circus ocs

i think i wanna change up the designs for some more of my circus OCs. i already changed up Carmel + Angel so i wanted to change up Sabine a bit too! changes w her are really minor. changed her face shape a bit and gave her long hair

i’m also thinking abt changing a bit of the backstory? for her + the plot in general. idk. it’ll be a million years before i ever make this thing anyways so i have time to think but

ANYWAYS here’s Sabine accidentally casting Real Actual Genuine Legit Magic (she’s normally just an illusionist/stage magician - but she abruptly attains the ability to cast real magic (she is distraught over whether this counts as ‘cheating’ as a magician))


Trying to figure out how to draw my opossum oc Saul…one of my many ocs Ive had for awhile but never draw…trying to change that. 

Another furry circus member. Runs the sideshow oddity cart that displays things like pickled punks n exploding dolls n “mermaids” n such. His eyes are tattooed. Once involved with black market sales but is completely law abiding now, for sure. Absolutely…


imsorry - idk why i made this buttt yeah :’^). Moving on this is how Nano(purple hair) and Sebastian(blondyy) first meet, this the first time u peeps met sebbi huh welll hmm basically he’s like some rich sheltered white kid, but still a coolio guy in a trash kinda way, and Nano works at Hell’s Circus as the “ringleader” and he works at a bar on his free time {a little info about Hell’s Circus it’s not a circus at all actually lolol its like an underground club, like burlesque but more illegal and creepy}

And her brain froze black
And her eyes rolled back
And her steps shellacked
She don’t know what she’s becoming

She don’t dream the way she used to dream

Some more Circus of Freaks fanart featuring, who else, The Masked Ringmaster!

Read the webcomic by @kibadoglover45