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Phiney Pet – SS15

With every turn of the carousel her mind regresses into the past, spinning with the speed of a thousand whirling dervishes as candyfloss and pastel paints merge into a blur of brilliance. Her spirit lifts as nostalgic bliss begins to fill her bones and all her cares, the worries she bares, drift off into the night.

‘Phiney Pet’ transports us back to our childhoods for SS15, with a collection inspired by the much-loved fairgrounds of our youths.

Shift and baby doll dresses, crop tops and dungarees take on new form, rendered in youthful billowing cuts and adorned in a variety of hand illustrated images of clowns and other fairground favorites.

Perhaps the most reminiscent aspect of the collection is Pet’s ingenious use of Perler Beads and sequins, which have been fashioned into risqué double entendres and used to enhance a variety of different garments within the range.

The collection is fun, quirky and sure to get anyone noticed!