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What's there in the boys' playlists? what sorta music do the boys listen to? xD Great blog bt-dubs


“Grayson’s ipod is full of Cirque du Soleil, Glee and K-pop music”


“At least I don’t have the whole Barney soundtrack”


“Yes, yes you do, so does the demon. Tim’s full of electronic crap”


“At least my music is not all scream gothic crap like yours or the whole Britney Spears collection” 

What is Circus?

A group of circus friends started an interesting discussion on Facebook the other day. 

My friend Nolan posed the question like this: “To all of my circus friends out there: how would you describe the circus, in a single coherent thought? Not your particular skill or act, but circus as a whole.”

Some of the best responses were: 

  • “It’s a community of people who are passionate about having fun in the coolest way possible, and not caring what anyone else says about it.”
  • “I would consider it to involve three parts: practice, physical, and performance, with the last option optional. A pursuit of excellence/desire for improvement, focusing specifically on physical/psychomotor skill(s), commonly (but not always) in a way that is performed for others.”
  • “Circus (at least as performance; "circus” as a hobby tends to involve skills that derive from the tradition of said performance) is about generating a sense of wonder in the audience. The basis of this wonder often involves doing things with the human body that seem impossible… The best performers are those who walk the fine line between making their performance seem easy and impossible.“
  • ”circus is the use of your body and objects to inspire childlike wonder, humor, and awe in an audience"
  • “A true expression of the child within us, a clever satire of what is prudent or sensical. It is something with dignity and style, mixed with a bit of romance. Circus is a book of the fantastic clearly marked "fiction”, yet somehow misshelved.“
  • ”Circus is the physical creation of beauty and awe through creative manipulation of both the body and various toys.“
  • ” I think, that it’s in the very nature of circus to defy definition…I think it’s important to leave the definition vague on purpose so that we can continue to innovate and try new things.“

What do you think? Do you agree with one of these definitions? Violently disagree? Have something to add? Let me know. 


Hey look, it’s me!

Silks are not really my forte (I’m a lyra girl, in case that wasn’t obvious from my hundreds of lyra pictures here), but we brought the outdoor rig out the other day and the president of our circus club took some pictures.

The one of me in Chicago Slide is now my profile pic… and lead one of my skeevier exes to ask if I wanted to work his friend’s bachelor party.


via the Cirque du K group page on Facebook, a very awesome new(?) Circus type discipline.