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His name is Charlatan - but he prefers to be called Charlie.  He got his mime and his strong man and he happy to put on a sho,w,,  


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I always want to see more acrobatic stuff with Raz. :)

It took awhile but here! Seriously, I love that there’s a plausible reason for Raz being so good at the platformer puzzles in Psychonauts. I wonder if he visits his family at the circus sometimes to perform super fancy stunts with some psychic abilities added in for extra showy-ness :’D My sister is also struggling through the Meat Circus level currently, and I couldn’t help drawing something for it Ovo;;; wish her luck

Also, kind of unrelated, I bet the Aquatos have circus animals. Like elephants. Or a tiger Raz has become really close with because one day he found out he could talk to her :’)

okay ya’ll, Vox Machina circus AU, this group of people that started out as simple street performers who now have the best show in Tal’dorei (tagging @teammompike because I think you’ll like it)

Twins are aerialist; they can do anything that involves being in the air. They are the definition of being in sync and they never fall (they learned not to fall after one too many times) They can do the trapeze, the lyra, the silks, anything that defies gravity they can handle. Vax is also a knife thrower and Vex is just as mean with her arrows. Most of their acts are together, hell, all of their acts are together

Keyleth is the contortionist, there isn’t any share she cant bend her form into (she /has/ folded herself into suitcase and zipped it) She also doubles as the beast master although they dont actualy have a beast other than Trinket, who only listens to Vex. Let met rephrase that, Kiki sometimes turns into a cat and Vex pretends to be the beastmaster. 

Grog is, oddly enough, not the Strongman. Grog’s the clown and his act is with Pike, the real strongman of the show and they have the best act out of everyone and they fucking love their act. Pike is also their doctor because goddamn do they hurt themselves

Tibsy is the magician and can do every trick in the book even though he has to practice them far more than others to make sure nothing blows up. Keyleth was his helper until he left the circus because his family found him.

Percy actually handled the technical side of the show at first, to make sure everything was rigged correctly and that nothing broke, he started to perform after Tibsy left as a marksmen, his act usually has Vex “competing” with him or throwing things from her aerial hoop for him to shoot.  (add the angst when the aerial hoop crashed and Vex nearly died during the show lol)

Annd Scanaln is ofcourse the Ringmaster. He pops in and does his thing and the audiance loves him. Its his job to make sure everything goes smoothly and its his job to stall and talk and sing if something is wrong.

Hannibal AU idea where Hannibal manages a traveling carnival/circus. 

Frederick Chilton is the ambitious and conniving ringmaster.

Will Graham is the newly hired fortune teller who cynically admits it’s all a ruse done by reading people and telling them what they want to hear. 

Margot and Mason Verger are trapeze artists. Mason recently dropped Margot in rehearsal, and everyone’s pretty sure he did it on purpose.

Franklyn Froideveaux is a very timid lion tamer.

We can call it…

[MC: What’s next, now that the wig’s off your head? Well, the literal wig. We understand that we all wear invisible wigs, all our lives.

JCM: I’m writing a children’s movie with a guy named Julian Koster, who is involved in this musical collective, Elephant 6, down in Athens Georgia. It’s about a little boy who goes to live with his blind grandmother, who has this instrumetn called the Grandmaphone, which is like a Mellotron. Do you know what a Mellotron is?

MC: Sort of.

JCM: You hit a key, and it sets a tape loop going. In the grandmother’s case, it’s this huge spiral of a keyboard, like DNA. Because she’s blind, she records everything. Each tape loop is a memory of a moment in her life. She hits one key and she can hear her husband’s voice on a certain morning, though he’s dead now. Another key is her as a child, singing. So she plays these chords, and the little boy realizes he’s part of this keyboard. And he finds some keys that are his father’s life. A letter from his father from Vietnam, among other things. And the boy himself is in there now.]

thought this might be of interest. it’s from an interview with john cameron mitchell in the August 2001 issue of interview magazine.  

No but hear me out and tell me if I’m not right but.


Yuuri Katsuki- All-rounder/Mime (Silks, trapeze, fire twirling etc but specialises in mime because of his hero Viktor starting off in Mime and he loves telling stories but is too shy to address the audience. BUT JUST IMAGINE HIM TRYING TO EXPRESS ALL HIS FEELS THROUGH MIME!)

