circus wagons


The “Saffy Wagon” project.

We have a husky named Saffy.  She loves to run, I don’t.  So I thought it would be fun to teach her to trot alongside of my tricycle, she LOVED it.  She would go for miles & miles and then just plop like a child and give me a look as if to say “carry me”.  I looked into dog bicycle trailers but the were not really  adaptable for a tricycle.  I came up with the idea of a wild animal circus wagon and went with it.  The body is made of pine and plywood supported on a ¾" threaded rod axle bolted to a 2x4 with industrial cart wheels (26").  The bars are ¼" dowels.  The trailer hitch is a garden gate latch.  The wagon comes apart & folds flat for storage.

Well - what’s a circus wagon without a flashy paint job - which took longer than the design, planing & construction! 

On nice summer days we go for long run/rides with my homemade circus music playing on a bluetooth speaker - a lot of looks and quite a few smiles.

The “Trunk” on the trike is for water, dog treats, poop bags, repair kit, etc.  The other dogs in our local park think I’m the doggy treat man & come running up to us like children running after an ice cream truck!

When I stop and ask “are you ready to go home?” she walks to the back of the cart, waits for me to open the door, jumps in and sits down, ready for the “chauffeur” to peddle her home.


She has just bought a circus wagon (“It’s beautiful, I’m letting the roses grow over it!”) and intends to convert a “Harry-Potter-style English telephone box” into an outdoor shower. “if all this job brings you is fame and fortune, that’s not interesting,” she laughs.“You should always maintain your hobbies.” - Rebecca Ferguson for InStyle UK (2013)