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OMG Loyal did you hear about Ringling Brothers being closed down? ! They're like a circus titan! When did this happen??!

Ah yes… the fall of a giant in the travelling entertainment circle. Their brand just simply could not agree with the modern world. Not to mention, all the hits they’ve taken from people getting on their case on the treatment of their animal performers.

I know a friend of mine who’s been to one, telling me that compared to the few circus performances they’ve managed to attend, it seemed like their show was meant for very, very small children. Children who have not seen these animals, would laugh at the most mediocre of clown performances, and could be entertained by most anything. They think there was one ‘daredevil’ stunt that was actually impressive, but otherwise there was nothing too extravagant.

It’s a shame to hear, but I suppose all good things must come to an end at some point.

I can only hope that my circus will last just as long, if not longer.

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Monsieur! How is Buttons doing :D? Haven't heard of her in a while

“Ah yes, the lovely Pierrot is doing splendidly. Still a bit reserved, but I hear she’s been slowly gaining the courage to attempt to speak English. To be quite honest, as much as I tease her, I truly do hope that she does eventually gain the courage to do so. I can only imagine how adorable she sounds in English~.”

[[ oh ja full version of the theme art for you guys b/c i accidentally finished it without streaming sorry that moment is lost to the sands of time forever yea

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M!A: Love - Cordis

Sentinel made her way towards the grounds of the Cirque du Gothique, anxious to get there soon. Although she usually went with the intent to pay a visit to the Ringmaster, today’s visit had a different purpose. She had been struck by the sudden urge to visit Cordis and spend some quality time with him. Although previously she’d enjoyed tormenting the poor man once in a while, she’d never paid him much thought until now, when he suddenly seemed so incredibly charming and endearing. Enough so to rival even Loyal himself, it seemed. Once Sentinel arrived on the circus grounds, she realized that she had no clue which trailer belonged to Cordis. Or anyone but Loyal or the twins, really. But she did know where the medical tent was, so she headed off in that direction to see if he happened to be over there or along her way.