Revenge leads to revenge

What… do you mean this wasn’t a prompt? I’M SO SORRY! I couldn’t help myself, this was too cute. 

Summary: There’s a Katsudon, a Kitten and Victor still doesn’t know Yuuri’s dog was called Vicchan. 

Words: 1,121 (I didn’t want to use the read moooore)

Yuuri felt slightly embarrassed about his loud laughter echoing through Victor’s apartment, but Yuri kept pinching this horribly ticklish spot right at his fourth ribs from bottom to top and he couldn’t exactly hold his reactions back.

Ah! Is this little piggy sensitive on his ribs~?, Yuuri felt his cheeks burning as his hysterical laughter only became louder and more desperate, his head thrown back against the carpeted floor and his body arching up away from it but into Yuri’s fingers, only helping him to dig more accurately into each individual rib.

Yurio!“, Yuuri finally gasped, his hands trapped under Yuri’s knees and his legs kicking behind him. ”Ahahaha! Yurio, please!“

“You Katsudon” Yuri rolled his eyes, not easing up his assault, not even a bit. “Calling me ‘Yurio’ is the reason why you’re here laughing your head off!”, a snort followed by a shriek burnt Yuuri’s nostrils.

“I’m sorry! I’m sohohorry!”, Yuri didn’t stop, though, and when his hands started to travel down towards Yuuri’s hips, Yuuri let out a loud shriek. “Not there! Not thehere! V-Victor! Vic-ack!”, Victor, who was laying down in the sofa enjoying himself watching the Yuris playing around, noticed, out of experience of course, how Yuuri was reaching his limits.

He couldn’t help a tiny smile pulling at the corners of his lips, though, when he saw Yuuri trembling with silent laughter. That was the signal.

“Alright, kitten”, Yuri hummed, looking up at Victor and flinching when he was right beside him in seconds.

“Victor!”, Yuri squeaked, his hands still managing to keep Yuuri in the edge of madness, now squeezing the fleshy parts on his inner thghs. “I think Yuuri had enough, Yurio”, a pinch in the side was enough to send Yuri flying off of Yuuri, the latter curled up into a tiny, giggly and trembling ball.

“Don’t you think?”, Yuri shook his head.0

“I do n-ah! D-dohohon’t!”, Yuri tried to push Victor’s hands away as soon as his fingertips made contact with the clothed skin of his belly. Yuri giggled like a child and a soft pink hue started to cover up his cheeks and the bridge of his scrunched up nose.

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Imagine Request - New Experiences (MATURE)

can you do an imagine where y/n squirts when she orgasms while justin is eating her out & y/n gets super embarrassed about it but justin thinks it’s so hot & it turns him on even more

Justin’s hands gripped my thighs impossibly tight, his fingers leaving white imprints on my skin. He growled against my clit, making me gasp. He was going to town, that was for sure. His hair was falling in his face, it was damp from the sweat that had formed during our previous escapades.

He held my ass up a few centimetres from the bed causing veins to show through his skin like various rivers travelling down his arm. “That feel good?” His voice was muffled against my skin. My head moved up and down rapidly as I closed my eyes. “You taste so delicious, babygirl. You’re making daddy very happy.” His voice melted through my ears, sending chills up my spine.

It’d been a while since Justin had been so rough, I’d almost missed his degrading words and forwardness. The last few months had been filled with straight forward sex when Justin got home, a quick fuck before bed, or oral sex every now and then. Even though we both loved all three of those, I think we both knew how much more pleasure-filled this was, even with expressing it to one another.

The lights were dim, just so that I was only just able to make out the tattoos on his arms, and when he looked up, his features were only just visible. The only sounds that could be heard were my heavy breathing as I was brought closer to my high and the sound of Justin’s mouth clashing with my clit. A few grunts and groans were audible from Justin’s mouth every so often.

He panted, disconnecting his mouth from where I needed him the most. He ran his hand through his hair, pushing it out of his face. I let out a tiny whimper to which he smirked. “I gotta take a break, I’m suffocating down there.” He chuckled. I felt my face flush with embarrassment while my core ached for release. Deep down, I knew his pause from pleasuring me would cause a strong high for me, so I didn’t complain. He readjusted himself on his elbows, moving his hand to my clit and pressing his thumb down. “Mm,” He let out a content sigh. “I love how you react when I put even the slightest bit of pressure on your clit.” He kept me under his stare.

From what I could see, his eyes were dark and daring, they bored into my own. His chin shined against the light that came through the open window, my juices coating it. I watched as he licked his lips and take his bottom lip into his mouth, tasting me subtly.

