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As y'all already know, we recently had a chance to put our efforts behind a really worthy cause to help some very deserving young boys and girls…Along with Sabine Poisson Design, Marc Jacobs, Jil Sander, Valentino, VOGA Wines, X-Tige PR, Roberto Cavalli, JP Cricket, Cory & Richard Gould, Paula November and many others, we lent some elbow grease to support the New Rochelle Boys & Girls Club.

The Land Rover Polo Challenge was the benefit event, today was the day and the venue was the super elite Greenwich Polo Club in Connecticut.

Tossing aside the conventional pastel colors, repp ties and Sperry topsiders that so many get caught up in, I kinda went a different route on my choice of wardrobe. So even though y'all may not agree on the bare ankles (at least they weren’t ashy!), here’s what I rocked…

Hit me if you want details on the look.

PS- More flix to follow in the next day or so, courtesy of our OUTFLUENCED partner and shooter/blogger extraordinaire, Tasha Bleu.


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From the creative collective OUTFLUENCED comes this piece on New England based tie company General Knot. One of the comparatively few companies to use deadstock fabrics to produce their ties, each piece is one of a very limited number produced; often not exceeding 10-20 of any particular style. This makes each piece not only very distinctive but also rare; rare because of the limited fabric, rare because of the craftsmanship it takes to produce each one and rare because in a world of rampant mass production, some things are better when they’re handmade.

Today’s tie game. I don’t rock this piece often but when I do, I prefer to rock it paired with a classically understated suit like this subtly exquisite DB. Suit: peak lapelled DB by J Lucas Bespoke. Shirt: custom J Lucas Tie: Mine
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As rare as a platinum coated, diamond encrusted gold nugget found on Broadway in NYC, here’s a spy shot of the first known sighting of an authentic Imai Hiroki shoe in its raw, unstained beginnings. This shoe will eventually become a hand finished and hand stained bespoke masterpiece valued north of $1800. Stay tuned as we bring the entire brand to the U.S. #luxury #cirqus6 #shoe #luxurylifestyle #imaihiroki (Taken with Instagram)

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A C6 favorite, Bottega Veneta has a long heritage of amazing craftsmanship in leather bags and accessories. Unlike equally beautiful luxury leather goods brands such as Ghurka however, BV has so rapidly and thoroughly evolved over the past years, that it now presents itself as a complete design house with a collection that’s much more diverse and of course, far beyond just handbags.

Here Creative and Design Director Tomas Maier gives us an inside look at the workings of the brand.

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From our ad campaign for NJ based energy drink mavericks Liquid Lightning. Deciding we wanted to ‘own’ the nightlife space and make the brand the mixer of choice as opposed to Red Bull, we shot a series of fashion forward images which we minimalist yet provocative and powerful. Results? The brand enjoyed a massive surge in popularity and demand, all achieved with a tiny fraction of the budgets then being spent by Red Bull, Monster and other category heavyweights.
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Never a conformist at any level and a designer we at C6 have long kept an eye on, Alber Elbaz is resurrecting the oldest couture house in the world, LANVIN. He has so revitalized the brand that a recent collection for H&M sold out; no mean feat for a brand that had largely been comparatively quiet for many years amongst the other better known labels such as DIOR, YSL, GUCCI etc…Diminutive but quite bold in his style, Elbaz pokes fun at the venerable label in this campaign piece while showing his deft sensibility.