cirque soul

Two years ago, a child full of mercy and determination has broken the barrier that separated monsters from the surface, and it is now that we celebrate our resurfacing once again at the 2nd annual Cirque Des Souls, an amusement park and fairgrounds located on South Ebott Beach. Humans and monsters are getting along amicably, and we hope that this event will bring both races closer together by sharing cultures and fun together.

So please, all invited, we have rides that go at whiplash speed for our thrill-seekers, boardwalk games for those who have luck on their side, and plenty of events in between for everyone to participate in. Simply retrieve your armband off the back of this flyer and put it on. You’ll be transported to the fairground’s entrance on the date it starts.

I, Bob the Temmie, and my group of trusted volunteers and associates run this fairground to keep it safe and enjoyable for everyone. It’s lots of hard work, and we may need more help. We will contact others should we need the assistance.  

OOC Info:

It’s the big summer event everyone in the Undertale RP community was waiting for. I’m Sims, I run the six souls blog nolvlost and I may have a Frisk and Chara floating around. I’ve moderated a few events and decided to try my hand at hosting. I’m super excited to do so! I got a fantastic team of folks to aid me in this effort. From Friday, June 9th, to Tuesday, June 13th, from Noon to Midnight, these 5 days will be shockful of fun games and events everyone can participate in!

This is a MAINLY DISCORD EVENT. Of course you can plot to your hearts content on Tumblr, but most actions will happen in real time on the discord server.

This is for Undertale RPers ONLY. If your character/OC wasn’t made mostly for Undertale, you won’t be allowed in. It doesn’t matter if you’re an ask or RP blog for Undertale, if your main verse is Undertale, you’re in. We will be looking at blogs to make sure of this at the start of the event. 

It is a safe for work event. No one dies, and everyone’s pants stays on. There will be children here, and people who don’t want to see that. Keep it in private chats or under readmores on Tumblr, please. 

Please use the following tag: #cirquedessouls or #cirque des souls (no dashes) to organize posts and show the hosts any artwork or writing you have for the event! We’d love to see it!

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If I placed a bulk order for 12x18 “Keep Calm and Join the Circus” posters for $15 each, Who would be interested?

You would need to pre-pay, so that I could financially accord the bulk costs. And if for some reason I don’t meet my quoata, then I would refund those that had paid. 

EDIT: I would need 6 pre-paid orders to place the bulk order.