“Justin,” My voice came out a whisper, almost pleadingly. He didn’t reply, he simply raised his eyebrow while a subtle smirk edged on his lips. “P-Please, make me cum.” To this, he bit down on his bottom lip.

His thumb rubbed circles on my clit, he made eye contact with me while leaning down to kiss the side of my knee. “You know, I believe I’ve been fairly good to you; I’ve fucked you and made you cum twice already tonight and you want more? You’re such a little slut for me, aren’t you, princess? Admit it. Tell me how much of a slut you are for me, and only me. You’re mine.” He growled, his words owning complete possession.

I let out a shaky breath when I felt his tongue begin to trace uncoordinated cirlcles on my sensitive area. When I didn’t speak, he slapped my thigh with both encouragement and warning as he continued his action with his mouth. I gasped. “I-I’m yours, I’m your slut and only yours. Please.” I felt my back arch off of the bed, my knuckles turned white as I gripped the sheets beneath me.

“Oh, you’re such a good girl.” His teeth captured my clit and refused to let it go. I cried out with both pain and pleasure. “But you know I don’t just let you cum, you’ve gotta hold on.” He pouted for a moment, mocking and teasing me, knowing what it did to me. “You like this, don’t you? You like having me here to persuade you into my little fantasies, without even realising that you’re enjoying this just as much as I am, maybe even more.” His fingers on his right hand poked at my entrance, giving me a hint of what was to come, no pun intended. The pushed their way through me.

My fingers waded through his hair, feeling the knots and tangles. His head moved only slightly against my tugs of his locks. His mouth concentrated on opening and closing against my clit while his fingers started to build up their speed inside of me. I cried out at the immense pleasure that was making its way into my body.

“Come on, come on, baby. Let go now. If you don’t let go, I’m not going to forgive you. I want this and you’re going to give it to me. Cum for me.” His sharp and demanding words went straight into my ear and I did just that. I collapsed around him.

I writhed beneath him, feeling my stomach tighten. The pleasure was blissful, more than it ever had been since I could remember. I instantly felt my body shoot forward and before I knew it, a water-like substance was being released out of me and hitting Justin’s face and neck. He pulled away in what seemed to be shock and confusion.

While my chest heaved, we sat in silence. I felt my cheeks heat up as I felt embarrassment and dread for the conversation to come. I sat up and covered my body. Justin didn’t move, a drop of my juices rolled down the side of his mouth, accompanied by a few more.

“What the fuck,” Justin whispered, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. He looked up at me. “Did you just squirt?” His voice was strained.

“I, uh, I guess so. I’m sorry.” I bit down on my bottom lip, I wasn’t sure if it was to stop myself from crying or laughing. His face showed confused once more as he frowned.

“What? Why are you apologising? Are you embarrassed?” He sat up on his knees, giving me a view of the bulge that was showing through his boxers, I tried hard to keep my eyes on his face. I nodded, not trusting myself to speak. “Fuck,” He whispered. “Babe, that was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen. I’ve secretly wanted so badly to make you squirt but I never exactly knew how,” He chuckled almost nervously. “God, that was so sexy, please, please don’t be embarrassed; once I work out what it was that did it, you’ll be doing it a lot more.” He chuckled, making me laugh and my shoulder relax as the tension eased off. He stroked my thigh. “Now, round four?” His voice was almost daring as he grinned at me.

“you´re just a kid in love”



Hope you like it 


Your boyfriend Stiles and you had a little but mean argument the other day.
Right now you laid alone in the soft queen size bed. The spot behind you felt emptier than before,you already missed him and the little things he does to make you feel comfortable.Neck kisses,rubbing circles on your stomach,or just his voice whispering some cute things in your ear. Your mind was racing, and your heartbeat as well,the thought of him is enough to make you feel bad about what you said to him but his stupid actions he´d done that day are still creeping in your mind. Everything was just a mess.And Scott trying to save Mason and not to forget Kiras thing with her inner fox,doesn´t make you feel better.
Jealousy was the thing Stiles and you were fighting about.Lydia,the girl Stiles was or is in love with since 3rd grade.You knew that Stiles has a thing for her but you just wished you could make him forget about her but as you saw the way they looked at each other your world fell apart and it felt like everything inside of you broke and crashed.
A simple knock on your door caught your attention. You didn’t even had time to think about it,you already made your way torwards it. You knew who it was. Stiles.

