their own version of “Alice in Wonderland”.
  • Zombie Apocalypse AU – Also know as Zombie AU. In which stories that don’t contain an zombie apocalypse have it happen to them.

Note: This isn’t a complete list of AUs, but I will keep updating it whenever I come across something new (or someone lets me know what I’m missing). Also, keep in mind that sometimes an AU story is combine with others elements. For example, instead of the very common story about the characters attending a high school in modern times, it can be a magical school set in an futuristic world. 

Random WIPS!

A short collection of the many works in progress that I currently have! 

The Dragon King

“The Dragon King Festival is upon us,” Lucy says suddenly, gazing out the window, lips twisted into a worried frown, “and it would seem that you have a new challenger, Igneel Dragneel.” Her golden eyes lock with his, Igneel staring back at her, his expression grim and weary. At Lucy’s side, Natsu snarls, baring his fangs as he glares at the wall. Smoke billows from his nose, green eyes narrowed into slits, and Lucy presses her hand to his shoulder, giving him a gentle squeeze. He glances at her, fingers twitching at his sides, but she doesn’t turn away from Igneel. “How much are you willing to risk?” she asks him, more curious than accusing.

Igneel wets his lips, avoiding her sharp gaze. “Everything,” he whispers.


Natsu sighs through his nose, teeth pulling at the ring in his lip absentmindedly as he focuses on the empty road in front of him, squinting through the darkness broken only be the headlights of his car. It’s a bit unnerving, if he really thinks about it. It’s too dark—too quiet. He hasn’t seen any other cars for miles and miles—not since he headed North out of Hargeon, but that was nearly six hours ago. He’s somewhere near a little town called Magnolia at this point. Rather, he should be. He hasn’t passed a town for nearly two hours now, and Magnolia isn’t showing up on his GPS.

He glances up, checking to make sure he hasn’t accidentally taken a wrong turn at some point during the night, but if he has the GPS has already recalculated his route. His eyes narrow as he rips his gaze from the dim screen, lips curving into a frown. According to the man he met at the port, he should have passed through Magnolia at least a half-hour ago, but he hasn’t seen so much as a road sign for the town for at least an hour. And that was fifty miles ago, if his odometer is right.

Untitled #1

“Our flight got delayed,” Lucy continues stubbornly, almost as if she’s speaking to herself. Natsu watches as she runs a frustrated hand though her hair, teeth pulling at her lower lip. “We’re still in Vegas. Loke gave his cell phone to a random homeless guy and he and Gray are missing. Gajeel’s hung-over and still asleep. We’re really sorry that we can’t make it. There. One fool-proof cover story!”

Natsu shakes his head. “Do you really think that’ll work on Erza?” He watches as  Lucy continues to pace, worrying her lip to the point he’s afraid it might bleed. “Besides, she’ll ask about Jellal, and then what?”

“She’s going to kill me.”

Untitled #2

“You forget your place,” Lucy hisses, rounding on Toma with a snarl. The King takes a startled step backwards, eyes going wide as he stares at his royal magician. “I won you that throne,” she reminds him with a smile that’s all venom and fangs, “and I can just as easily take it away.” Her hands ball into fists, flames wicking at her skin.

He swallows, back straightening, but she can see the nervous flicker in his eyes, his gaze darting to the magic swirling across her skin. “Is that a threat?” he asks lowly, glaring right back at her. Behind him, Hisui stares, wide-eyed, and Arcadios reaches for his sword, a sign that she’s taking things too far.

Snorting, Lucy turns her back on them, lips curling into a snarl. Her heels click across the marble floor, red dress swirling around her ankles, gold shimmering in the light. “Only if it needs to be,” Lucy tells him, just loud enough for them to hear her.

Spriggan (treasure hunter au)

Lucy twists on her heel, glaring at the obnoxious man trailing behind her. “Look,” she snaps, crossing her arms over her chest with a snarl, “if you’re going to stalk me you might want to be a little more discreet about it.” Her foot taps against the ground, unamused, but Natsu only grins back at her, quirking a brow.

