circus is his only family now

Do you ever just think about Snake?

Do you ever think about how he was alone in the world but was finally accepted by a group of people who came to be his family? Yet he was never quite in the inner circle of that family and that no matter how much he loved them he was, as far as he knows, abandoned by them.

Do you ever think about his relationship with the Phantomhive household? Everyone accepted him so readily and Ciel taught him to be more comfortable with himself. Even in the circus he was often alone but now he his seldom seen without human company. No matter how you look at it the Phantomhive household has become like his new family.

But then

Do you ever think about how his relationship with the Phantomhive household is founded entirely on lies. Not only did Ciel tell him the Circus are still alive but every single member of his new family were responsible for the deaths of his old one. Every day he wakes up in the house where half his family were murdered by the people he calls his friends and he has absolutely no idea.

Do you ever think about what’s going to happen when he finds out?

I think about that a lot.

Not So Bad // Kim Taehyung


the prompts: you could do a taehyung fluffy/comedy scenario, please? i was thinking something like he goes to the hospital dressed like a clown and the girl get afraid of him and he’ll try to show her that clowns aren’t that bad (the girl will be older sister of one of the patients)

words: 1288

category: fluff

author note: this is a really unique and cute request but clowns are still highkey scary. I made a few small changes I hope you don’t mind; also for the sake of the story your little sister’s name is Tina bc it’s a cute name okay?

- destinee

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Jerome Valeska Imagine #1: Childhood Jerome

Pairing: Jerome x Reader

Warnings: Murder?

Requested: No


You saw it happen. You observed how he planted the body there, then dispose the weapon. Then suddenly Jerome Velaska, the circus kid you grew up with, locked eyes with you.

You stepped back slowly as he began walking towards you, then you quickly turned around and set foot for the big tent in front of you. You hid in the crowd of people walking into the tent and taking a seat. You looked at the entrance of the tent and saw him enter. You quickly look away. The show then starts.

You and Jerome had been childhood friends. He grew up with a problematic family. His mother abused him and hurt him, so your family would kindly take him in. Since his mother worked for the circus, Jerome had no choice but to move. Sure it made you upset, but you two said your farewells and he left.

This was the first time you’d seen him in years.


After the show, you were the first one to leave, only to bump into him. He grabbed your arm and pulled you aside from the now forming crowd.

“Please don’t kill me.” You say as he walks you away from the tent.

He turned to you, his green orbs looking into Y/E/C eyes. “Kill you? I would never kill you.” He said sympathetically.

You looked at him, “w-why?”

He checked his surroundings and stopped. “Why would I kill the only person to take me in when no one would?”

“Because, Jerome!” You shout. “I saw you murder your mother, and hide the freaking body and the weapon!” You whisper shout.

He grabbed you by the shoulders, “shut up! I’m not going to kill you. I just want you to hide me.”

You look at him, “Jer-”

“Please. I-I know what I did was wrong, but I can’t go to jail. I just can’t. Please Y/N, you’re my only hope. I’m not leaving Gotham.”

“You do know if you go to jail, you won’t have to leave, right?” You tell him.

“Yes, I know, but I don’t want to go to jail.” He grabs your hand. “Please.” He pleads looking into your eyes.

Through those glossy eyes of his, you saw the poor sweet little innocent kid, Jerome was, and you nod. “Okay.”

He pulled you in for a hug, “thank goodness.”

You hug him back feeling a little different.

As you pull away from him, he’s about lean in, but you pull away again. “We should get going. I have a curfew.”

“Y-yeah. Okay.” He said.


You two walked away from the circus and onto the streets of Gotham. You felt Jerome grab your hand and squeeze it tightly. “I-I haven’t been here in a long while.” Jerome said.

“Yeah.” You smiled as you squeezed back. “So how was it like traveling?” You look up to him.

“Not very pleasant. My mother still hurt me. She’d have other carnies in the trailer every night. She made me clean after her and stuff. God, I hate that woman.” Jerome clenched his teeth, squeezing your hand a bit to hard. You pull away, massaging your hand. “Sorry Y/N.”

“It’s okay.” You smile at him.

You let your hand fall, and this time he interlocked it with yours. “So, how have you been, doll?”

You giggled at the nickname, finding it adorable. “I’ve been good. School’s okay. Not much to do in a corrupt city, though. I’m usually on my phone, or on my computer.” You say.

