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Remember the little guy from the sneak peek the other day? 🐝 Here’s the full painting, “Trinity”! ❤💛💙 I’ve been a busy little bee and painting up a storm for my Dorothy Circus show “Submerged” in Rome.🎨🖌The opening is at the end of month on March 31st and I can’t wait to reveal the other paintings in this show! 🖼✨ I can’t show them just yet, but I hope you’ll love them too! 😊💕

If you are interested in this piece or the other pieces in the show, please contact 😀💖

Here’s a big little teaser of my giant bee for my show Submerged at Dorothy circus! 🐝💙 I can’t wait to show you the other paintings that I created for my show as the countdown begins to the March 30th opening and we get closer! 😀✨ 🎨Please contact if you are interested in the original art 😉🖌💖


“The Fallen Tree” (diptych) graphite on paper 35x73,5 cm, 2016.

piece for SCOPE New York 2016, International Art Fair,
from March 3rd till March 6th, Dorothy Circus Gallery Booth D13

★"In her brand new stunning artwork, Alessia Iannetti deals with the theme of a possible reconciliation with nature, which is represented as an overwhelming force that invades and penetrates the human figures depicted. Mother Nature is more than ever present in these scenes, in which the artist metaphorically shows a celebration of the cycle of life in all of his natural and pure aspects.“ ★ Dorothy Circus Gallery


I wanted to share these pics of me varnishing my painting “Eye Sea Hue” from my Dorothy Circus show for #wipwednesday! 🎨✨Varnishing is super important! I like to use Golden UVLS Satin (or gloss) varnish and use a soft wide brush to gently brush it on top of my finished painting. 🖌 You have to be careful about layering it on evenly and allowing it time to dry. ☺ Also make sure it’s in a dust, lint and hair free zone because otherwise you’ll need some tweezers pick em out. Which can be a pain in the butt as the varnish dries 😽 I really love the way two coats look so I always go in for two! 😆 It doesn’t hurt to make sure your painting is extra protected 😉 The end result will be nice and shiney ✨✨


These beautiful advertisements for ‘Portraits Of An Icon’ at National Portrait Gallery have been spotted in tube stations around London.

The top photo was taken by me at Piccadilly Circus. The bottom shot was taken by Terence Pepper at Charing Cross.

Audrey Hepburn: Portraits Of An Icon is showing at National Portrait Gallery until 18th October. Don’t miss it!

Now that I finished Ajna I’m working once again on my skull painting for my Dorothy Circus show in Rome! 💀🌈🖌 But for today’s #wipwednesday I wanted to show you a different approach I use to paint. 🎨✨ Sometimes I have to turn my paintings upside down to get work done! 🖼🙃 In order to avoid smudging the wet parts, I move the orientation of the canvas to help me continue working. 😁 It’s also a great way to get a new perspective on what you’re working on, literally HeeHee 😉👍

PS! Anyone interested in the originals for my show should contact the gallery by emailing 😀💻❤

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*crawls into circus gallery,grabs ice cream and runs away till escapes circus gallery*

“I think that kid forgot that the ice cream is free.. and that the circus is underground so they have to wait for the elevator…”

date: May 1st
time: 3:40 p.m.
location: Montague Gym
status: Open to Montagues & Capulets

Bellamy had not checked the clock since he arrived sometime that morning. Ten, eleven maybe. It all blurred somewhere in the back of his mind. His system of time changed; he had no use for the clocks on the wall nor on the screen of his phone— one kept on silent, tucked in the bottom of a bag, unanswered for hours.

Seconds turned into ragged, scraping breaths. Minutes turned into pull-ups on the bar— one lift, two lifts, three lifts. Hours turned into aches left tight in the knobs of his spine or across the raw-rubbed tips of his knuckles.

The events in the ballroom— and in the circus, and in the gallery, and just about anywhere else— proved one thing: he needed to be stronger. Because his body ached just as badly as his heart did, burning inside of him slowly, agonizingly slowly, until a numbness washed over him. That was strength, right? That was how every soldier, every captain, emissaries, advisors, underbosses, bosses, that was how they handled it, right? They let themselves become wholly consumed in numbness, let themselves forget emotion somewhere in the physical acts: brawls and murders.