As you leaded him into your house,he walked torwards your room, with his stupid beautiful brown eyes and his always perfect looking hair ,whats now a mess from running his hands through it. He always did these things after an argument or when he´s stressed. He’d stay up until late, probably trying to do some research for the supernatural or doing some random task to keep his mind off of what had happened.
You took a deep breath as you saw him sitting down and the bed dip. “I know I did something stupid, Y/N.” He whispered. You didn’t do anything. No response. It followed the thing he always does when you´re mad at him,his arms sneaking around your waist,slowly drawing cirlces into your skin. He knew you couldn’t resist, no matter how mad you were. You felt his breath as he pulled you close. You just couldn’t stop yourself from liking it. “I’m so sorry.” He told you and you could hear that he told you the truth.

You hated the way he whimpered “Sorry” into your ear softly as he tried to find your hand to kiss every single part of it.Sometimes he started hum some songs or just some melodies into your ear. It wasn’t loud, but you noticed it. And for some reason it always calmed you down. You loved everything about him, every little thing he did, because You´re just a kid deeply in love and you couldn´t help it.

“Do you still like me?” He whispered. You sighed. “of course,” you softly replied, moving your hand to the side of his face and moving your thumb in small cirlcles over his dimples,lips and back. “I love you because of all the little things you always do.” You stared into his eyes. He was smiling again and it that moment you felt like the happiest girl in the world. “I don’t want to talk about the fight anymore. It makes me sad to know I hurt your feelings.” He said. “I’m really sorry,” he muttered. “You’ve got to stop apologizing all the time,love” You giggled, slowly leaning in to kiss him.

“you´re just a kid in love”

Fashionably Late

Pairing: Draco x Reader

WARNINGS: none..? 

A/N- Yes…the title is a ref…XD This is just a random one-shot. 

Blinking the bleariness out of your (e/c) eyes, you snuggle into Draco’s side.  Inhaling the intoxicating scent of apples, fresh mint, and dark chocolate like it’s cocaine, you gleefully latch yourself onto your new pillow. 

Draco’s muscular arm drapes itself over your waist and pulls you towards him tightly. Snuggling into his inviting chest, you trace cirlcles and swirling patterns along his pale and exposed body. His deliciously smooth skin and defined abs warm, under your tender touch. The ridges of his are speed bumps and your finger a car: tentatively easing over the perfect bumps.

Peering through the pine-coloured curtains of Draco’s four-poster, you watch the morning light make the flutters of dust spiral like slow tornadoes. Your explorative eyes trail over the crinkled sheets before they meet the loving gaze of Draco’s. The furious beating of your heart and unwelcome, yet all too familiar, feeling of heat rushing to your cheeks frustratingly prominent. 

Clearing your throat to ease the awkward feeling your experiencing, and to ignore Draco’s gleeful smirk, you mumble, “I um..think its time we get sounds like everyone else has gone to breakfast..” Indicating towards the vacant thundering ‘snores’ of Crabbe and Goyle which could compete with wart hogs and fog horns sounding in unison. 

Draco chuckles softly, the swoon-triggering sound resonating around the room. “Hm…but I’d rather cuddle with you.” he says flashing you a toothy, pulse-raising smile before pulling you on top of him and trapping you in his strong arms. You squeal slightly amd make a noise of indignance before realising you’re never escaping until he lets you go. 

“Draco! We’re going to miss breakfast!” you whine. Your stomach growling in protest of the situation. 

“You and your stomach..” he laughs loudly. The movement causing you to rise and fall with him.

“Mhm, and it wants food.” you reply. Attempting to wiggle out of his arms.

“Not so fast, Sweetheart.” he teases menacingly. An evil smirk plastered on his face. A sudden thought sends you into a frantic rage.

“Draco…we have Umbitch first! She’s going to slaughter us!” you shriek. You watch Draco lean over to pick something of his bedside table. “And if you show me that bloody badge one more time I swear to Merlin I’m going to freaking charm it to your forehead!” you finish, seething. Glaring at his oh so powerful Iquisitorial badge. 

“There’s nothing to worry about, love. I’ll say we overslept.” he says matter-of-factly.

“Oh…and how joyous she’ll be to here we slept together, you blithering idiot! Nothing gets past her and you know it. Member of her club of killjoys(make some noise! Ignore me..we’ll carry on..Oh fuvk my refs XDD) or not!” you exclaim. 

A dawning realisation hits him and he’s up and pulling you with him. Throwing on his clothes harp-hazardly and chucking his school books into his bag. You follow his lead, pulling on your raven black shoes. Just as you heading towards the door, you trip over a God forsaken chair leg and fly into Draco. Sendng him flying onto Blaise’s bed and you sprawling on top of him. 