As you make it to your home, you feel Jerome stop. You watch as he takes in the good memories he had staying here as a kid. Remembering there was still a little good in the streets of Gotham. He smiled, then looked at you, “before we go in, can we not tell your parents about the whole…” he trailed off.

“Sure.” You smile.

“Good.” He smiles back relieved. Then you turn back to the front gate at open it. “Hey, doll?” Jerome calls you.

You turn back to him, “yeah?”

“One last thing.” He steps closer and closer. Now he’s inches away from your face, “thank you.” He whispers before kissing you.

You were hesitant to kiss back, but he slipped an arm around your waist and pulled you in, that’s when you kiss back. After that brief little moment, you two confess your feelings for each other. Soon you two go inside your home and he reunites with your parents.


Note: This was my very first Jerome Velaska fanfic. I hope you all liked it. Inbox me if you’s like to request a Jerome story, or any other Gotham/ Batman character. Also visit my main blog @the-disney-glader. I write The Maze Runner fanfics and reblog a bunch of Disney things!

This is super long and super dumb and I apologize.

Other parts are here and here

Hiccup had visited Jack every night, bringing small gifts such as chocolates or toys. The pale boy welcomed him with roses made of ice and little tricks he would do with his powers. They would talk for hours about their friends and family until finally Jack scolded the boy to go home and rest. Hiccup always complained, but did as he was told. Before he left each night, Jack would give him a delicate kiss to send him off. Now Hiccup came running down to the circus, only to find half of it was being taken down. He knew it was the last day, but he didn’t expect them to be leaving so soon.

He searched for Jack and found his cage was pushed off to the side, the performer laying with his arms folded beneath his head as a pillow. Hiccup stumbled over, making sure he wasn’t caught by the other workers around them. His lantern was out since it would have been easy to spot him then, so he could barely make out Jack’s features. He grabbed the bars and rattled them slightly, trying to grab Jack’s attention. “Jack, Jack wake up.”

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27. happy birthday with Kurt please! (Like maybe the reader finds out he's never celebrated a birthday before)

hope you like it, lovely!

kurt + happy birthday

“Wait, you’re serious?!” You exclaim, eyes widening in shock. “You’ve never celebrated your birthday before?!”

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@zexalfangirl I am not really sure how to make exact art about this au but here’s a bird’s eye view about it:
The Protags are as you say, brothers. They’re living under the same roof. Here’s an old family photo when they were kids.

Yugi: The eldest. A bit timid during his childhood, but never to be under-estimated. He’s a very good elder brother to his little sibs, and will always protect them despite him being physically weak. Yugi is average in academics, sucks at PE though. Loves hamburgers and has 3 best friends (you know who they are).

Jaden: The second child. Energetic, cocky, and reckless. He loves collecting comic books and action figures. Has dreams of becoming a hero and is a dork about them. Sleeps in school, hates doing homework. He makes Syrus or Bastion do all them. One thing he’s very good at though is lending a helping hand, even if that means surviving math class for an hour.

Yusei: The middle child. Born smart, he has no problem with his studies. He also loves fixing vehicles of any kind. This guy has both brains and brawn (he can punch and kick you in the face, no problem). Yusei is the voice of reason among the five. Dreams of becoming a racer and a scientist.

Yuma: The fourth child. He and Jaden always wreak havoc in the house, and they will not stop unless Yusei breaks them up. Not really doing well in studies but he’s really trying. He always believe that there’s always hope in times of despair, and will always cheer his other brothers up. Is clumsy sometimes.

Yuya: The youngest child. Emotionally unstable during his childhood due to the pressure brought by the mentally that his brothers are better than him at anything. But realizes his call as an entertainer when Yugi brought him to a circus once. Now he’s working hard to be the best entertainer around, his only wish is to bring smiles to anyone who watches him perform. Gets giddy and excited around hippos.

These are just my initial thoughts about it (took me 2 hours tbh) and I hope you like it~

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How do you think Dick's death (Like dead dead, with no Flashpoint or time travel or universe recreation possibly being able to bring him back) would affect the Batfamily in general and most importantly, Bruce?

Oh boy, I can tell you that things would be bad. Or at least it would be bad in Pre-52 continuity where Dick Grayson is beloved by everyone and the goddamn glue that holds the Batfamily together. One of the many problems I have with Grayson is how passive everyone is to Dick’s death, like he wasn’t one of the most important people in all of their lives.

