circus pony

Another circus pony! This one is an aerialist named Auric Air. She has grown up in the circus and sees it as her permanent home. She was found as a gravely ill baby, lying by the side of the road, and she was taken in and raised by the circus folks.

She didn’t have a name for several years, but when she started to show interested in the aerialists, the name Auric Air eventually developed.

She had a natural talent, and now as she’s 16 years old, she’s a true star up in the air, and she has a very popular show. As well as many admirers.

She’s a scientists’ daughter, but he was very absent minded and kept her in the lab with him, because her mother left them. But one day, when she was learning how to walk on her own, she fell and knocked into a table. She heard something wobble up on it, and when looking up, a bottle of acidtipped over, spilling down onto one of her eyes and down the side of her face and shoulder.

she was rushed to the hospital and her father lost the right to care for her as he was deemed unfit to be a parent. she was pushed around in different foster homes, because she missed her dad, she would act up and kick and scream. Eventually, when she was thirteen, she ran away, and joined the circus.

Vapor has vision in her left eye, but it’s very bad. Really, she can only see blurry, bright lights. That eye is basically useless. Her other, healthy eye is a about the same color blue, just a tad darker, but it has perfect vision.

Due to an accident/illness she will not speak of, she has lost all hearing on the same side as her blind eye. There are plenty of rumors as to why she lost her hearing on that side, but since she won’t speak of it, nopony really knows how.

In the circus, she works with many things. A jack of all trades you could say. She helps with putting up the tent, pulling the caravans, loading them, fixing the nets for the acrobats, clearing the stage between acts and other things.

She does not consider herself beautiful, as she grew up having ponies stare and tease her for her scars. Now she just takes any compliment as a poor attempt at false flattery.