yeah, so another network blah blah blah

but seriously. this network is for da cool kids man. >;) you will socialise with other members, help with voting, promos, etc etc, and you will gain heaps! all members will get a follow from either ellie or me!

so rules are simple:

~ must be following me, willow-macahroons & ellie-cir-cus [LIARS WILL BE PUT ON THIS PAGE >:)] also, you must be following at least 2 other members (not including ellie & myself) – we will check!

~please no likes! or [“ ”]

~reblog up to 2 times only!

~reblog this network at least once a week (to get more members)

- any blog styles are accepted, and follower count doesn’t matter!

- we’ll be choosing a decent amount of people every week!

- we will message you if you get into the network :)

- members will get whatever promo whenever, and yeah


+ red velvet - taken by myself

+ caramel - taken by ellie

+ strawberry

+ chocolate

+ raspberry

+ lemon

+ vanilla

+ and any other flavours you would like, just ask! :)

if you have any questions, please ask us here, and also, for a better chance of getting in, make a post tagged ‘macahroonsxo’ and 'cirxcus’ and tell us some reasons why you would like to get in! to check out the network (still under construction) click here!



hey willow & ellie! :)

i would love to included/picked for your network (boxofmacaroons)

reasons are; i really wanna get to know more people, i just started tumblr a few weeks ago, and i’m kinda desperate for followers, and well, i love both your blogs! it would be such a pleasure if you consider me, I WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER (even tho i already do.. okay maybe FOREVERER) :3

well, yeah, i hope you include me! xx