Clint always goes to the circus whenever they’re in town, because he knows circusses always struggle financially. He usually stays behind after the show to talk with the performers and carnies, and one time he brings Natasha and she doesn’t understand anything about what he’s talking about with the circus owner, because he’s talking about circus things in circus slang and that’s a vocabulary she’s never learnt, because she has no idea what he means with “hay burner” or “zanni”.

Break Even // Open Starter

[Abandoned AU] Yesman was practically falling apart by now. Nothing seemed to fix him. Nobody seemed to help. Nobody wanted to help. Nobody cared about whether he survived or died. Nobody was there.

Yesman couldn’t leave. This run down circus was practically his home. He couldn’t throw it away - just because of his injuries. He had to keep it alive. He had to keep it running.

But he was broken. Broken robots can’t fix themselves - even when they have to.