“Love,” he calls, crossing the short distance between them in a few easy strides, his chin dipping as he leans into her, breath puffing against her ear, “if I was stalking you, you wouldn’t know a damn thing.” She shivers, Natsu’s breath warm against her throat.

Edelweiss (sky pirate au)

“They say,” Lucy whispers, Natsu caging her against the wall of vines, his fingers curling through her hair, one hand settling on her bare back, “that you’re going to break my heart.” She inhales sharply as he noses her throat, fingers splayed across her spine, his breath fanning across her collarbone.

Natsu grins against her, rough lips dragging up her throat as he settles by her ear. “Not on purpose,” he promises, cradling her to his chest. He runs his fingers through her hair, leaning back to meet her eyes, his gaze soft as he stares down at her.

Lucy laughs. “That’s very reassuring, Captain.”

Untitled #3 (beauty and the beast au)

“Do you think someone could learn to love a monster, Lucy?” he asks her, fiery gaze cool as he glances at her. His eyes flick between green and gold, his horns towering over his head, shadow monstrous against the wall. The demon flexes his fingers in the darkness, claws glinting in the firelight as he stares at her, head cocked to the right in thought, gaze expectant. His tongue flicks over his lips, revealing his fangs to her.

Lucy stares, lips pressed into a thin line. “No,” she finally decides, closing her book and placing it on the table. His eyes follow her as she stands, no hesitation in her steps as she comes to stand before him, head tilted up to meet his eyes, unflinching. “Not real monsters,” she tells him, Natsu’s eyes widening slightly. “No one can love a real monster, only the mask they wear.”

Untitled #4 (stripper/fashion designer au)

“I’m sorry, Ms. Aquarius,” Lucy responds nervously, eyes wide as she stares at her boss. “I must have heard you wrong, can you please repeat that?” Her voice quivers as she speaks, more so because of her raging boss than what she’s been tasked to do. Though, Lucy is fairly certain she might faint if she’s being told to do what she thinks she’s being told to do. It’s a wonder she hasn’t passed out already.

Aquarius sighs, glaring at her intern ferociously, clearly less than pleased with the conversation. “I said,” she hisses, “that I’m including your designs in the spring show.” Lucy nods, understanding that part. Aquarius watches her carefully, fingers tapping against her desk as she tosses her long, blue hair over her shoulder. “And I’m tasking you with creating a more… risqué collection.”

Yeah, Lucy was afraid she’d say that.

Zugzwang (detective/CI AU)

“Zugzwang,” Lucy says suddenly, rolling the knight between her fingers. She peeks up at his through her lashes, read lips twisting into a frown as she tosses one leg over the other. Finally, she moves, knocking aside his bishop and claiming it for herself.

Natsu frowns back at her, not understanding. “I don’t know what that means,” he murmurs back, glancing between her and the board. She’s winning, she has been since the beginning and she’s only been toying with him for the last few minutes, dancing around his pieces to keep him in the game.

She grins back at him, perfect teeth glinting at him behind her teeth. “It’s a chess term,” she explains, humming as he moves a pawn, brows narrowed in thought. “German,” she explains. “Compulsion to move.” Natsu stills, unsure how to respond, and Lucy only glances up at him, head tilted to the side curiously as she claims the pawn as well. “It’s your move detective,” she says lightly, though he knows she isn’t talking about their game, “and you do have to make a move.”

Sk8er Girl Ch1 (Trixya) - Squeaky Pink
External image

Trixya!HS AU. Trixie is a nerdy, girly girl with bows and frills. Katya is a skater chick with scuffed knees and a flazeda attitude. When they’re assigned as lab partners, can they discover chemistry together?

Or: She was a sk8er girl. She said see you later girl. She wasn’t good enough for her (or was she?)

