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Julia, I'm sticking around just for the giggles. I mean how much fun is this, Cait posts this picture of the birthday party but oops it shows her nearly knocking over the guy next to her just to touch Sam who is after all not only her costar but her bff. While Sam looks like he's having a blast (not). Please people this is a circus side show. So why would we give up now?

hahahahahahah I’m right there with you, anon! Honestly I’ve found myself becoming less and less invested in all of this over the last month or two which is maybe why I found all of this so hilarious. It’s just….so funny???? and ridiculous??? jesus christ. can you believe I’ve been doing this shit for 2+ years 


Geez, I seem to be hitting a nerve with some……………………………..

The OT4 stans are everywhere. I will say, not all OT4 stans are Camila haters, but damn near all Camila haters are OT4 stans. If anyone says anything positive about Camila, the haters go out of their way to try and discredit them. Unfortunately, for the haters, I don’t shy away from criticism.

So, let’s just delve into this hate and your “reasoning” behind it. The dislike actually started after their first performance on X-Factor. You got all butthurt when Demi said Camila was the only stand out in the group. That pissed you off, and you’re still not over it.

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i srsly dont get how some of larries like.... are larries. like ive seen so many of them say theyre feminists or not straight, reblog woke posts etc but they stay in a community that supports attacking women, perpetuating generalisation and stereotypes about lgtb+, say overall offensive things and dont respect privacy of the people they want to "protect".... like it just doesnt add up, and i cant imagine how you can believe/do two contradicting things at once. its so weird, it shouldnt even work

I think it’s easier to reblog ideas about feminism and progressive stuff than it is to actually live your life with that mentality.

When a woman pisses you off it’s very easy to justify trashing her appearance, trashing her for her sex in some way, talking about her the way you never would a man, turning on her for the sake of elevating some dude.

They also like to pretend women have to live their lives flawlessly and then they won’t be trashed misogynistically by them, that if these women aren’t living lives according to their standards or make mistakes then it’s justifiable to turn on her. For them women have to earn respect by not irritating their fantasies.

It’s really easy and lazy and natural and in this fandom where it’s very validated then it becomes this thing they don’t question. If everyone who professes to be “woke” and feminist reblogs this and nobody says they’re a bad person, maybe you’re not a bad person if you also go along with it. It’s the absolute norm in the Larrie fandom. Go against it and you’re out.

And with stereotypes, they pretend that as they need them to prop up their ship that seeing gay men like this is benevolence. That obsessing over gay wrists and gay ankles or gay men being hyper sexual is a form of flattery, instead of some weird side show circus of gay men for their followers to gawk at. 

But you always see the reality of what they’re saying reflected in the younger ones on places like twitter and instagram where they viciously slut shame the women, say absolutely disgusting things about gay men as though it’s a compliment, obsess about their sex lives with each other as if it’s better than fantasizing about them for themselves, and say ridiculous things like “Gay men hate women so they can’t like a photo of them scantily clad because it makes no sense if gay men hate women! If you disagree with this it’s because you’re a homophobe!” The bigger older ones dress it up in longer words, the younger ones always distill the truth in their rabid misogyny/homophobia/etc elsewhere.


This Day in History: The original Broadway production of “Side Show”, starring Alice Ripley and Emily Skinner, closes on Broadway at the Richard Rodgers Theatre after only 91 performances. (January 4th, 1998)