Viktor Nikiforov- Magician (Can do most things. But like a sexy mysterious magician that keeps Yuuri and the rest of the world guessing.)

Yuri Plisetsky- Gender Fluid Snarky Silks Performer (Need I say more imagine that pretty little thing at 18 just working them silks like the boss Yuri Plisetsky is.)

Otabek Altin- Lion Tamer (who only really is sweet to his animals and to Yuri. Suddenly Yuri loves cats.)

JJ Leroy- Cocky Knife Thrower (And his girlfriend is his assistant but he gets too cocky one day and potentially grievously hurts her)

Pichit – Juggler (Imagine this sweet lil pumpkin having a whale of a time juggling hamsters and shit and sometimes joining Gaung Hong and Leo because he’s light and can be throw easy)

Chris- Snake charmer (Baby’s gonna wrap that shit around his neck and Britney this bitch while making all the anaconda innuendos.)

Sun Gil Lee- Tightrope, balancing. (You know this bitch could deadpan balance on his toe like a king.)

Minami- Happy Clown (He like bounces around a million miles an hour and Yuri makes him wanna do mime and the thought of him and Georgi together makes me wanna piss.)

Leo- Russian Swing / spring board/ acrobat. (But he’s the bottom one. In nothing else but acrobatics and human pyramids.)

Gaung Hong- Same as above. (BUT THIS BOY IS A BOTOM! In everything BUT acrobatics)

Mickey- Trapeze(Weird incesty catching but I will tone down the incest and focus on the fact their trust is actual quite admirable in this profession)

Sala- Trapeze (Weird not so incesty partner.)

Georgi- Clown (A sad MCR  one who probably requests to become a ventriloquist and makes a puppet that looks like Anya and like fearing for his sanity Yakov sets him up with the blond aerialist who was replaced by Yuri)


Emil- Stilts and balance but is going into trapeze because… (IMAGINE THIS BITCH ON STILTS LIKE HI MICKEY! MICKEY! HEY!)

Minako- Fire twirler/dancer (Probably retiring soon but she was the bomb in her day.)

Mari- Fire eater/ Blower (She boss and shit and besides she’s a smoker… it like a fucking humungous cig)

Yakov- Ring Master (Y’all know he’s into the whip 😉…Now watch him whip! Now watch him BEAT YOU WITH A SHOE BECAUSE YOU STOOPID)

ID #44567

Name: Ali
Age: 17
Country: United States

Hi everyone, I’m Ali. I’m a 17 year old girl from the United States (on the internet people often think I’m a Middle Eastern male because of how my first name is spelled but it’s short for Alison). My biggest interests are probably science and politics, and discussing ideas from those areas and others outside of that.

So about me: I’m kind of super lame. My mom thinks I’m cool (okay even she doesn’t really…) Some of my hobbies include dancing, writing, knitting, reading, watching too much Netflix, and learning new things. (I’m really pretty nerdy.) Parks and Rec is probably my favorite show. In terms of books I read a lot; some favorites are All the Light We Cannot See, Brave New World, The Great Gatsby, The Night Circus, also anything Malcolm Gladwell has touched. I’m not all that picky. :) In terms of music, I mostly listen to alternative (despite having no clue what that means). Some of my recent faves are Bastille and the Lumineers.

I want a pen pal because I think it would be really cool to get to know a person through writing; it seems like a fun way to meet someone. We can talk about anything: who we are as people, things that happen to us, things we like, opinions, etc. I’m really open-minded, so I’m fine with and would actually be interested in discussing big issues or questions just to get a new perspective (thoughts on religion, politics, favorite color, etc.) We can start with emailing it that makes you feel more comfortable, but eventually I’d love to move into sending snail mail and even small packages/gifts (if you ever need a scarf, for example, I’m super good at knitting long rectangles)

Preferences: -Someone my age, 16-19. Gender doesn’t matter
-Preferably English-speaking, I know some Spanish but want a pen pal for talking to, not language learning.
-It would be nice if we had some interests in common, particularly if you’re a big reader/learner.