[AN: Pink Shrooms aka Squeaky Pink. We’re writing this together but alternating chapters and POVs. Pinky is mainly Trixie’s POV and Squeaky is mainly Katya’s POV.]

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Ce mois-ci, c’est au tour de Mickaël, enseignant et auteur du blog éducatif Le français et vous de se prêter au jeu des questions-réponses avec notre équipe. Dans son Tumblr, il enseigne le français langue étrangère en publiant des cartes-éclair qui présentent différentes expressions, toutes aussi intéressantes et pertinentes les unes que les autres. Avis à tous ceux qui souhaitent apprendre l’anglais ou le chinois, les phrases qu’il nous propose sont traduites dans ces deux langues également.

Tumblr – Pouvez-vous vous présenter rapidement à nos lecteurs ?

Mickaël – Je m’appelle Mickaël. En ce moment, je vis entre Paris et Pékin, où j’enseigne le FLE (français langue étrangère) dans une université chinoise. J’ai passé ma jeunesse dans les Alpes et, avant de m’intéresser à la langue française, j’ai appris à jouer de l’accordéon, à faire des films et à ramasser les patates (ça peut toujours servir). J’aime aussi faire germer les noyaux d’avocat et faire du ski entre les sapins.

T – D'où vient votre passion pour la langue française ?

M – Ma passion pour la langue est sans doute liée à ma passion pour la culture. Avant d’enseigner le français, j’ai travaillé dans le domaine du spectacle vivant et du cinéma. J’ai commencé à jouer avec la langue (écrite et orale) en participant à des ateliers d’écriture et de théâtre d’improvisation. Quelques années plus tard, en partant vivre à l’étranger, j’en ai fait mon métier. Travailler en Chine me permet de rencontrer des gens très différents, de casser certaines idées reçues et de sortir de ma zone de confort. En partageant ma culture avec mes étudiants, j’en apprends beaucoup sur la leur !

T – Parlez-nous de votre blog. Quelle est la démarche derrière celui-ci ?

M – Comme j’enseigne le français et j’apprends le chinois, j’ai eu l’idée de créer des cartes-éclair (flashcards) avec des phrases en français, anglais et chinois. J’essaie d’en publier une par jour. Chaque carte a une couleur différente. Ce sont des phrases quotidiennes, souvent utiles, parfois excentriques ou provocatrices, qu’on ne trouve pas dans les manuels d’apprentissage. Depuis un mois, je publie également des cartes-éclair sur les pays francophones puisque je prépare un cours sur la francophonie.

T – Quel a été le déclic pour créer ce blog et pourquoi avoir choisi Tumblr ?

M – Ce blog a été conçu en 2013 pour partager des documents avec mes étudiants de l’Institut français des Pays-Bas à Amsterdam. Après quelques semaines, je me suis rendu compte qu’il était suivi par d’autres internautes, notamment d’Europe et d’Amérique du Nord. Petit à petit, le public s’est élargi et j’ai continué à partager des idées et des images pour apprendre et enseigner la langue française. J’ai choisi Tumblr pour son design et sa simplicité. C’est une plateforme idéale pour publier des textes, des images et des vidéos.

T – Quels sont vos trois Tumblrs préférés et pourquoi ?

M – Le blog Tulipe me plaît car on se reconnaît facilement dans les doutes et les interrogations de ces animaux très humains. Mes parents m’ont offert ce mois-ci un exemplaire de Décapage, une revue qui ne se prend pas au sérieux, qui donne envie de lire, et d’écrire ! Enfin, le blog du service documentation de l’École supérieure de journalisme de Lille est utile pour réviser son français grâce à la presse.

T – Merci beaucoup, Mickaël, et bonne continuation !