But I digress, to me, Dick will either go out during a big huge crisis (aren’t they all crisis’s?) or one quiet night without warning. I imagine the whole superhero community would’ve been devastated, Dick knows and is liked by practically everyone. Every single hero would mourn the loss of Nightwing. But the Batfam would just be a disaster.

Jason would pull further from the family, he was slowly being drawn back in by Dick, by the love his older brother had for him. Without Dick there to give him that unconditional love and support, there would be no one to really bring him home. So Jason will continue his violent ways without remorse and sever himself completely from his former family.

Tim has lost so many people by this point that he’s gone. He’s sped past his breaking point and is just existing. You can only break a heart so many times before it just stops feeling. So that’s what he does. He pulls a Bruce, pulling away from his friends and family, but goes even further. He’s now a hero fulltime, Tim Drake is little more than a name on paper. He’d be reckless and maybe even get violent himself. I could see Tim himself dying because of a dumb mistake in a fight and not really caring enough to call for help.

Barbara will be beside herself with grief. She loved Dick, she honest to God did but her insecurities about her condition and her desire for independence made her push him away. And now he’s dead and she’ll never get the chance to tell him. Like Tim, she’ll bury herself in work with the BoP or other hero groups. She maintains her humanity unlike the others but she’s bitter and broken and spends a lot of time crying over what could have been.

Damian will respond like a child at first: with vehement denial and tantrums. There’s no way my Grayson can be dead! He’ll be unruly and ill-tempered but the whole family is in their own fog that they just let him grieve. Eventually though he realizes his big brother isn’t coming back and he is just lost. He maybe starts to look for another life raft, someone else in the family to cling to. Probably the best one he finds is Stephanie who is heartbroken too, but still aware enough to help the baby bat. He continues to train and fight and live up to Grayson’s ideal but it’s hard when the whole family is collapsing in on itself.

And Bruce is just there. How could that little bouncing circus boy he picked up in a fit of empathy be dead? How could he allow himself to lose another son? Bruce isn’t as angry as he was following Jason death, now he only feels emptiness. What’s the good in being a crimefighter if he can’t stop his babies from dying. He becomes a ghost, just staggering through his life without care. His Batman duties drop significantly, he can’t bring himself to care for much of anything anymore. the rest of his family is spiraling out of control and Bruce is still in a fog. He’ll come out of it eventually, he always does, but he may re-enter his world and find things worse off than when he left.

This Day in Disney History

February 11, 2011:  Mickey’s Toontown Fair officially closes at the end of the day.

Mickey’s Toontown Fair was a country themed fairground/town complete with colorful tents and circus theme, as well as Goofy’s Wiseacre Farm including the Barnstormer, a family friendly roller coaster, and Mickey and Minnie’s houses. You could also meet the Big Cheese himself after touring his house.

This area was needed for the Fantasyland expansion and now only the Barnstormer still stands although with a new theme. Additionally, they moved and expanded the Dumbo attraction into the area formerly occupied by Mickey’s Toontown Fair. You can also meet a rotation of characters in the area.

I always thought Mickey’s Toontown Fair was a fun area, and I loved being able to explore Mickey and Minnie’s houses. The houses were a good way to incorporate a line to see the characters into something fun, and many of the items in Minnie’s house were interactive, and there were lots of opportunities to take photos in their houses with some decidedly mouse-like home decor!


Please support this petition if you agree that George Zimmerman is not a celebrity, instead he is a murderer!

We need 200 more supporters by the end next week!



Happy Birthday Trayvon Martin!

“Nothing about fighting in the name of Trayvon has any merit. DMX isn’t a hero. […] And with his decision to participate, it only fuels Zimmerman’s circus, setting the stage for one of the most disrespectful events to take place in recent memory. Because, over everything else — beyond how offended you or I may be — there is a set of parents who have to watch this sideshow play out. A set of parents who outlived their slain son. And a sideshow that wouldn’t exist if their son were alive. A sideshow that exists only because their teenage son is dead.” - Browne from

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Jesy and P's cousin posted pics on their ig today in that fairground so I'm guessing the birthday party is today. So a lot of zerrie stuff will happen. The thing is that in Zayn's birthday we got very few pictures and we know that only his family went their and Liam stopped by. And now her birthday is going be a big circus. She makes me so mad.

perrie birthday party