circus he youkoso

gaseous-science  asked:

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Battle Theme: Circus he Youkoso by Susumu Hirasawa

Battle intro: “The smell of death has got all over you. You have never come back and shown your face. Tonight will be your end and I will make sure it will be as painful as possible, kukukuku!~”

Victory: “Hmpf! As if I’d let some weakling and mediocre hack take me down! Kukukuku!~”

Defeat: “This is…unacceptable…”

Assist: “Can’t handle this on your own, fart cloud? Let a real powerhouse handle this, kukukuku!”

Taunt: “You’ve finally grown the balls to fight me, Clown? Or are you going to keep hiding like the weakling you are?”

Reacting to Taunt: “Kukukuku! Such meager words coming out of the mouth of a fraud and nonetheless trying to insult me? You’re going to have to try harder than that, Caesar.”

Flee: “This isn’t supposed to be happening…! I will have to make my retreat for now…But I will come back and you’re as good as dead!”

Reacting to Flee: “Leaving so soon after all the shit you’ve talked? How about you stick around to finish what you started?!”

Tie: “Hmm…An equal match? I’d find this hard believe, but it seems like we’re both spent of our energy…Lucky for you, I suppose…”

Perfect Victory: “Just as I expected, kukukuku! And not a single nail broken on my part. How delightful~”

Finish Move: “And now, its time to take out the trash and put it back where it belongs!”