Image : @lefrancaisetvous

Heartbeat (Sashea)- Ortega

A/N: Hey! This is a silly little fic I came up with having completely fallen in love with Sashea. It’s technically part of MAPverse, but can completely be read standalone if you have never read Masquerading as Professionals before! (guess who can’t let go of things lol it’s me). Thank you so much to Dandee who checked the tricky part over for me, and of course my AQ Brits who give me life every waking moment of the day. This is a cis girl AU because I’m full of originality. Also, full disclosure- the line about the lobsters was stolen from The Thick Of It. 

Summary: Shea Coulee takes the empty position for a classroom assistant at Paul Visage Primary School only to please her cousin Bob. When the teacher she’s working for turns out to be cuter than she expected, Shea starts to come up with ways to make her job a little more bearable. Sasha Velour just wishes she didn’t blush so easily.

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Be More Chill AU; Cis Swap

So when I asked what people wanted to see this lovely Anon said gender swap. It sounded cute and sweet when I realized what if this happens with Trans Michael? So the two boys wake up and notice that they’ve changed a lot. As in, their biological sex has changed so now Michael actually has a guy’s body. He’s ecstatic, he doesn’t have breasts anymore and now he has a penis. This all ends when he gets a call from Jeremy crying and sobbing over the phone asking for Michael to come over. When he gets there Jeremy is huddled in the corner clutching his chest. The supernatural force changed Jeremy too and they have to hide what happened from their friends and family while trying to figure out how to reverse it. The thing is, Michael likes his new body and while yes, he will give up anything for Jeremy this is the one thing he’s wanted more than anything in his life. Yet he doesn’t want Jeremy to have to go through the same things he’s had to and Jeremy feels guilty knowing the only way he can be normal again is to hurt Michael.

Identités trans – transphobie - non-binarité

C'est quelque chose que je vois revenir de façon récurrente dans les conversations dans le “milieu LGBT” (le fameux). Est-ce que les personnes non-binaires sont vraiment trans ? Est-ce qu'elles sont “assez trans” ? Est-ce qu'on peut les désigner par ce terme ?

Pour commencer, répondons rapidement à ces questions : oui les personnes non-binaires peuvent se considérer comme trans, si elles le souhaitent. En effet, elles n'ont pas le genre qu'on leur a assigné à la naissance. Toutes les personnes NB ne souhaitent en revanche pas se désigner comme trans, un choix qu'il faut respecter.

La question “faut-il désigner les personnes non binaires en utilisant le terme trans” est donc légitime. Il y a une autre interrogation en revanche qui l'est beaucoup moins : est-ce que les personnes non-binaires subissent assez de transphobie pour pouvoir se désigner comme trans ? Voyons voir, quelles pourraient bien être les implications de cette question ?

1.       Cela sous-entend qu'il faut subir de la transphobie pour être trans. FAUX. La transphobie est une expérience affreuse, et la subir quand on a l'impression (pas forcément juste) que d'autres en pâtissent moins peut pousser à vouloir utiliser cette transphobie comme un “rite de passage” vers la légitimité d'être trans. Se dire “il faut connaitre la transphobie pour être trans”. Mais la transphobie est une discrimination, pas une épreuve à surmonter pourr avoir le droit au titre de personne trans. Idéalement, la transphobie n'existerait pas, et pourtant est-ce que cela rendrait l'ensemble des personnes trans “moins” trans ?

2.       Cela sous-entend que les personnes non-binaires ne subissent pas de transphobie. Honnêtement, c'est un discours que je ne supporte plus d'entendre, et dieu sait que je l'ai entendu souvent, y compris de la part de personnes trans. Et quand cela vient de personnes non-binaires, j'ai juste l'impression de lire une autre version du témoignage de ces femmes qui n'avaient jamais connu le harcèlement de rue et qui considéraient donc que cela n'existait pas. La transphobie envers les personnes NB existe ; il existe même une forme spécifique de discrimination envers les personnes NB que l'on appelle la enbyphobie. Et avant que l'on me dise que cela ne peut pas exister car ce n'est pas une discrimination systémique et institutionnalisée, laissez-moi juste vous rappeler que les seules cases existantes sur nos cartes d'identité sont les cases F et M.

