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☀ (Papa Kudo)

My muse is kept in a cage at the circus. Your muse comes across them before tonight’s performance. Send ‘☀’ for my muse’s reaction to yours stepping towards the cage.

Kaito’s ears perked up when he heard the approaching footsteps. It wasn’t showtime yet and all the performers were busy getting ready for the show. His ‘trainer’ was supposed to currently be tending the lions right now.

Looking up from his bed (which was just some straw with an old pillow), the half-tiger’s eyes grew wide. A man was stepping towards his cage but what really got his attention was how much the man looked like the circus’s magician that had died recently. “Toichi!?” Kaito said in disbelief, running to the side of the cage. Toichi had been one of the very few people who had ever treated Kaito with kindness so it had been particularly devastating for him to learn that the magician had died.

Getting a closer look at the man, he noticed that he looked a little different from his late friend. He also noticed that his scent was different, kind of like coffee. Kaito’s striped white tail and ears drooped at the realization.

“Who are you?” He asked, his blue cat-eyes watching the man with curiosity mixed with mistrust. Was it another audience member sneaking back to taunt him? It was a regular thing for him.

Fred Weasley x Reader: Focus (Part 2)

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A/N: This is really long and idk how I feel about it but I hope you all enjoy!

Warnings: None

Fred Weasley was not about to let himself be played by two women in one day. McGonagall? Okay, she had won that one. But Y/N? No chance.

She had left her notebook, and judging by the way she guarded it like a door that had no key, he deducted she wouldn’t have simply forgotten it. Fred thought she was egging him on, issuing him a challenge, and by the way she mesmerized him in the last class, he was game. He left the transfiguration room in a hurry, tucking the book under his arm.

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Doing another requested look for work. This look was requested by princessofqueer who asked me to do a circus themed look. I took inspiration from the colors, stripes on the tent, swirls and a whole bunch of crazy circus stuff. I used sugarpill and inglot for the eyes and lime crime for the lips. I hope you like it lovey! :D