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Sorry for being absent for a moment!

Here are QMSR’s tentative menus as an apology. Just need to fix some graphics and font size issues. It was a lot of fun editing the menu positions tho!

Also, equipment is listed on the Pearl ABS hud customize menu but all character’s weapons, armor, and skills will be linked to an “outfit” meaning it’s an item that automatically equips things for you. Except for skills but some outfits come with one or two skills that you could decide which one to use via the Pearl hud menu.

So P much. 

You see that item “Circus clothes”? Click on it via the menu and Mary will have Clause’s haven outfit set. In the demo, there will be one other clothing set to find but in the game there will be over 10! 

I’ll reply to all those that requested to playtest tonight! I apologize again for being silent for a few days. Back to work ;;;;;;;;;

Also! HP is not listed in the main menu because it’s always available in game! 

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Charlie Chaplin ~ The Circus, 1928

anonymous asked:

Could you do a Joker and Harley in 1940's clothing?

I totally took this as 1940′s circus clothing and went nuts with it :-P I had way too much fun researching costumes in the 40′s (although I kinda cheated a bit on Harley and used some 30s references too :-P) Hope you like it anon! <333


Day 24: Ink in his Undertop clothes / circus tailor outfit

I actually liked how the inking turned out so I decided to color it. Then again, I think this is one of the few prompts that should be in color. XD

In all seriousness, this was a really fun one.

Ink!Sans belongs to @comyet

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My dress almost looks like a tent from the Night Circus, and I’m daring to wear clothing I like in the hope that I can trust the shop’s air conditioning. Dress and vest thrifted, jabot given to me by a friend years ago, tights from Hot Topic, necklace from VesperMoth and lipstick is Black Moon Cosmetics “Sorrow.” Even if everyone loves the fade, it’s hair dying day and I’m relieved.