En tant que personne trans non binaire dans le placard (au moins 90% du temps), voici quelques exemples de transphobie et de enbyphobie que je peux rencontrer :

- devoir m'habiller de façon féminine et faire “semblant d'être cis” au travail, envers les administrations et de façon globale en société en dehors de cercles safe ;

- de même, utiliser mon prénom de naissance absolument en permanence. Ces deux premiers points renforçant ma dysphorie de façon quotidienne ;

- constater la transphobie ambiante dans les discours des collègues, amis et de la famille, savoir que l'on ne pourra jamais faire son CO car on sera totalement incompris, éventuellement rejeté, moqué et de façon générale confronté à un manque de respect ;

- quand enfin je peux adopter une expression de genre plus masculine, me faire regarder dans la rue, insulter, demander si je suis un homme ou une femme. Avoir aussi peur dans la rue que quand je suis perçu comme une femme ;

- savoir que je devrais toujours expliquer mon genre à toutes les personnes à qui je fais mon CO, et avoir l'impression d'être un alien/de m'inventer un genre non légitime ;

- savoir que jamais je ne pourrai cocher de case “autre” sur ma carte d'identité, ou sur l'ensemble de mes papiers administratifs, savoir que mon pronom ne sera jamais reconnu par l'académie française ;

- être rejeté par le milieu LGBTQ lui-même, entendre des propos enbyphobes de la part de personnes que je pensais safe, aller à la permanence d'une asso LGb(t) et ne jamais y revenir parce que la moitié des personnes présentes ont débattu pendant une heure de mon genre sans jamais avoir la décence de venir me demander.

Ces exemples ne visent pas à provoquer la pitié, encore moins à rentrer dans un concours de “qui a la plus grosse oppression”. Au contraire, c'est quelque chose que je veux éviter absolument. Les personnes trans binaires et non-binaires subissent toutes un jour de la transphobie (si ce n'est contre elles, en la voyant appliquée aux autres), même si certaines expériences peuvent leur être spécifiques. J'aimerais juste que l'on puisse reconnaitre la vérité de l'ensemble de ces souffrances, et arrêter de conditionner notre légitimité en tant que personnes trans au niveau de discrimination que des transphobes pourraient nous faire subir. Nous n'avons pas à mettre notre légitimité entre leurs mains.

Ahsoka is adopted into the family when Obi-Wan taught her class and he marched into the apartment after, announcing that he had found their daughter. It takes Anakin a few minutes to remember Padme is the only one with a uterus so there is no secret child he doesn’t know about. He then proceeds to pout because Padme and Obi-Wan didn’t let him adopt the Clones (“There are hundreds of them, Ani”). Padme simply asks when Anakin and her get to meet their daughter. Ahsoka comes over for dinner the next day and promptly has three parents. 

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For the ship thing: sashea

there were two anons asking for sashea, so here u both are! thank you!! i might jump back into my cis girl au bubble for this because i just love MAP sashea so much (am i allowed to say that? idc i do love them a lot)

Who worries about how they will look when they’re older

Shea. Sasha has accepted that everyone ages and she’s able to appreciate the beauty in everyone. She is forever simultaneously confused and terrified by Shea’s bathroom and the hundreds of creams, foams, face masks and serums that litter the sink, floor and shower, and will forever question why a black girl in her 20s would ever need to use anti-ageing cream.

Who makes the mix tapes/cd’s

Shea. They’re normally full of happy, energetic dance tracks or 80s hits. Sasha absolutely loves them and will blast them on her drive to work in the morning.

Clings to the other during scary movies

Sasha. She gets pretty terrified of them, while Shea usually sits nonplussed and feeds herself popcorn while commenting on how dumb the scary movie narrative is. 

