circus victories


Video of the Victory Day Seals in Russia

No translation needed.

Yesterday I was closer to middle splits than I’ve been since September, and touched my head with my toes in a chest-stand for the first time. Today I stayed in the silks for a good seven minutes, stringing together moves for our next show, and did more conditioning than I have in a month. Clearly winter break did me good. 

My goal of passing the level two silks requirements is looking extremely achievable right now. 

Circus Grunkle

For @impishnature’s birthday (what do you mean I’m severely late?)! This may or may not end up being canon in my story… 99% chance probably not. I haven’t gotten that far in the plot in my head yet (still).

Character list just in case.

Stan’s routine is heavily inspired by this music.

“Grunkle Stan! There’s people here to see you!” Mabel shouts from the door.

“Are they cops?!” Stan calls.

“Are you guys cops?… They say they aren’t!”

Stan walks out and sees a man about his age with dark skin and salt’n’pepper hair pulled into a ponytail wearing black slacks and a purple button up shirt. Hiding behind him is a younger woman in her forties that only comes up to his chest with ginger hair and almost orange eyes wearing jeans and an orange blouse.

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Pullovers! Victory!

I fiiiiiiinally nailed my pull-overs in trapeze tonight- they’re still a little messy, and I have a tiny toe-touch on one of the ropes for the final last little bit, but they’re getting over. FINALLY. My beats to get into them have moved beyond parallel with the ground, I’ve been hammering away at them for so damn long.

Onward and upward to continuous pull-overs coming off the back of the bar :)

Adding straight leg pike through skin-the-cats to my list of totally unexpected gains that have suddenly come about as a result of conditioning like a mad thing for my static pull-over.

I’ve been working on the bar so much that my hands have already gone through three lifecycles of calluses. I’m going to start doing tannin soaks again, but it’s nice to know that at least if my skin isn’t conditioned, my mind sure is good at ignoring the pain in favor of the work.

Why had it never occurred to me to put meat on salad before. And why, more importantly, have none of my paleo recipe sites included a recipe that was essentially “Make delicious salad, then smother in chunks of meatstuff”. On today’s episode of “Traveling every other week this summer, what the fuck is even in my fridge”, we have some sort of salad mix tossed with red and green onions, parsley and carrots then topped with chunks of lamb and dressed in lime juice and black pepper.

Celebratory meat-salad is for continuing to nail my pull-overs on trapeze more and more easily :) I also managed 4 skin-the-cats with better control than usual- all those pike-ups on my pullup bar are paying off!