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You've mentioned about a female villain in Sonic Forces and got me all curious~ think you can write something regarding that villain in a Sonamy prompt ;3 (it can go as Auuuuuuuuu as you like~~~~ your characters are always so interesting)


You want her to be flirty like Syncro too, right?


With his feet paralyzed, Sonic tried to move but his whole body started to petrify.

He looked up at her, as she laughed quietly before moving a hand around his face in a cirular motion.

“Looks like one can catch the wind~” she flirtatiously stated, as twitched an eyebrow and made noises as he strained to try and move. His sweat more than just the flames alone…

“Now… to kill you.” She drew forth her dagger, lightly stroking it as he ducked his head down, his mouth a tight scowl, still his body shook and twitched, but under her power he couldn’t even lift his chest to breath right.

“Let him go!”

The woman held her dagger above her head, before stopping, and looking off to Amy, who stood confidently, and quite angrily at the situation.

“Ugh, not another one.” she rolled her eyes, already having fought off some of Sonic’s forces to get to him. “Do they all come as a drag?” she looked sarcastically to him, not finding any interest in the other contenders.

“Zip it, ugly! He’s mine!” Amy pointed directly to her, and jumped to combat her.

“Ugly? As if I care what a LITTLE GIRL thinks!” she jumped down to meet her, as she used her dagger alone to fight.

“A…Amy..” Sonic twitched, trying to form words through his paralyzed lips, trying to look down at the battle below. “Don’t let her… touch… you…”

Amy kept blocking her open hand with her hammer.

“You really think you’re his type?!”

“Bite me!” Amy slammed her hammer against her head.

“Augh!” She stumbled back, and then ducked to swipe a dagger up, causing a painful cry from Amy as she held a hand over her face.

“Amyyy..!!!” he cried out, unable to see if she was okay.

“Heh. Now your pretty little face is even less likely to get his approval.” she lifted her dress to wipe her dagger off, and then let it drape back as the wind rushed back.

“What?” she looked over before being whammed in the gut by a foot, and then went flying and rolling on the ground. “Augh!”

“Sonic?” Amy looked up, but he was still paralyzed.


“Get Sonic off the paralyzie.” Shadow pulled out a pole he must have gotten from the debris, and held it for protection.


“Heh… well, if it isn’t my number 2.” she flirtatiously got up and trailed her hand against her leg as she bent up straight, wrapping her arms around and up on her head. “Ready for round two?” she stuck out her hip in a bounce before charging him.

“Sonic!” Amy ran up and climbed till she reached the beam he was on, the foundation of a once huge skyscraper.

The wind rapidly whipped her back as Shadow and the woman kept duking it out below.

“H…her hands… s-secrete the parayize. Get it… off.. my face..” Sonic tried to squint through the effects and speak, but he was still unable to really do anything.

She nodded, getting up and holding her hands over his face. “Uhh… okay.” she tilted her head into a shrug, and then started to wipe his face, not realizing it had already dried and was absorbed into his body.

“How long does this stuff last?” Amy looked around, still not seeing him move.

His face bent slightly into a frown. “Not soon enough.” he commented. “My arms…” he looked down, and she quickly tried to wipe them off too, but realized her hands were filled with the chemicals now.

“What’s wrong?” he was started to get feeling back, and even flexed his hand out, happy to be slightly free.

She looked up at him, before unselfishly shaking her head and continuing along his body. “Em-emm. Nothing. Let me get your legs..”

“You ready for more?” She had gotten his bare back and Shadow felt the effects taking over.

“S…Shoot.” he fell his knees and caught himself with his hands, feeling his back stiffen into place and unable to move it. “Augh!” She had whammed the back of her dagger into his spine, and it forced him down, since his back couldn’t move now.

She hummed as she coated pieces of his body with her poison and then rubbed her fingers together as she got up. “Now… for the girl… ah!” she gasped when she saw Amy was almost done helping Sonic out.

“Come on, Amy! She can see!” Sonic’s full upper body was free, but Amy’s hands began to feel stiff, and she strained to get the last remaining slime off his shoes.

She breathed hard, feeling the chemicals were traveling and stiffening the rest of her body.

Sonic, without a second look back at her, felt his feet free of their imprisonment and tapped them a few times.

“Thanks Amy!” He took off, ready to get even!

She saw his selfish betrayal and smiled, “What a fool…”

She grabbed her dress and spun, causing flakes of light to flash out like sparkles as she disappeared.

He spin dashed down and looked around… “…What?!”


He looked up, shocked to see her swiping her hand up and down Amy’s raw back and then forcing her up, as her knees hadn’t fully been paralyzed yet.

“You left your friend to take on my poison all on her own!? How typically careless of you!” she then lightly let go of Amy, and tapped her forward.


Amy began to fall like a stiffened wooden doll, unable to speak through her gritted together teeth, but her shout sounded like his name.

