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loyal i feel stuck how do i motivate myself to continue

“Ah, inhibitions… my old arch nemesis. But not to worry, dear anon. I’ve actually encountered it many a times. As wonderful and astounding as my circus is, even I can run into the dreaded feeling of ‘not going anywhere’.

First order a business: try to take a break from it. Many a times I’ve fallen into a pit simply because I refused to stop and let my inspiration carry me for as long as it could. Where else would I go if the fountain of inspiration stopped flowing? These were questions I usually didn’t consider in the past. Therefore, it’s important to take a step back to re-assess where you are and where you want to go. And if you can’t do it yourself and need help, that’s perfectly fine! Ask the Sentinel and she’ll tell you about the many times she’s had to come drag me away from my work because I hadn’t given myself a proper break in weeks.

Once you’ve regained your energy and are ready to start anew, try to think about the things you like, the things that make you happy. I have been in a few spots where I felt my acts were too ‘gimmicky’, too ‘overdone’, that they weren’t special enough to bring my circus to the top. A few times, it was because I was attempting to cash in on what was ‘popular’ at the time. Could you imagine if I had an act that consisted of juggling fidget spinners while the band played ‘We Are Number One’? I shudder to think of the forsaken road that would’ve taken me! No, I reached down into my soul, thought of spectacular swirls of magic and fantasy, a world to enrapture any audience who would gaze upon it!

And if all else fails? Think of the people around you. A circus is not a one man show, after all. I may be the ringmaster, but a circus is nothing without its troupe. That includes not only the performers, but the grunts who works the stalls, set up the stage, play the music, and maintain the circus grounds. I ask for their help every season to help me put on the best shows that Gaia has ever seen! And if I can do that, there is no reason why you shouldn’t reach out to those you care about, to those you trust.

I know this is a bit of a wordy response, and admittedly I am uncertain as to how well my words will be helpful to you, but I do hope you manage to get out of your rut and shine like the star I know you are!”

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I just noticed the url change and I got so confused for a minute there.. hi everyone?

Welcome to the Cirque du Gothique! Yes, indeed, this blog was previously meant for my personal use only. But honestly, all of my captains are stars, and each deserves their time in the spotlight! So, feel free to peruse their acts at your leisure, dear anon! That goes for the rest of my followers!”

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M!A: Love - Cordis

Sentinel made her way towards the grounds of the Cirque du Gothique, anxious to get there soon. Although she usually went with the intent to pay a visit to the Ringmaster, today’s visit had a different purpose. She had been struck by the sudden urge to visit Cordis and spend some quality time with him. Although previously she’d enjoyed tormenting the poor man once in a while, she’d never paid him much thought until now, when he suddenly seemed so incredibly charming and endearing. Enough so to rival even Loyal himself, it seemed. Once Sentinel arrived on the circus grounds, she realized that she had no clue which trailer belonged to Cordis. Or anyone but Loyal or the twins, really. But she did know where the medical tent was, so she headed off in that direction to see if he happened to be over there or along her way.