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Locura electrónica robótica para este lunes… la segunda escucha que le doy, para ver si se me ordenan los circuitos

against the rules [ cirkuit ]

Chiwon was exhausted.

The kind of exhausted that felt good though, settling a satisfaction in the pit of his stomach. He couldn’t help but smile, everything has gone so well. The cheers, thousands of voices calling out their names with lights all glittering in a sea of bodies. Chiwon could still see them in the back of his mind, when he closed his eyes. Screaming for them, clapping and shouting and singing for them. Chiwon was still coming to terms with that. Cirkuit was still so new but already they knew who they were.

They had known who he was. Lee Chiwon. Lee Chiwon. Lee Chiwon. His name. Coming onto the stage, they had been screaming for him, that still made his stomach tighten in anticipation and excitement. They had been excellent out there. More than excellent. Wonderful, amazing, out of this fucking world. There were so many things and he had been so proud. Of course, now, he was exhausted and sleepy-eyed curled up against Taeyong on the couch, head on his shoulder.

The other boys were here and there, scattered about the dorm with their own things to occupy them. Chiwon was only half paying attention to them, seeing them come in and out of the rooms in different states of dress. He blinked, the television catching his attention as a cheerful looking girl walked down some street with a bright and happy soundtrack accompanying her. He curled closer to Taeyong, snuggling against him and taking a deep breath, closing his eyes for just a moment.

He could relax with Taeyong — sometimes. When he was sitting down and not getting so hyped up and yelling and eating too much sugar. Chiwon drew his knees up, as if he were trying to occupy as little space as possible. Really, he just wanted to go to sleep Right here, though, feeling Taeyong’s comforting warmth and listening to the familiar and safe low buzz is noise in the dorm, he was right at home.

"You were great," he said softly. Taeyong was. He had been awesome, smile almost as bright as the stage lights.