If he could not be soft, he would harden. 

His fist slammed into the bag once again, glove grinding against the tightly tied wrap hugging his knuckles in place. Another hour, another burn across the tops of his hand. 

The irony— another hit— was just so typical— and another. He could not escape the war. He will not escape the war. When Montague and Capulet finally ceased fire against each other, they aimed their sights on another threat. And here he stood, swollen bruise pulsing under his eye, lip still split, lined with dried blood, left by the hand of the Capulet that shook Roman’s hand. Hands that mixed blood and decided an alliance was not the extension of an olive branch, but a mutual bloodlust, an eclipsing hatred. There would be no peace— another— in this war zone. No matter how much anguish it caused.

He stopped then, noticing the way the bag dangled, nearly knocked off its hook from the force of his final blow. He cursed under his breath, something rushed and nonsensical, before steadying the bag back into place. 

Pulling the gloves off of his hands, he felt the rush of air breathe through the damp heat in the wraps around his knuckles. Through his shaking breath, he heard footsteps shuffle up behind him, not caring to turn around as they approached. “Good timing,” he said casually. He didn’t allow room for emotion or sentiment. His voice stayed flat, hollow. Things would be better this way. Or at least he hoped so. “It’s all yours if you want it.”

I want to share my completed painting, “Fishbowl”, before I fly out! 🐠🐙🐟 She is one of my paintings that will be in my solo show “Submerged” at the Dorothy Circus Gallery in Rome! 🖼I had so much fun painting her!❤🖌 She was the first painting I worked on streaming live on Instagram, and my first time painting a Dumbo Octopus and Seabunny! 😀 (But not the last time, if I can help it!😜) I can’t wait to see her and her sister pieces all framed and installed for the opening March 31st! 😊💞 See you soon Italy! 🛫🇮🇹💖 Oh and if you are interested in my paintings for this show please contact! 😀

I’m working my butt off to try to get this painting done! 🎨✨ Right now I’m adding eyelashes and other small details. 😊 For that I have to put down my big paint brush and switch to my tiniest one. 🖌All these little details take some time but I motivated! 💪😜 Gotta finish this up for my Dorothycircus show Submerged in March in Rome. 🖼💖 Please email if you are interested in acquiring one of only 6 new original pieces I’ll be making! 💕

This bots not alright

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There was an odd surge in the power grid a few miscellaneous sparks and a strange buzz from the circus gallery

Moments after the surge calmed, baby did something she rarely did; left her room.

She went through the building, searching for something

It didn’t take her long to get to the ballora gallery with her search

I thought I could share one of my pieces from my show “Submerged” 😊  "Snowcorn" was part of my personal collection that i added to the show because of how perfectly she fit into the theme 😁❤ I wanted to express with her the wild natures exist for some people like a second skin. ✨✨  Untamable power and beauty colors the soul of those who live with wild passions. 💪💖 They are the fierce felines who cannot blend in but rather look at the world as their kingdom and those in it as their prey. 🐆✨ This is the first time since I painted her that she’s available for purchase so if you’d like to add her to your home please contact ☺💕Hope you like her as much as I do! Biggest hugs to you loves! 😙💖

FNAF Sister Location Speculation/Connections

Okay, so I’m pretty sure someone’s already come up with this connection but I’m going to write it anyways.

I’m going to spend some time explaining the details and the story so please bear with me.

So in sister location, it’s said that a little girl was “captured” (probably not the right word) by Baby. It’s shown in the minigame where Baby must give cupcakes to the kids that Baby lures in a girl with ice cream and proceeds to shove the girl into her stomach via large robotic hand.

It’s known that these “new” animatronics are designed to kidnap children as evident by the unlockable blueprint of Funtime Freddy

The item tagged “D” is a storage tank, and if you look closely on the picture

Looks suspiciously like a child tucked away in said storage tank.

We know that a child can fit in Funtime Freddy, and for those who might think that Baby is too small to fit a child into, let me remind you. Funtime Freddy is 6 feet tall. According to more unlockable blueprints:

Baby is 7 feet 2 inches. A whole foot taller than Freddy, which is honestly insane. 

