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🔫◆Be careful little hands what you do. My lady◆🌷

Can we talk about this scene for a minute because he´s saying such things right after he slept with Beast, and this fact is making this joke really ironic and wicked. Just how funny you think you are you damn demon trash

why do I even love this character


“The point of this circus wasn’t to show off my magical prowess. The point was to steal the Paint Star and embarrass you in front of a giant crowd at the same time! And now it’s time for the grand finale”

-Lemmy Koopa, “Paper Mario: Color Splash”

Musical Kuroshitsuji: Noah’s Ark Circus Scans Master Post

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Cross Marian #5 Anime vs. Manga


This is basically a rundown of the DGM anime, covering how TMS Entertainment villainized Cross Marian in the anime. 

Cross has this rep. as an inhuman psychopath, which is more suiting reputation for Winters Sokaro. 

I can only guess the anime is responsible for 70% of this. The other 30% may just be people who read the manga, but lack reading comprehension. This covers the former. All my other writings on Cross cover the latter. lol Please, check those out as well -all located in my blog.

Screenshots and manga panels are used to illustrate differences. Updated with Hallow as well. So lets begin. Hope you enjoy the read.

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The Lost Princess of the Lost City - Part 4

Part I - Part II - Part III - Part IV

Klaus and Gil find Zeetha. Gil gets a little more insight into what Klaus was like before. Klaus realises he’s been duped.

(Family backstory largely inspired by Well Met at Mechanicsburg)

Zumzum was a small town, close enough to Mechanicsburg to have sturdy walls and thick gates. Klaus remembered ousting a particularly unpleasant Spark from the town with Bill and Barry when they were in their early twenties. Also that the town had joined the Empire without much hesitation or fanfare; a simple request for protection that Klaus granted and everything was tidied up and wrapped in a bow.

The Castle was a good distance away, still moving ponderously in a great sweeping arc to give the little party entering the town time without drifting any further away. Klaus had convinced Von Pinn to come with them, but he almost wished he had brought DuPree instead. Gil was full of melancholy at the thought of encountering the circus the Heterodyne girl had died to protect, and Von Pinn was never happy. DuPree, at least, would have at least broken the damp, simmering silence that hovered over the three of them.

“This is going to go well.” Klaus muttered to himself with heavy sarcasm as they approached the gates, which had a fairly steady trickle of traffic weaving through it. As they approached, the guards on duty recognised him, and they snapped into salutes that were a mix of terrified and respectful. Klaus waved them down. “Relax, gentlemen, I’m not here on any official business.”

“Uh…” One of the guards hesitated in relaxing out of the salute, but eventually settled into a stance that was much closer to parade rest. “Sorry, Herr Baron.”

“That’s quite alright.” Klaus assured him, aware that some of the tourists and merchants using the gate were beginning to stare now, too. “Is the decree that all entertainment must be held in the main square still in effect?” He asked conversationally.

“Yes, Herr Baron.” The guard replied, bewildered.

“Excellent. Come along, Gil.” Klaus replied with a satisfied nod, and set off through the gate and into town. He heard Gil say something banal and cheerful to the guard, and found himself pleased that Gil could at least manage that much.

“…Is he… You don’t think he could be here to see the Heterodyne show, do you?” He heard one of the guards asking in quiet alarm. “I mean, they don’t- They’re not-… He wouldn’t go to a Heterodyne show… would he?”

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Awhile ago I mentioned the web series that I’m working on and today I’m happy to share that Circus Baby’s VA Heather Masters did a promotion for us! I was so happy when she agreed to do it for us and she went above and beyond for all of us.

I hope everyone looks forward for when the first episode comes out! We’re filming next week!!

A Small Note

As the president of the United States lived up to his immature and clownish reputation, and attempted to make a game-show or television program cliffhanger of one of the most urgent matters in the world by tweeting that he would be making his final decision on the Paris Agreement in a few days, I wondered if we were not indulging him. A creature like Donald Trump gets his jollies by holding an audience captive - be the crowd’s emotion one of enthusiasm or disgust, it matters not to him -, and by sending out in word format every bit of brain static that zaps from one nerve ending to another he has found a somewhat infinite means of doing so. Just this morning, he sought again to play circus master, and announced that someone try to figure out the definition of a certain non-existent word.

The ramifications of the Paris Agreement are of course of far greater import than the Twitter-finger excretions and all of their ignoble, meandering nonsense beamed out by Trump, even if those online outbursts give us just cause to begin questioning his mental competence, if not health. Already, close, historic allies in particular have been left troubled by the fact that the American president would not commit while at the G7 gathering in Sicily last week. Well, now they know for sure that he is not a serious person, and one who is giddiest when degrading consequential policy issues by making spectacles of them over the internet when he is bored (which now seems to be almost constantly).

Should the United States withdraw from the Agreement, measurable damage would be done to its reputation and reliability. The anti-science bent of not just the Republican Party but the loudest interests in our political environment, if not indeed the whole country, would be confirmed. While some cling to the fantasy that coal is the future, that global warming is a hoax, or that angering liberals, environmentalists and Bill Nye is a higher virtue, other nations are adhering to scientific consensus and pioneering new industries - economies of the future. It ought to be no mystery that one reason American cars fell into a state of rut and unpopularity some time ago was because Japanese and European makers designed and manufactured more fuel-efficient cars. That small example ought to have shown us that guzzling gas (and other fossil fuels) was a dying practice, no matter how slow the death. And in a staggering way, the United States is at present giving the impression it wishes to stay a bit longer on extinction’s course.

But I must confess that owing to the fact that I now consider everything pertaining to Trump’s words an act, a lie, a con, or mere trolling, I entertained the idea that his tweet about announcing his decision in a few days was just gross marketing, to keep people talking and fretting about him. I imagined he would in fact sign on to the Agreement, even when Axios reported that he would be opting out. Now, the stories all say he is indeed leaning against it. For Trump though, if he was in fact merely making a spectacle online and was going to sign on, he might have boxed himself in. His rabid supporters are cheering what they believe is already his conclusion. Disappointing them might be too difficult a choice to make. Though, on the other hand, he could always feed them some bizarre line and lie about having elicited concessions before agreeing to the Paris Accord, and of course, they might very well believe him because they are that simple. If he does quit the Agreement, the United States will find itself in a group of three, sharing a tent with Nicaragua and Syria. Regarding those two, one is in the midst of a brutal civil war, and the other does not think the Agreement is pro-environment enough. So really, we’d have more to be ashamed of.