circus drawings

@emmshipping made a circus freaks au, and she let me make an insert for it! this is pip!

pip is a mime - she rarely talks but when she does it’s usually in french. france is where she’s from, but she understands english too.

she is very manipulative with the audience members she chooses to interact with, usually choosing the living so she can polish them off in the quickest way possible. anything she mimes with malintent to the audience will occur - its unknown whether she’s just magic or its the curse aiding her, but she likes slicing her victims right open :>

pip is very sadistic and apathetic usually, but she,ll put on a ‘little girl’ façade to woo the audience. she is the master of manipulation through exaggerated facial features.


I redrew an old shitpost I never posted. I cant find the original meme rip

second pic is the old one if you couldn’t tell