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I’m not the only one who remembers Playhouse Disney right? Charlie and Lola, JoJo’s Circus, Rolie Polie Olie, Handy Manny, imagination Movers, The Wiggles, Jungle Junction, Special Agent Oso, Little Einsteins, Higglytown Heroes, Bear In The Big Blue House, etc. Like I’m in my feeling right now you guys 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 Especially over Charlie and Lola, I use to watch that show all the time when I was younger trying to copy their accents, while drinking pink milk 😂😭

Bearly Noticable

Context: I’m the DM for a very homebrewed 5e campaign with bits and pieces from several games and shows. One of my players plays Bartholomew Grizzleton, or Bart, the eight foot tall clown makeup wearing sentient ex-circus bear with +5 charisma. This happened in our first ever session.

Me (DM): So as you walk through the camp you see a shop keeper selling all sorts of items and potions.

Bart(ooc): Ooh what kind of potions?

Me: you see health potions, stamina potions, some demondrug-

Bart(ooc): Can I steal them?

Me: Well… yes, but you’re a giant bear. I don’t think it will go that well though.

*Bart rolls for stealth*
Natural 20

*Whole table flips out*

Me: Ok then, you SOMEHOW sneak to the stand completely unnoticed, roll for sleight of hand.

*Bart rolls for sleight of hand*

*Party is dying at this point*

Me: Okay SOME-FREAKIN-HOW a giant bear in clown makeup sneaks into the hand, grabs eight jars of demondrug and juggles back to the party!

Online Gaming
  • America: heya guys, and thanks for coming to this new online game that me and C created!
  • England: 'Canada and I'.
  • America: fuck off. Anyways, so we made this game where we based the characters on everyone! We even have super cool moves and shit! And the point of the game is to fight each other until the enemy team dies! Let's start!
  • Canada: I'll be with Germany, Italy, and Japan to make it somewhat fair~
  • Japan: I'm ready- oh, they are us. Shall we choose ourselves?
  • Germany: I guess so.
  • England: okay, let's find the enemy team- oh, I see Italy.
  • Canada: Italy, how are you already there??
  • Italy: Gyaaahhhh!!
  • France: Let me get him with this move- what the??? Why are flowers surrounding me??
  • America: that's your fancy-francy dome shield. And my turn to get out my TRUE AMERICAN GUN!!
  • China: of course, and my weapons are wok and laddle...
  • Italy: Gyaaaaahhh! Germany, Japan, C... Canada, help me!!!
  • Canada: you forgot my name in the middle of-
  • Germany: I'm coming- what the?? I just grew twenty feet tall??
  • Canada: Germany you got your ultimate move already??
  • Japan: Germany, please, for me.
  • Russia: whoah, is that cheating? Anyways, let me show you my ultimate that Estonia hacked for me- ...I became a circus bear... hahaha- I'm going to beat you America.
  • America: Ha, no friendly fire bitch!
  • England: America... WHY ARE MY SCONES GRENADES????
  • France: Hahaha! And my ultimate move is- *gasps* MAGICAL STRIKE-CHAN!! EAT MY BAD ECONOMIC SITUATION, GERMANY!
  • Japan: oh, my ultimate's up- ... I'm a harem protagonist... how is this an ultimate ability???
  • China: WHY IS MY ULTIMATE ME IN A MAID DRESS- aaand I'm throwing cheap-ass china plates at Italy... nice.
  • Italy: it hurrtttsss!!
  • England: haha, Italy we've got you cornered! Time to unleash my ultimate move- ... IM AN EYEBROW???
  • America: BWAHAHAHA!! Now for my ultimate move! AMERICAN EAGLE TO THE RESCUE!!
  • Canada: not if I've got anything to say~ Ultimate move; Canadian Hockey Gear ON! Hockey stick attack!
  • America: whoah! C, you're so OP! Guys, do something!
  • France: I'm on it~! MAGICAL FRANCE STRIKE!!
  • China: can I throw anything else but cheap-made Chinese products??
  • England: at least you're not an EYEBROW!! WHAT DO I EVEN BLOODY DO- wait... is it fucking complaining???
  • Germany: wait, does England's eyebrows complaining makes me lose health???
  • Japan: what an amazing ability. Meanwhile, I'm just here making people slower because I'm that dense of a harem protagonist.
  • Russia: I want to run America over with my unicycle but I can't. Estonia, hack.
  • Italy: ooh, I want to use my ultimate ability now!
  • Canada: wait, Italy-
  • Italy: Let's go~ ...I DIED???
  • Germany: *slams head on keyboard* you surrendered.
  • Italy: oh. Ca... Canada, America, why???


A couple months ago, my favourite podcast (The Orbiting Human Circus Of The Air) held a contest to its listeners, and I won!

The prize was a pillowcase from their online shop, signed by the main character, Julian the Janitor himself!

