cirque des ames


Do you want to be a part of this collection too? Well we need your help!

Here are Martha’s 8 designs. What we need you to do is to look at each outfit. In a comment, let us know A) what part of the circus you think each outfit represents; B) what the relationship of each girl is to the man; and C) what you think the overall theme of the show is.

Remember– there are NO WRONG ANSWERS! We want the feedback of our very own Dahls and Dahlies so that we know we’re on the right track!

Your help is essential to the show, so please drop us a line~!

DD team


Today I learned that I was chosen to close the senior show at lasell.

Through hard work and a damn good attitude I have worked harder than I ever have in my entire life to get to this point.

Though no one in the real world cares; at Lasell the finale spot of the senior show is coveted and listed after by every senior in the design dept., and I was chosen to fulfill that role.

This year I have been terrorized, threatened, mocked, and bullied to the point even seeking police action; and yet it all culminated in me getting the end of the senior show and being chosen to present at Natick.

Wherever you are, what ever your dreams IF YOU WORK hard, you study hard and you devote and submit yourself to your craft, you will be successful. I am truly blessed and grateful for the life I’ve been given and for the opportunities I’ve had.

Nothing can stop me. Not you, not anyone.

The Cirque de Ames is dedicated to Christian Taylor “Fergie” Ferguson because he wasn’t able to live his life, so I’ve dedicated myself to living it for him.

Ah yes, we FINALLY have an artist statement cobbled together!

Come one, come all to the Cirque des Amés! Be dazzled, be amazed…be terrified, by the death defying acts! Let the girls take you away to the places only dreams can exist! I promise, ladies and gentlemen, you won’t believe your eyes. Step right up and be carried away by illusions so real, only the Devil knows their secret.  Roll up, roll up, and be the first to say you survived… The Cirque des Amés!

The Cirque des Amés is a fictional Broadway production set in Paris, 1865.  The show follows two young lovers as they run away to join a traveling circus, not realizing the show is only a front for the demonic Ringleader’s scramble to claim the throne of Hell. The Cirque des Amés is populated by the Ringleader’s six undead brides, whose virtuous souls power his unholy crusade against Lucifer himself.  However, as the time of rebellion draws near, one last, pure soul is needed to ensure victory.  It is into this bacchanalian battlefield that the young lovers find themselves delivered, as if fate or divine will intervened.  
Through the lovers’ time as part of the Cirque des Amés, the young woman finds herself inexplicably drawn to the Ringleader, who senses in her the perfect soul with which to complete his usurpation.  The circus unfurls one last time under the lights of Paris, with a spectacular finale: the unveiling of a new bride and of a new act, the Liberty Horses.