“Don’t run back into the house, don’t run back into the fucking- ugh, these stupid fucking white girls I swear to God.”

“Are you still mad that the black girl died first?”


(That evening ended with an angry discussion about how fucking racist the movie industry is, and culminated in Sasha driving them both to the bottle bank so they could take their anger on society out on some empty wine bottles together. )

Gets into the shower with the other randomly

Shea. Sasha never complains.

Flashes the other when they walk by after taking a shower alone

Shea, purely because she loves the fact it always winds Sasha up.

“We’ve been together six months, how come you still blush at this?!”

“You’re both wet and naked, how the hell do you expect me not to get flustered!!”

Initiates hand holding while the other is driving

Shea. She’s always grateful that Sasha drives her into work, even if Sasha’s old car got a few snooty looks on Shea’s first day. The looks were all met by a swift middle finger, ensuring that Sasha’s car never got any comments or looks again.

Secretly tries to touch the other in naughty places during public/family events

Shea. Sasha will give her about two warning looks before she finally gives in and they sneak off together for a suspiciously long length of time.

Asks weird questions in the middle of the night

Sasha. She’ll sometimes lie awake for long periods of time thinking about whatever’s on her mind at that moment. Shea will usually take none of it. 

“What Hogwarts house would Jeremy Corbyn be sorted into?”

“Sasha it’s three o-fucking-clock. Please for the love of Christ try to get some sleep.”

“Hufflepuff, Sasha. He’d be a fucking Hufflepuff. Obviously.”

Asks “what are you thinking about?”

Shea, mainly because she never knows what’s going on inside Sasha’s mind and she’s usually quiet for long periods of time. Shea can get worried that she’s thinking twice about their relationship. Sasha never is.

Always has to be touching the other, (if either of them do)

Shea, but Sasha will always lean into her touch like a cat. 

((i loved doing this one, tysm!!))

Autour de moi, je vois beaucoup l’argument du “je préfère voter blanc plutôt que Macron pour pas salir ma conscience” revenir chez les jeunes (18-25 ans environ). Je ne sais pas si c’est une vérité statistique ou juste que je côtoie beaucoup de jeunes moi-même, cela dit. Et j’ai envie de dire que la situation, on l’a vécue par le passé. Au 2ème tour en 2002, on avait Chirac-Le Pen. Mais les gens ont quand même voté en masse pour Chirac.

Je me fais répondre que c’était pas comparable, que Chirac était pas si grave. Alors, je sais qu’on a tendance à relativiser les épreuves passées par rapport à celles que l’on vit sur le moment, et que tous les gens qui me répondent ça étaient trop jeunes pour avoir vraiment vécue la campagne de 2002, mais il faudrait voir à pas s’inventer des excuses.

Non, Chirac c’était pas mieux que Macron, loin de là.

J’étais pas forcément très vieux moi-même à l’époque, mais l’avantage d’avoir grandit dans une famille de juristes où la politique est le sujet de conversation numéro 1, c’est que même à 11 ans, j’avais l’habitude d’entendre ce genre de discussions et de moi-même y réfléchir (parce que oui, la culture politique, ça s’apprend, pourquoi vous croyez qu’il faut de l’éducation civique?).

Dans ma famille, Chirac-Le Pen au 2ème tour a été vécu comme un cataclysme énorme. Parce que Le Pen, bien sûr, mais aussi parce que Chirac. Pourquoi? Parce que si le thème principal de la campagne de 2002 a été la sécurité (et les connections foireuses avec l’immigration et tout ça), c’est à cause de Chirac. C’est lui qui a amené le débat là dessus, Le FN n’avait pas encore la tribune qu’il a aujourd’hui pour influencer le discours. Chirac a aussi forcé Jospin à s’aventurer sur cette question également, et tout le monde a pu voir que le PS n’avait aucun discours construit à répondre en face, qu’ils étaient perdus dans le foin.