I can’t believe this arrived on Valentines day… With love indeed, sweet Julian, and love from all those you picture in your audience Xx

if you like weird, creative, mildly dada-istic and charming podcasts, with captivating stories, beautiful music, the most colourful cast of characters you’ve ever seen AND the worlds sweetest and most mysterious little Janitor, I would HEAVILY reccomend this podcast. It is very very unique and heart warming, while still being funny and dramatic!

@orbitinghumancircus, thank you so much for this lovely prize, it’s already on my pillow, ready for bed in just a couple hours. Thanks for making this an extra special valentines day <3

Hey everyone! I recently remade my blog and I’ve decided that this is a good opportunity to no longer be ashamed of my interests and just enjoy them. I can handle some dash deadness, but I’d like to have a dash more tailored to my interests. Please like or reblog this if you reblog a lot of any of the following!

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• Legos, especially the Lego Movie and Lego Batman

• Steven Universe (preferably shying away from constantly criticising the show just because I don’t want to deal with all the negativity, although I definitely agree the show has gotten a lot worse)

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I’m okay if you’re a kin blog. Also, feel free to message me if you know any blogs I might like


avatarsymbolismsblogs  asked:

au + 5 hc -genderbent Maiko. The Earth King marries Fire Princess Zuko

Genderswap AUs, AKA the many many many possibilities for girl!Zuko’s name. Today we are going with Kazuko.

1. When Kazuko is thirteen, her uncle helps her sneak into a war meeting, and she speaks out in defense of newly recruited Fire Nation soldiers being used to bait a trap for the Earth Kingdom. She is told she must fight an Agni Kai for the insult, and when the opponent turns out to be her own father, the kneels down and refuses to fight. He burns her for the disgrace.

Instead of banishing her, he takes advantage of the customs of the enemy. He tells her thst if she loves the Earth Kingdom so much, she can marry into it. The fact that she was defending Fire Nation soldiers goes unnoticed, and as soon as she is reasonably healed, she is packed in a boat and sent to the Earth King.

2. She is of course much too young for Kuei, and their marriage is never consumated. It was expected that it would be when she was older, but instead, for three years she lives the cloistered life of a queen in Ba Sing Se, and if she thought her mother’s life was restrictive, it’s got nothing on this. She figures out pretty quickly it’s Long Feng who is really in charge, and she isn’t sure her husband, who she sees only rarely, actually understands why he married a scarred child other than the vague word “politics”. She doesn’t think he understands the treaty he signed, or why she is here, or any of the things that even as Ozai’s despised and disregarded daughter, she knows.

3. The treaty Kazuko’s father signed with the Earth King (or more accurately with Long Feng) is that the Fire Nation will leave Ba Sing Se and its surrounding territories alone and instead continue their campaigns of conquest in Earth territory not within the Earth King’s dominion, and Ba Sing Se’s forces will not be used to defend those territories. This suits Ozai fine. He has no intention of tackling Ba Sing Se just yet, and in the meantime, he can scoop up some suddenly much easier conquests. It is however a treaty he intends to break, and Kazuko walks into her marriage knowing this. The only question is what is she supposed to do when the Fire Nation does attack. Is she to be killed as a useless hostage, will she die at the hands of her father’s forces? Does he expect her to be a double agent for him? In the end, she keeps Azula’s presence secret for her and sides with her to conquer the city. For her pains, she is named governor of Ba Sing Se.

It’s there in the city that Mai and Kazuko kindle their child crushes into romance, and Mai chooses to stay behind with her in Ba Sing Se. Azula, who has suffered far fewer defeats without an interfering sibling around, says okay.

4. Governing Ba Sing Se is no easy task. Azula may see it as a suitable job for an idiot unwanted sister, but it actually takes a lot of skill and hard work to disentangle th Dai Li, keep the peace, and cement the Fire Nation conquest. And then there is managing the occupation. Kazuko, who has spent the last three years banging her head against the brick wall that is Long Feng and the Dai Li does not appreciate the Fire Nation officers and officials who try to treat her and her city the same way. She and Mai work hard, long hours trying to make it work. But they are women from a conquering empire, and they are not well loved. Much of the underground critisism is extremely misogynistic in nature, and some of the writers even manage to guess the nature of her and Mai’s relationship, or at least post lurid accusations to that effect. It’s lots of fun.

5. It’s Iroh who teaches the Avatar how to firebend, Iroh who warns them what Ozai intends to use the comet for, and Katara and Toph who go to take Azula on together. Iroh goes to liberate Ba Sing Se and also his neice, who he hasn’t seen in more than three years. He has a crown princessship to offer her if she wants it. Kuei, who shows up not long after the White Lotus retake the city is like, “You can’t go? We’re married? In the Earth Kingdom we don’t do divorce?” and Kazuko is like, “In the Fire Nation, we totally do, get fucked, Kuei, our marriage wasn’t consumated anyway.” She leaves it to Mai and Iroh to put this in more diplomatic language.