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Waking up in Rome and the first thing I’m doing is getting gifts ready for all my cousins! 😊🎁💖 I can’t wait to see all my family this week and all of you at my opening at the Dorothy Circus Gallery on Friday for my solo show “Submerged” 🎉 Now I’m gonna get dressed and explore Rome before I visit the gallery 😊💖

Remember the little guy from the sneak peek the other day? 🐝 Here’s the full painting, “Trinity”! ❤💛💙 I’ve been a busy little bee and painting up a storm for my Dorothy Circus show “Submerged” in Rome.🎨🖌The opening is at the end of month on March 31st and I can’t wait to reveal the other paintings in this show! 🖼✨ I can’t show them just yet, but I hope you’ll love them too! 😊💕

If you are interested in this piece or the other pieces in the show, please contact 😀💖


“The Fallen Tree” (diptych) graphite on paper 35x73,5 cm, 2016.

piece for SCOPE New York 2016, International Art Fair,
from March 3rd till March 6th, Dorothy Circus Gallery Booth D13

★"In her brand new stunning artwork, Alessia Iannetti deals with the theme of a possible reconciliation with nature, which is represented as an overwhelming force that invades and penetrates the human figures depicted. Mother Nature is more than ever present in these scenes, in which the artist metaphorically shows a celebration of the cycle of life in all of his natural and pure aspects.“ ★ Dorothy Circus Gallery

Here’s a big little teaser of my giant bee for my show Submerged at Dorothy circus! 🐝💙 I can’t wait to show you the other paintings that I created for my show as the countdown begins to the March 30th opening and we get closer! 😀✨ 🎨Please contact if you are interested in the original art 😉🖌💖


These beautiful advertisements for ‘Portraits Of An Icon’ at National Portrait Gallery have been spotted in tube stations around London.

The top photo was taken by me at Piccadilly Circus. The bottom shot was taken by Terence Pepper at Charing Cross.

Audrey Hepburn: Portraits Of An Icon is showing at National Portrait Gallery until 18th October. Don’t miss it!

I want to share my completed painting, “Fishbowl”, before I fly out! 🐠🐙🐟 She is one of my paintings that will be in my solo show “Submerged” at the Dorothy Circus Gallery in Rome! 🖼I had so much fun painting her!❤🖌 She was the first painting I worked on streaming live on Instagram, and my first time painting a Dumbo Octopus and Seabunny! 😀 (But not the last time, if I can help it!😜) I can’t wait to see her and her sister pieces all framed and installed for the opening March 31st! 😊💞 See you soon Italy! 🛫🇮🇹💖 Oh and if you are interested in my paintings for this show please contact! 😀

Now that I finished Ajna I’m working once again on my skull painting for my Dorothy Circus show in Rome! 💀🌈🖌 But for today’s #wipwednesday I wanted to show you a different approach I use to paint. 🎨✨ Sometimes I have to turn my paintings upside down to get work done! 🖼🙃 In order to avoid smudging the wet parts, I move the orientation of the canvas to help me continue working. 😁 It’s also a great way to get a new perspective on what you’re working on, literally HeeHee 😉👍

PS! Anyone interested in the originals for my show should contact the gallery by emailing 😀💻❤

I’m working my butt off to try to get this painting done! 🎨✨ Right now I’m adding eyelashes and other small details. 😊 For that I have to put down my big paint brush and switch to my tiniest one. 🖌All these little details take some time but I motivated! 💪😜 Gotta finish this up for my Dorothycircus show Submerged in March in Rome. 🖼💖 Please email if you are interested in acquiring one of only 6 new original pieces I’ll be making! 💕

TGIF! 😆 Let’s keep the green theme going today! 💚💖So here’s another painting reveal for my “Submerged” solo show at the Dorothy Circus Gallery in Rome opening March 31st! 🖼✨ Her name is “Eye Sea Hue” 😉 Gotta love a fun pun 😙She’s one of my paintings for the show. 🎨🖌 Are you noticing a theme with the paintings I revealed thus far? 😉 She’s a super special girl and I hope you love her as much as I do! Btw here’s a little fun tidbit for you!! I based this pretty lady on Kerry Washington! The leading lady on Scandal one of my guilty pleasure shows 😊💚 If you’re interested in her or other orginals please contact ☺

Here’s a better image of the full painting “La Madre” 😀 What do you all think of her? 🖼✨

Her and her sister pieces will be part of my “Submerged” show at the Dorothy Circus Gallery in Rome opening March 31st! 🎨 If you’re interested in any if the originals for the show please contact 😘❤

Good morning! 🌅 Check out my progress on this cutie! 🎨✨ I’m almost done putting the finishing touches on her and I plan to finish her up today! ✨✨ I’ve been diving head first back into painting since coming home from Emerald City Comic Con this week. 🖌 My “Submerged” show at the Dorothy Circus Gallery in Rome is literally around the corner and I am motivated more than ever to get everything done! 💪 The show opens on the 31st of this month so you’ll be a lot more progress pics from me in the next couple weeks.😉

Anyone interested in originals please contact 😀❤

Good morning my lovelies! 😘 Here is the final painting reveal, “Minerva”  for my solo show “Submerged” at the Dorothy Circus Gallery in Rome opening March 31st.🖼 I wanted to share a little bit about the painting with all of you!  🌈🦋 This painting is all about dualism. 🖤❤ I wanted to explore the philosophy of the human mind vs the world we exist in. ☺💭🌏 Dualism in this painting is all about the physical vs the non physical. ✨ Its an exploration of our state of being shown form and our minds given color. 🌈There is so much to explore in the world and within ourselves that really it would help if we had a Goddess of Wisdom to guide us.💖

If you’re interested in her or any of the originals from the show, you can contact 😊💗