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So, any ideas for 400?]]

The sounds of people excitedly murmuring and even some shouting could be heard around the circus, and the smell of sweet foods filled the air. Ah it was intoxicating to the Dullahan who now strolled through area, she could easily be mistaken for the ringmaster of this joint from the clothes she wore. After all she had just came from her own circus of horrors and she found no reason to change, though her own outfit was more flashy then most. The Dullahans face was covered for there was a veil that fell from her hat, she commonly used this to hide the fact that her head was not attached to her neck when around humans, she was not the Dullahan she used to be, she knew better then to go stir up the masses.

“Hahaha, wonderful wonderful!” She spoke as she clapped her hands together, getting ideas for her own circus as a grin stretched from ear to ear and quite literally. She stopped at one of the cages, chuckling. “Now now, smile!”