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Has anybody else thought that Avatar: The Last Airbender’s universe could potentially make a successful Cirque Du Solei performance? It would surely resemble Ka in many ways, but just imagine:

Thousands if people playing with millions of colourful pieces of fabric meant to represent all of the four elements.

Earth benders rising in platforms up and down. (which is possible, since this has been done before in performances such as Ka)

Actual fire rising from the bottom of the stage every now and then for Fire benders.

Air benders being lift up by harnesses.


Beautiful Chinese inspired backgrounds. Just imagine the design of the stage and the lights it would use for every element.



BLOODBENDING: People being lift up by harnesses as they act in despair. Eventually you’d just see a hanging body being lift up to the top of the stage.

I just have so many ideas. It has too much potential for it to go to waste.

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Donald casts Curaga on the ailing party member with full health: himself.

meanwhile i’m doing so many consecutive dodge rolls ive turned into a full blown cirque du soleil performance while i dodge missile spears from xaldin like no worries donald take ur time

The Hunger Games series is about a dystopian future in which America’s one percent live in luxury in “The Capitol,” and host an annual reality TV show in which children from the subservient Districts are selected to fight each other to the death, for reasons that are never satisfactorily explained.

The bloodthirsty elite citizens of The Capitol were notable for the gaudy and ridiculous fashions they sported. CoverGirl liked these looks so much that they released a tie-in makeup range celebrating the unique style of those casually murderous sociopaths.

Please note that the heroes of the story, led by Jennifer Lawrence’s Katniss, are simple farming folk who dress in outfits cobbled together from animal skins and potato sacks. It’s only the entitled, narcissistic villains who paint themselves up like Cirque de Soleil performers, right before tuning in to an annual child murder spree for entertainment.

It’s one thing to dress up like a movie villain because you think they’re badass – many of us spent at least one Halloween dressed up like Heath Ledger’s Joker. But The Hunger Games painted the villains’ faces like this to make them look fucking stupid, in contrast with the salt-of-the-Earth heroes. 

6 Movie Tie-Ins That Totally Undermine The Entire Movie




So much fun performing with some of my favorite people last night! Thank you to all that made it so magical. @verucablue

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La Nouba Does Two Rare Trapeze Acts

Last Thursday, La Nouba by Cirque du Soleil performed two rare trapeze acts during their 7:00pm performance- the double-double and half layout to the legs and the quadruple tuck. It was sort of a really big deal. Here’s how it went down.

It’s performance day! 

The 7:00 pm performance came swinging in (pun intended). The trapeze act was up. They started off with a few warm up moves.

La Nouba, back at it again with their trapeze swings. 

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“We wrote the sex scene in the script, it says ‘the most crazy, epic, gymnastic sex scene ever’ and it was bold, under lined, twenty exclamation points, and then we went and bullet pointed exactly what we wanted it to be. And what our gymnastics coordinator did, our director, they just really blew it out of the water. We had wonderful Cirque Du Soleil performers as our stunt doubles as well, although Sebastian did a lot, a lot of it. I’m very grateful for that.” - Melissa Rauch

OKAY… this monster took me all day to finish colouring, and all of yesterday lining and planning xD. This is Dionis, a circus performer OC of mine that I created after seeing a Cirque du Soleil performance years ago. He’s known, in the circus, as The Phoenix, and his Five Ashen Warriors (his horses, which he trains and dotes over like a father~ He’s such a sweetie <3)

He was inspired by the song Toreador, from Cirque du Soleil’s performance of Totem. I love this song to bits and think of him each time I hear it!

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Is Agnes the blue eyed kid? I'd love to learn more about the OC!! <3

yes!! Though she’s not quite a kid (24 y.o /laugh), she’s just petite and has the foreverlooking13 problem lol. Also! She’s a fugitive murderer (wow fun), got out of prison together with whitey :^) Her body build, along with whitey’s, was inspired a bit off of some performers from cirque du soleil. You can say they work together very well.

Every time a white man commits a shooting in the US that targets racial minorities or women people suddenly before Cirque Du Soleil, performing amazing feats defying logic and bending over backwards to insist there was no motive, it’s a random tragedy. 

They can target people specifically, they can talk about it, their views can reflect their actions, they can wear their hatred on their clothing, they can write literal manifestos or make videos and it Does. Not. Matter.

These people who have organised and chosen their location and victims clearly and with purpose suddenly become random loners who do things with extreme randomness that is definitely random and makes no sense at all and could never have been predicted because, did we mention, that is was super random.

If the shooter isn’t white then people will rally around coming up with a motive and literally take to the street with their guns to defend people and buildings. 

The show is amazing, seeing the excuses they will out of their hat will astound and amaze you. 

Every time I thought I’d seen my favorite performance, another actor marched onstage and made an incredible case for themselves. And I’m not just talking about the main cast; even the chorus lines and the Cirque de Soleil performers who sporadically twisted across the stage were excellent.

This started when Stephanie Mills, Broadway’s original Dorothy, crooned a heartfelt but powerful ballad as the practical Auntie Em. It continued with The Wiz: Live’s Dorothy (Shanice Williams), and exploded with Glee’s Amber Riley as feisty witch Addaperle. Riley, who was so badly underserved on Ryan Murphy’s musical dramedy, glowed with joy throughout her number (“He’s the Wiz”), and her enormous voice never came close to wavering.