circus leader

“That melody…It brings back so many memories!  I entered show business because I heard this song at the Carnival of Time long ago… By doing performances, I thought maybe I’d get to meet the singers of that song…

Sorry for the wait! December is a very busy month for me!

This is the Gorman Brothers in the past, with the one that will become the Troupe Leader musing over an Indigo-Go’s poster in their run-down farm house. I always felt bad that he worked so hard to achieve his dream of performing at the Carnival of Time, even becoming ostracized from his own family to try to make it, only to have his big chance cancelled at the last second. ):

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> Great Fairy’s Mask
> Keaton Mask
> Captain’s Hat
> Giant’s Mask
> Don Gero’s Mask
> Deku Mask
> Kamaro’s Mask
Zora Mask
> Blast Mask
> Garo’s Mask
All-Night Mask
> Goron Mask
> Bunny Hood
> Postman’s Hat
> Bremen Mask
> Stone Mask
> Couple’s Mask
> Mask of Scents
> Gibdo Mask
> Mask of Truth
> Kafei’s Mask


           Welcome to the circus!
Let the leaders lead, preachers preach,
          Welcome to the service.

                     Close the curtains on ‘em if they’re actin’ like they never heard us.
                           See we do this for a purpose just to keep that fire burnin’!
                           And we don’t need no water let that mother-mother-burn,
                                    Play your trumpet let the people go berserk!

                         The bass and the tweeters make the speakers go to war!
                           Ah, the mighty trumpet brings the freaks out to the floor!

Written by Peach ! 

Funtime Freddy

Status: Clinically insane; Isolation from the rest of the members is recommended.

Location: Moved from the Funtime Auditorium and into Breaker Room west of Ballora Gallery.

Circus Baby: As the leader of the group, Circus Baby’s heart reaches out to Freddy and she visits him daily.
Ballora: Freddy reaches out to Ballora now that his room is west of hers, but is constantly rejected by her as she finds his new state repulsive.
Funtime Foxy: Freddy’s old companion in Funtime Auditorium. With what happened and Freddy’s sudden transfer, their relationship is non-existent.
Bon-Bon: His only companion while isolated in the Breaker Room; Bon-Bon is Freddy’s strongest companion amongst the group.
Bonnet: Bonnet has a special place in Freddy’s heart and she spends all her time with him and Bon-Bon in the Breaker Room.
Unknown: There is going to be a new mechanic working alongside the others. A doctor’s recommendation? Stay away from Funtime Freddy …

anonymous asked:

On ANYONE else they would look like an awkward circus ring leader but Harry makes it look so sexy idk how he does it but I hope it never stops.

I’m begging his stylist to stick him in a normal, black bin-bag because I’m so sure he could pull that look off. Hahaha! xx


 answered: Circus Performers? Fi is acrobat with her legs and Ghiarhim is … something else. Sorry, that’s not helpful.

Ghirahim is that… guy who runs the circus??? CIRCUS LEADER. YES. HE’S THAT. Also I keep finding various designs for circus acrobat costumes so I just drew Fi wearing a matching outfit with Ghirahim.

Also since I know someone’s gonna ask, submit Ghirafi requests to this post and I might draw it.

The signs as roles in a circus
  • Aries: fire-breather
  • Taurus: one of the ppl that stands on the elephants
  • Gemini: trapeze
  • Cancer: clown
  • Leo: lion-tamer (what did u expect)
  • Virgo: tight-rope
  • Libra: motorcycle in the sphere
  • Scorpio: ring-leader
  • Sagittarius: circus horses
  • Capricorn: daredevil
  • Aquarius: human cannonball
  • Pisces: contortionist
✨Circus Love✨ ((CLOSED))


Ravenna was kidnapped from when she was a baby. She didn’t know much about her life. Only that she has wings and can use some magic.
The person that kidnapped her was a ringleader of a very popular circus. He never told Ravenna that she was kidnapped. He claims he found her abandoned by a river. Her parents didn’t want her any more. Ravenna didn’t want to believe it but the ring leader was too scary and aggressive to argue with.
The circus arrived a small town to perform there. It was filled with little vampires and mortals. They thought they would stick around to get attention from the nobles.
Ravenna was in her cage waiting to perform. She hated being in there. She didn’t have any room to move or spread her wings. She waited till she was forced to go to the stage and perform.