Salut Tumblr ! Pour fêter la nouvelle année, je vous donne enfin des news sur mon prochain projet ! Mon prochain livre sera une BD pour les enfants ( mais pas que ) réalisée avec un scénariste prometteur à qui j'ai eu envie de donner sa chance : Wilfrid Lupano … :p Bon, OK, en fait c'est peut être l'inverse, mais comme il est pas sur Tumblr, je peux dire ce que je veux … :D Cela s'appellera “ Quand le cirque est venu ” et ça sortira normalement en JUIN :) C'est une grande fierté et beaucoup de plaisir de travailler sur cet album plein d'humour. Il me tarde de vous le montrer !

“Dark Evolution” by Tatiana Schennikova Photography for No Floor Dance - Aerial Dance School

Photographer - Tatiana Schennikova


En attendant le cirque by Bertrand Devendeville
Via Flickr:
Hasselblad 500cm/50mm


Yuri Plisetsky! So smol so much angst.

(though tbh i’m leaning more towards Yuri Katsuki…)

The animal prints are water transfer decals but the lines are freehanded. Didn’t want to have too much black so went with the white tiger+red instead of tiger+black.

Colours used:
cirque carpe diem
nails inc 043 baker street
nail holic sv002
catrice ultimate nail laquer 19 fred said red
maybelline colour show 220 blackout 

(Random yay I’ve managed to grow out my nails hopefully i can keep myself from biting them from now on)

i also did Victor-inspired ones and Yurio’s On Love: Agape!

bothwolvesandgirls  asked:

So I recently found out there is a place I can learn aerial hoop where I live and I really want to start but Im kinda skittish about it because I have incredibly skinny arms, Im kinda afraid I wont be able to pull myself up and hold myself, do you have any tips or anything at all?? Thanks!

Hey! Firstly important to state that probably about 80% of adults (or more!) who start aerial have very skinny arms or no muscle and can’t pull themselves up at the start 😁😁 Yes you can go to the gym, do some weight lifting, pull ups, and body weight exercises like planks/dishes/sit-ups. But really the best thing is to go to aerial, learn the actual techniques of getting on to and moving around the hoop. I’ve always been told the best thing to get good at aerial is doing aerial! You will build all the muscle you need by doing. I wouldn’t be skittish - yes it’s likely you’ll find it hard at the start (as most people do) but if you don’t give up it will become rewarding so quickly!