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Monsieur! How is Buttons doing :D? Haven't heard of her in a while

“Ah yes, the lovely Pierrot is doing splendidly. Still a bit reserved, but I hear she’s been slowly gaining the courage to attempt to speak English. To be quite honest, as much as I tease her, I truly do hope that she does eventually gain the courage to do so. I can only imagine how adorable she sounds in English~.”

[[ oh ja full version of the theme art for you guys b/c i accidentally finished it without streaming sorry that moment is lost to the sands of time forever yea

edit: may just be my refusal to resize images myself but tumblr absolutely massacres the quality of this thing so fullview pls ijs]]

The words echoed in the ringmaster’s mind. They kept telling him that no one could see him, no one could hear him…no one could acknowledge his existence.

Loyal’s memories of the past day was fuzzy. He remembered he wanted to check on Ecarte for one reason or another…and then a flash of green light. After that, there stood a dark figure in front of him. Loyal found himself on the floor, looking up at a man who called himself the Dark Ringmaster.

He remembered the dark figure didn’t even offer him a glance. He didn’t grin evilly at him or try to tell him anything. No, he ignored him like he was nothing. Loyal remembered darting his eyes towards the illusionist, hoping for answers…but Ecarte seemed occupied with the Dark Ringmaster’s presence.

Loyal wouldn’t have it. He wouldn’t have them both ignoring him. He tried to get up, to do something, anything to prove he was in the same room as them.

But before he could do anything, he blacked out.

Now he found himself here, in his trailer, all alone. Maybe it was a dream. Or maybe he was dreaming now. His grasp on reality was starting to slip. Slowly, he found his awareness of his surroundings starting to weaken. After all, if they weren’t going to acknowledge him, shouldn’t he do the same?

He couldn’t tell if he was awake or dreaming, laying on his bed or floating in a black abyss.

And somehow, through all this, he found it funny. He couldn’t remember why he needed other people. If he didn’t exist, it wouldn’t matter what they thought, would it? Maybe they didn’t exist either, and they were all swirls of nothingness!

With that, the ringmaster buried his face into the pillow, laughing at the absurdity his mind produced.