“And you lecture me about making us late and slaughtered was it?” he sniggers. You flush scarlet. “Hm…maybe I should stick the badge onto your forehead instead.” 

“Very funny.” you answer childishly. Muttering, “son of a Mountain Troll…” under your breath. 

“What was that?” he asks daringly. 

“Ah..nothing.” you say quickly before jumping off him and dashing down the stairs. Draco’s annoyingly quick footsteps sound behind you.

His slender hand grips your robes; successfully halting your movements. He turns you around and presses you against the nearest wall. “I have yet to understand why I find it exhilarating when you insult me. You mess with my head, love.” he chuckles softly. Moving closer to you with each word. 

You fist his shirt and pull his lips to yours. Kissing him with a fierce passion. Your thoughts non-existent. Draco’s slightly chapped lips meld into yours perfectly.  Just as things become heated, you jump back in horror and drag a dazed Draco down the remaining steps.

You both spill through the classroom doors like most of the contents of Neville’s ‘potions’ on Snape’s floor. 

Panting, dripping with sweat and exceeding amounts of excuses on the tip of your tongue, you glance around in search of Umbitch. Only to find no sight of the devil reincarnation. 

“Is she dead?!” you ask hopefully. Getting a snigger from Draco.

“You wouldn’t be referring to me now would you, Miss (y/l/n)? Umbitch’s sickeningly sweet voice erupts from behind you. Sending you jumping as high as a chocolate frog. 

“Ah I was..asking about Granger! Yes…I must’ve missed the rat’s nest which is her overly large head. I definitley saw you in the corner…you’re my favourite teacher! I would never dream of your torturous and imminent death! Never once consumed my thoughts.“ You rush. Sending an apologetic glance towards Hermione, who acknowledeges it understandingly. You’re both friends just not openly.

You stare at Draco for help. “In fact, she was just telling me how honoured she would be to be a part of the inquisitorial squad and is the reason for our lateness…Isn’t that right, (y/n)?” he asks. Sending you a smug grin.

Gobsmacked and nearly apoplectic, you nod.

“I’m sure we’ll find a space for you. Take your seats. Class has begun.” she orders. 

As Umbitch returns to her seat, you whack Draco on the head with a spell book. Before furiously stamping towards your own and earning a statisfying hiss of pain from Draco, who grumbles and stalks after you though still infuriatingly smug.

I’m oh so sorry about my incapability of restraining from making refs to everything in my posts..forgive me XD I bet most of you thought I was higher than the Empire State but It’s really quite alarming cos I’m such an awful fuuuuccckk! Ok I’ll stop… I’m not okay (I promise). Whoops..XD

Video games are built around a game mechanic, not a story narrative.

I’ve had a few artists lately approach me asking how to go about making an indie game. Where do they even start?
Sean, as well, has been recieving these questions since the dawn of time. 

Almost anyone who’s published the process of their indie development gets these questions, and I am positive almost anyone who’s published an indie game provides the same answer.

The answer to “where do I start” is a question that a lot of artists in particular just cannot wrap their heads around. Indeed, it took me a while to internalize the information as well. So here goes.

First of all; what separates a game from an interactive comic?

Comics are built around narrative.
Games are built around game mechanics.

When you approach a comic, the first things you consider is: what kind of story do I want to tell? What are the themes I wish to communicate? What is the setting, who are the characters?
You hammer those out, and then you can start writing the script for your comic and laying out the panels, etc.

This is not how you approach game design. This is not how you make a game.

The first question you need to ask yourself is as a game designer. NOT as a writer nor an artist.
The first question you need to ask yourself is: What kind of experience do I want the player to have?

Not viewer, not reader–the player.

When thinking about the player experience, as oppose to a reader’s experience, you are thinking about the manner in which they may progress through the game. What do they have to do to move the game (NOT narrative) forward?
This is your game mechanic. 

A reader of a comic simply has to flip a page.
A reader of an interactive comic may be able to click on hot spots, and some of those ‘interactions’ may even be necessary to move the narrative forward. But this is not game play–this is not a game mechanic. 

The common definition of game mechanics is this:
“Game mechanics are constructs of rules or methods designed for interaction with the game state, thus providing gameplay.”

To illustrate what this means with a pointed metaphor, lets step out of the digital realm for a moment.

Consider reading a book vs playing monopoly.
Both house some form of narrative; both have characters, a beginning middle and end, both require the use of your imagination.
But Monopoly is a game, and reading a book (yes, even a choose your own adventure) is not. Why is this?

