circus incident

Random CodotVerse Canon: 

Waylon Jones worked at the same Circus as The Flying Graysons, and was there when Dick’s parents died. After Dick’s parents fell, Waylon rushed to Dick, held him close and turned him around, saying, “It’ll do ya no good t’see y’folks like that.”

After the incident, the circus closed down, and Waylon was forced to turn to crime as a means to survive. He would be thwarted during a robbery a decade later by Nightwing, who recognised Waylon on sight.

Seeing Waylon brought the memories of his parents flooding back. He removed his mask, fell to his knees and cried. Waylon sat with Dick and the two spent the night talking.

When morning came, Waylon gave Dick a big hug and promised he’d never tell anyone his big secret.

To this day, Waylon Jones won’t fight Nightwing. He won’t tell anyone why, and no one’s gonna force him to.

And here is the other half of the art trade with @skullbow09! This is Robin Afton, her version of Ice Cream Girl. She has a robotic arm that her father William built for her after her incident with Circus Baby (she lived). Thanks for the art trade! It was fun!