“Ah! Amy!” Sonic took off to catch her. However, with the poison all over her back, when he caught her, it went straight on his arms.

“Oh no!”

He set her down and tried to wipe it off, but like lotion, it only helped the poison to move faster into his skin again, and he felt the stiffen take over him again as he bent down, straining…

“Amy… I’m… sorry..” he twitched his head to look up to her.

She couldn’t move, and he couldn’t say anything.

“Amy…” he tried to reach for her but then his hand went completely stone, and he felt heavy and collapsed downward.

Laughing on her jolly way down, she walked like a seductive murder over to her latest kill, holding her hand up and wondering what next move to play.

“How distasteful…” she bent her knees to be closer to Sonic, as she looked over to Amy’s motionless body.

“You honestly let her take the poison for you… and didn’t even bother to once think of how it would effect her. So selfish. I like that.” she bend down and lifted Sonic’s head, as he felt her touch turn it numb as he was forced to look up at her.

“If you think my bare hands are dangerous… you’d hate to see what a kiss does…” she leaned down.

Rocking, Amy still couldn’t move her back… but thanks to her dress, the poison was currently spreading along her spin to her shoulders and not quite let to her legs and lower arms.

She pushed and strained, before flipping herself along her back and summoning her hammer.

“What did I just say!?!?” through gritted teeth, she articulated beautifully, and smashed the woman’s head down to free Sonic of her touch.

“Amy!” he shouted, looking over to her.

Her face held so much anger, she breathed hard, her face permanently held the way he last saw her.

Worry and pain…


“Sonic, try and get up.” Her eyes turned to him, before looking at the girl. “She can kill me first and you can get over the paralysis faster.”

His eyes widened.

What did she say?

Not only was she willing to take the poison… but she was willing to die for him to get enough time to fight again.

He suddenly started to fidget, his face not fully paralyzed yet, and he furrowed his eyebrows so far down that it permanently gave him an enraged expression.

The woman’s arm flung up with the dagger, her face not even out of the dirt yet.

When her face did emerge, she looked bloodthirsty towards Amy.

“You stubborn little bratt!!!”

Shadow kicked her head down again, and grabbed Sonic and Amy.

“Shadow!” Sonic looked up to him, still a glare on his face. “Help us!”

Shadow nodded, clearly what he was doing, and dragged the two away from her.

There was a gushing gutter not too far away, where Shadow must have crawled or rolled too.

He pulled them under, having them side by side, as he quickly sprayed water on them before dodging a dagger thrown at him.

When he flung around to look and she how far she had advanced on them, he saw that her hair was now messed up, her makeup smeared, and her clothes ripped and dirtied.

I will kill you all… after I torture you and have my fun!!!” she pulled out another dagger, ready to fight as she charged him. “But even then, this is so not worth it!”

“I’ll distract her, get the poison off you!” Shadow shouted out, dodging her as she focused primarily on him now, as he got her away from the two.

Sitting under the rushing water, Amy began to feel her lips slowly twitch down, and breathed normally with the water crashing over her stomach.

Sonic’s head was directly near it, and felt his hands soaking and starting to move with life a little bit again.

“…Amy…” he spoke, not sure if she could hear him over the rushing water.

“..Don’t ever die for me…” he slowly twitched his hand into a tight fist, his glare loosened, but he held it forward, fierce, demanding justice.

“That’s not how this story ends!” he leaned his head up, having motion again.

“RAHHH!!” he propelled himself forward in a tight ball, having his legs and arms still unable to move, but his spin was free to bend!

Amy looked out to him, her head able to move up but then she flopped it back down.

Something wasn’t right.

Unknown to her friends, her body was going through an allergic reaction.

“Sonic..” she felt herself growing weaker, and fire throughout her whole being sparked up.

Her vision went blurry as her hands got a little puffier, her back which was exposed to it was fading into a red instead of it’s natural lightish pink hue.

Shadow and Sonic fought her off, even to the point where she had touched herself and paralyzed herself into a forever stuck position, her hands keeping the secretion going as she found herself trapped in her own snare.

The two panted, before looking to each other, Shadow’s arm limp, as the two nodded and nudged her off the edge of the cliff.

They walked away, justice.

Going back to Amy, Shadow looked suspiciously at her quaking body. “She should be able to move freely by now.”

Sonic’s eyes widened.


The two rushed Amy to HQ, but the effects were detrimental by then, and the only way to get the allergic reaction down, was to insert blood that wasn’t allergic to the slime.

Sonic offered himself, and funny enough, his blood type was compatible with hers.

Laying down next to her as they gave his blood to her, hoping it could fight off the remaining side-effects, Sonic watched her struggle, and reflected back at the gutter.

“I changed my mind.” he was growing weak, having the blood drain faster than normal as they were trying to save Amy’s life.

She was breathing hard, her eyes closed, as he just stared at her soft features, furrowed up in pain.

“…Don’t die, Amy.” he changed his line, as his eyelids dripped down in weariness.

