circus drawings


I redrew an old shitpost I never posted. I cant find the original meme rip

second pic is the old one if you couldn’t tell 

🐱◇◆◇ Sebastian Michaelis ◇◆◇ 🐾

🐰 Happy Easter 🐣 Everyone 🐰

I cannot believe that drama king dork john cameron cannonly has a movie star boyfriend he is seeing in secret and julian witnessed them being lovey-dovey


I don’t know if this has been done yet, so here it Is! Ocs work too!

1. Draw yourself with Circus Baby
2. Draw yourself as an animatronic
3. Draw yourself crawling through vents
4. Draw yourself as purple guy
5. Draw yourself rocking out with Bonnie from the first game
6. Draw yourself listening to the Casual Bongos
7. Draw yourself reacting to the animatronics moving around
8. Draw yourself eating Pizza with Chica
9. Draw yourself about to be scooped
10. Draw yourself in FNAF 1
11. Draw yourself in FNAF 2
12. Draw yourself in FNAF 3
13. Draw yourself in FNAF 4
14. Draw yourself in FNAF World
15. Draw yourself in Sister Location
16. Draw yourself screaming as your being dragged to be stuffed in a suit
17. Draw yourself reacting to Balloon Boy
18. Draw yourself reacting to Phantom Balloon Boy
19. Draw yourself Dancing with the animatronics
20. Draw yourself being jumpscared
21. Draw yourself as the Puppet
22. Draw yourself pushing the nose of the Freddy Plush in FNAF 4
23. Draw yourself crawling through Ballora Gallery
24. Draw yourself crawling through Fun Time Auditorium
25. Draw yourself reacting to Golden Freddy
26. Draw yourself eating cake
27. Draw yourself kidnapped by Baby
28. Draw yourself having a chat about the Pirates of The Caribbean with FNAF 1 Foxy
29. Draw yourself reacting to Springtrap
30. Draw yourself reacting to Hand unit changing your name to Eggs Benedict
31. Draw yourself with your Exotic Butters

This is basically a drawing a month challenge, or you can get requests from your followers!

Hiiiii 🐱

Kay so this is my version of Michael Afton / Purple Guy / Eggs Benedict around the time of Sister Location before he got scooped

He’s precious and didn’t deserve any of this

fireemblemmorelikeiron  asked:

jimin, what are your thoughts/how do you feel during your performances? (really love this au!!! :0 is there a member you enjoy drawing the most?)

Jimin: I just focus my eyes and think about the prize babe.