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In the Scooby Doo/Gravity Falls au, where does Pacifica fit in??

well, if dipper is velma, mabel is fred and soos is shaggy, then pacifica is definitely daphne! (stan can be scooby :’D)

i honestly dont know how’d she react to meeting the gang tho, she’d probably just scoff and call them lame

and fred would get all hung up about it

“she called us lame :c ”

“12 year olds can be cruel, fred”

“i was never cruel as a 12-year old”

–cue flashback to fred as a 12-year old–


the scoobynatural crossover thing was awesome but that status quo ending bugged me !! i want a spin off show where the scooby gang goes hunting for real monsters and experiences actual ptsd :D !!!

their nervous breakdown was just the best thing - i’ve never seen shaggy get mad at his friends like that, or daphne’s “i’m going to hell!” - that stuff was interesting, more stuff like that, please

(or i’m just gonna draw a bunch of comics about it, either way i need more of that)

ok so Scooby Doo: Mystery Inc. seriously doesn’t know how to handle emotions. In “The Dragon’s Secret” Shaggy falls in love with someone and he thinks it’s mutual, but she actually just uses him so she can steal something. This is Shaggy’s reaction to all of this:

FOUR FRAMES. they give him 4 frames to react to this. Then of course, 10 seconds of fred talking about traps later, and he’s smiling along with the others again, because it’s not like he just got his heart broken or anything.


me and the awesome @esmeblaise have this AU where Shaggy gets turned into a werewolf during A pup named Scooby Doo and then he has to go to Grimwood’s school for ghouls :D And he befriends Fred who goes to the neighbor military school and it’s adorable

anyway look at esme’s artwork for this AU it’s so CUTE