“If we drain anymore, he’ll-!” Tails worriedly spoke up, but Sonic glared to him, lifting his head up as if telling him he better not stop till Amy was okay.

He flopped it back down in a more weakened state now, and stared longingly to her again.

“Because that’s my job…” he closed his eyes.


Amy slowly flickered her eyes open.

When Sonic blacked out, he had a dream where he was in a bright field, instead of the burning waste of a city that was becoming so familiar to him.

He turned to see Amy, smiling and moving as she usually did, running up to him and laughing by his side, before taking off further down the hill, enjoying herself.

He smiled a moment, before looking down at his own hand.

It was fading… becoming translucent.

He frowned.

“Sonic?” Amy turned around, looking sad he wasn’t following after her.

“…Go on. I’ll catch up.” he winked and smiled friendly to her.

His legs began to fade too, as he looked over his body, and saw himself disappearing from the world.

He looked up.

“I wonder if this is what Maria felt…” he closed his eyes, and then gave a signature smirk.

“It’s actually not bad… dying… for the one you-”

His eyes suddenly shot open, as electrical shocks trailed all over his body.

“AH!” leaned up, gasping for air.

“He’s alive!” Tails jumped to embrace him, having tears in his eyes. “You made it back!”

Sonic coughed, hitting his chest, before holding Tails. “Ack, that horrible, ACK!” he kept hacking before remembering what had happened.

“Amy!” he turned to see her, but she wasn’t there. “Amy..?” he looked worriedly, then pulled Tails back and held him by his shoulders, shaking him slightly, “Where is she!?”

“I’m… right here, Sonic.”

Sonic turned his head.

Standing as if nothing bad had happened, the only sign of life-threatening evidence from how she held her arm that had taken in his blood, and hiding the marks from the tubes that were inserted there to preserve her.

“You.. you were dying…” she had tears in her own eyes too. “You would have died to… no, you would have died for me!”

He smiled.

She covered her face as she cried.

“You were willing to die for a few seconds that I could use to escape. I was willing to die for a few seconds where you could escape death. What’s the difference?”

She threw her head back up, and then raced to his side, crying with Tails as she jumped to embrace him as well.

He closed his eyes and smiled, lightly chuckling as the two cried on him.

Knuckles walked passed the door, seeing Shadow with his arms folded, before coming in.

“Oh, hey Shadoooow… Wh-what, huh!?” he spread his arms back when seeing the scene before him, and Sonic sweat-drop awkwardly at his entry.

“Hey, Knux. How’s it going?”

“W..What happened here!? What did I miss!?” he looked around, making for a good laugh at the end of the day… well, for Sonic anyway.

Phil Lester Imagine :)

Hello lovelies c: This is for the anon that requested the first Phil imagine c: I’m sorry if this sucks, I tried to get it done before I went to bed  c: 

*Not my gif*

I woke up to the sun shining in my face. I opened my eyes to see the curtains open,
revealing the beautiful blue sky. The air smelled like bacon, eggs and pancakes. I smiled and
sat up. I slipped on my slippers and walked down stairs to see Phil standing at the
“Morning Phil.” I said, causing him to jump a bit.
He turned around and smiled.
“Good morning. lovely.” He said with a smile.
He turned off the stove and put some food on two plates. He decorated it nicely and sat them on the decorated table. I smiled at the sight.
He had put a lovely table cloth over the table and put a vase, with a single sunflower in it on the table.
He walked up to me and put his arms around my waist.
“Happy Birthday Y/N!” He said smiling and kissing me sweetly.
“Thank you babe.” I said pecking his lips.
“I made you breakfast.” He said smiling and pulling me to the table.
“You’re so sweet Phil.” I said sitting down.
I looked down and saw a chocolate chip smile on the pancake. He was such a great cook.
“So since your birthday and it’s so nice out, I thought I could take you out.” He said.
“I’d like that.” I said as I took a bite of eggs.
After breatfast, I went upstairs and changed into a cute flowey dress with a light cardigan
over it. I brushed out my hair and walked downstairs.
“Ready?” Phil asked with his hands in his pockets.
I nodded as he grabbed my hand and we walked out the door.                  "Where are we going?“ I asked. 

"You’ll see.” He said smiling sweetly. 

After about 20 minutes of walking, we ended up at a cute picnic area.
We sat down at one of the picnic areas and Phil smiled at me.
“I got you something.” Phil said with a smile.
“Aww you didn’t have to.” I said.
He pulled out a necklace that had a small cirular charm on it. It had the color of his birth
stone mixed with the color of mine.
“Oh my goodness I love it!” I exclaimed.
He stood up and walked behind me. He put the chain around my neck and hooked it in the back.
He reached over and kissed me on the cheek sweetly.
“I’m glad you like it, love.” He said with a smiled.
I put my hands on his cheeks and pulled him down for a kiss.
I couldn’t ask for a better boyfriend.

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