A book, without it’s narrative, is nothing if not utter nonsense. A book doesn’t have a set of rules that you must strategize around in order to progress, you can’t ‘win’ at reading a book. You can’t even lose. You can stop reading, but that’s not the same as ‘losing’ a game.

A game without its narrative–should still be fun. The core mechanics of monopoly will still be fun no matter how you try to skin it. If you change the narrative of Monopoly from being about getting rich off real-estate, into being about becoming the most popular girl in school by collecting ‘reputation points’, the core mechanics are still the same. “It’s like monopoly, except instead of collecting cash, you collect rep.” Totally different narrative, exact same game. The fun is in strategizing to win. But you can also lose if your strategies aren’t good enough.

Same can be applied to videogames. If your game is not fun and makes no sense without it’s narrative; if your game is boring without the pretty art style and lovable characters, you don’t have a very good game. In fact, you might not even really have a game at all. What you might have instead, is the makes of a really nice comic.

If you want to start making a game, you really need to hammer out your game mechanic first. What makes your game fun? Is it an exploration mechanic, in which the player is rewarded (or punished) for discovering new points on the map (Sunless Sea)? Is it the challenging thrill of having to run a difficult course under a set time-limit, while collecting as many points as possible (Mario)? Is it having to solve complicated puzzles in order to progress to the next level (The Room 1, 2, &3)? Is it about dividing a finite number of stat points into different categories/’traits’ in order to build specialized units that will then face up against other units who will try to defeat your unit’s combination of stats? (a great many RPGs and Turn-based strategy games)

These are game mechanics. They can exist without narrative. They can be played with sticks characters against a black and white backdrop of squares and cirlcles–and still have entertainment value. 

And that is what you need to figure out first, if you want to develop a good game. 

The problem with starting off with characters and a story–is that it tends to severely limit what your game mechanic can be. 
Just like you wouldn’t try to make watercolors look like an oil painting–don’t try to turn your story into a game if game play just isn’t something you like working around. 

It’s okay to just want to write a cool story! If that’s what you have, then write a story!
But if you try to tell that story via poorly considered, boring, tedious, uninspired game mechanics, then you don’t have a good story anymore. What you have an unfun game.

 When you approach game design, story needs to take a second seat to the player experience. The art and narrative is a skin that you drape neatly over your game mechanic(s). But that mechanic needs to be there before you can wrap it in a pretty skin. 

madwomancrazylady  asked:

If you're still doing drabbles could you do a fluff (maybe slight smut) with Kai with the phrase "Bite Me" please:)

you were watching a cheesy romance movie with Kai on your couch, it was nothing out of the norm, but kai was a little bit more affectionate in terms of skinship. You knew already that he was a fanatic of skinship and of showing his affection for you.

Just not quite as much as this.

you were laid on top of him, your head on his chest and laid between his legs. It was comfortable and innocent, you both laid like this often. He’d play with your hair absent mindingly or draw circles on your skin while engrossed into the show you were watching. But tonight, his hand was under your shirt, or his shirt that you stole. His index finger just mindlessly drawing cirlcles.

“Jongin, stop. it tickles” you lifted your head and pressed it against his chest. he ignored you and continued on to draw circles, purposely making them softer.

“Jongin! stop it” You whined into his chest again. You felt the movements stop but you didn’t expect what happened next. He had lifted you up so that he could move to lay on top of you. He had swiftly altered your position so his head was resting on your chest, and he was laid between your legs.

“this better baby?” He smirked playfully at you, he had successfully managed to pin you against the couch. His head laid back down on your chest while his index finger drew circles on the palm of your hand.

“Jongin, i’m getting real sick of your shit” you sassed him, you felt his silent laugh as he continued to annoy you. “Jongin, i swear to god if you don’t stop trying to tickle me, i will personally punch you into tomorrow” you tried to threaten him but he just laughed.

“Aw, my baby is trying to be tough.” He teased you, he kissed the side of your head, then your nose, your jawline and then slowly on your mouth. His hand moved under your shirt, slowly making its way up to your waist and then the side of your chest. “Not so tough now, are you?” his eyes were dark and full of lust, he more than relaxing planned tonight.

“bite me” You tried to push at him but he was securely laid on top of you. “I think i will” He leant down and kiss the side of your neck. Softly at first to tease you, his lips pressd harder against your neck and you couldnt help but moan at him. this encouraged him further. Softly his tongue flicked at your skin, then he pressed open hot mouth kisses to your collorbone and bite down gently.

“Hm, I told you” he laughed, before kissing you deeply.