cirno cosplay


Acen 2015 Photodump Touhou/????

Hey, look! 6 pictures instead of 5! That’s 20% more pictures to show how much I love my trashy fandom.

I was going to post another but far better photographers than I have covered the photoshoot pretty extensively, and as much as I love my Midwestern comrades, seeing all this cosplay without any of my Southern touhous makes me all wistful and sad.

This is the culmination of my years upon years on this planet. My entire life was building up to this moment. I can now vacate this reality, having achieved true happiness.

Thank you, Freddie, whoever and wherever you are.

(Toyosatomimi no Miko by me, Rikako Asakura by white-merry, other Touhou cosplays by [accounts unknown])