ciro flex

Ciro Flex Rapax
  • 50couchesin50nights said: I’ve got a Ciro-flex that I have barely used. I actually shot some film, but still have it undeveloped. It doesn’t seem ideal for these situations, but I can’t say that the results aren’t decent.
  • Auxiliofaux: The Ciro Flex seems like a fine piece of machinery but because of it's age, it might be in poor shape. i might need to grease it up a little for it to function more like a "real-time" camera. Seems that the settings for the shutter speeds aren't calibrated. I haven't any knowledge of camera maintenance. I think I'm going to have to keep that in mind when selecting speeds. Other than that one concern, I'm loving the Ciro-flex. So far, all my negatives from the first roll of 120 film and turned out to be very disappointing.