Ce discours ratissé vers l’extrême droite a totalement profité à Le Pen, qui n’aurait peut être pas eu autant d’impact sinon, parce que ça a dédramatisé le discours que le FN tenait depuis des années, ça l’a rendu légitime dans l’espace public. Et bien sûr, ça a desservit totalement Jospin, qui en plus avait gavé une bonne partie de la gauche (y compris mes parents à l’époque) à cause des choix qu’il avait fait en tant que 1er Ministre sortant. Ca vous rappelle un truc? Un bilan de la gauche décrié par son propre camp et qui se mange le mur, la droite républicaine qui va bouffer au râtelier de son flanc extrême et fait passer celui-ci au 2nd tour?

Et pour la quasi totalité des gens de mon entourage à l’époque, voter Chirac était une vraie douleur, un vrai dégout. J’entends encore ma mère dire le plus sérieusement du monde (pas pour plaisanter, non non, mais très sérieusement) que si elle n’avait pas peur que ça invalide son vote, elle irait voter avec des gants mapa et une pince à linge sur le nez pour bien signifier son malaise de voter Chirac. Donc venez pas me dire que les gens en 2002 l’ont eu facile de voter Chirac, parce que pour beaucoup, ça a été un vrai sacrifice idéologique.

Et on parle d’un candidat qui avait volontairement été s’aventurer sur les sujets de la sécurité et de l’immigration, par pur calcul électoral (quelques mois après le 11 Septembre, ne l’oublions pas). En plus d’être traditionnellement le candidat des patrons, des privilégiés, etc etc, ce qui est aujourd’hui reproché à Macron (qui lui a un discours plutôt inclusif pour les minorités, il est bon de ne pas l’oublier).

Alors bon, on a le droit de penser que Macron est loin d’être idéal, et que ses idées sur le plan économique sentent le pâté, mais 1. il est assez influençable et les législatives sont dans un mois, donc on peut lui coller un gouvernement avec lequel il devra composer 2. son libéralisme marche aussi sur les questions de société, pas que sur l’économie, et ça pour le coup, c’est positif (non révocation du mariage pour tous, de l’avortement et de la contraception, etc etc). et 3. vous oubliez l’argument de “oui mais en 2002 c’était pas pareil, c’était plus facile de choisir Chirac”, parce que c’est faux.

TLDR; Chirac au 2nd tour en 2002 face à Le Pen n’était pas le choix de la facilité, ça a forcé énormément de gens à remettre en cause leurs idées politiques pour éviter l’élection du FN, Chirac avait un discours de vieux réac pendant la campagne qui a favorisé la visibilité du FN, en plus d’être le candidat des plus fort économiquement, et Macron est un candidat beaucoup moins nauséabond en 2017 que Chirac en 2002.

Snape Appreciation Month Day 26: Favourite AU

- muggle au: he’s born without magic and lives his life like his father/manages to make it out of cokeworth and tries to became someone of worth/remains in spinner’s end and becomes someone of worth regardless

-female snape au: cis or trans woman snape. the sexism, the transmisogyny or none of that. ambition so sharp it cuts down everyone standing in her way/ ambition stifled by muggle father/ voldemort has no use for women unless they’re as fanatic as bellatrix

- soulmate au: severus is someone or several people’s soulmate. he rejects them long before they reject him/he wants to belong somewhere but they’re repulsed by him. he seeks to undo the ancient magic that makes this possible

- no voldemort au: many argue that without voldemort, severus wouldn’t have risen as high as he did. i want to read that. i want to read the story where he struggles and crawls his way to a life starkly different from the one he led in cokeworth. i want a story where lucius has no use for a halfblood. i want a story where he does have a use after all

- snape lives au: he leaves britain and finds peace in a foreign land doing experiments, healing the sick, giving council to young wizards/ he stays in britain and faces scorn and admiration and loathing. harry dogs his steps. there is a trial. rita publishes her book, he publishes his