So throughout Sister Location, at the end of the nights (or is it before the nights) you always hear a little girl speaking. Lines like “Why won’t you let me see her?” She’s talking to the main character which we assume is her father.

A secret was hidden in the game on the 3rd night (I believe), if you ignore Handy’s instructions to go to the Funtime Auditorium and instead go to Baby’s Circus Gallery and head under the table, Baby will talk to you. She talks about her experience on stage at a party and how she was “always acutely aware of how many children were in the room.” She then says a bunch of numbers, counting off the children. 

Then she reaches 1, one child. She says she changed, she was not herself. She opens her chest and ice cream appears, luring the child in closer. Much like the death minigame which shows the exact same thing. It’s then assumed that she grabs the child and kidnaps her in her interior. 

These animatronics are designed to count the kids and kidnap at the right moment when no one else is in the room and no one is watching.  

Goes back to the little girl talking to the character, “Why won’t you let me see her?” The character you play as is assumed to be William Afton, also known as the Purple Guy. The one who murders children and stuffs them into suits. This, however, was his own child. He wanted to keep his own child away from the animatronics to keep her from being taken and crushed by them. 

But this isn’t the only child that Afton has had taken from him. 

Remember back to not that long ago in Five Nights at Freddy’s 4, the scenes when the crying child could walk around his house. Right of his own room is this:

A girl’s room? But there was no sister shown in the game, only a jumpscary older brother who’s room is not really shown in the house. 

A sister. That was perhaps taken? Before or after this child was bitten?

I’m going to assume after as Afton actively keeps his daughter away from the animatronics when he just let his child roam around Fredbear’s on his lonesome, unaware of the dangers that lurk. 

So crying child had a sister. So what? I hear you ask. Well, I’m not really here to prove anything, just draw connections. 

Sister Location shows a lot of connection to the fourth game. In the secret fake ending of Sister Location, if you enter 1983 into the keypad on the wall you are greeted with this:

Video footage of the house of the crying child.

And, in the breaker room, the map of the facility is shown when you’re trying to restart the systems. It looks like this:

(Sorry some of it’s cut off) But you can clearly see that the three lighter areas are direct translations of the maps in FNAF 4. The top left being the house and the road that leads to Fredbear’s. The bottom left displaying the hallway that you play the Fun with Plushtrap minigame. The top right being the map of the house that you play in during the night. 

Again, I’m not here to present a theory, just connections. I’ll leave the theorizing to people like MatPat and the rest of the FNAF theorists (8-Bit Gaming, Razzbowski, Dawko). I can’t think of anything else off the top of my head so I’ll just end this here. 

Thanks for reading! Sorry for the long post, here’s some exotic butters

I wanted to share a crop of my finished painting, “Fishbowl,” tonight for my “Submerged” show at the Dorothy Circus Gallery in Rome March 30th! 🌈🖼 They say eyes are windows to the soul so I like to spend some time painting them, getting them to look just right. 🖌✨ I think her peepers came out pretty well. 👀💕 What do you guys think? 😊

Oh and for anyone interested in her or my other originals, you can contact 💖

Look what I found! 😀 A pic if me painting eyelashes on “Minerva” when I was trying to get her ready for my solo show “Submerged” at the Dorothy Circus Gallery. 👀🖌 I thought this would be a fun one to share and show how I paint for #workinprogresswednesday! 🤗 When I’m painting these types of details I like to move the panel around so I can view it at different angles. 🙃 It’s especially helpful when I’m painting eyelashes! 🎨I tend to turn my pieces completely upside down and use a tiny liner brush to make whispy lines. 🖌✨ It’s easier for me to get the curve I want versus painting it right side up. 😁👍And as a bonus, I don’t accidentally rest my hand in wet paint lol🎨😜Try painting your pieces at different angles to see if it helps! 😀 Sometimes a new perspective can do wonders! 😉❤ If you’d like to see my finished painting “Minerva,” she’s on exhibit at the Dorothy Circus Gallery in Rome until April 30th🖼💖! For any inquires about purchasing originals from my solo show, you can contact them at😊❤❤