circus bacchus

"Amazing Cana never Fails"

Couple: Gruvia
Rating: T? with some bad words because..well Cana

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Juvia had lots of things going on in her head, they were in Magnolia and she was happy to see all her friends again, her family, but she cannot get rid of the thought at the back of her mind.

What now? She and Gray, they used to live together but .. Obviously they did it because it was the best solution to save money and because there was only the two of them, but now it was all different.
She let escape a heavy breath while she was focused on a far point out of the window. She didn’t see Lucy going next to her
“Is everything ok?” The blonde asked.

Juvia menaged to put a smile on her lips. It was rude to be sad while everyone was celebrating.

“Don’t act,in front of me!”
Juvia looked in Lucy’s eyes and bite her lips.

Lucy hugged her recognizing her same fear “Me too,i am deadly scared about the future and about all the changing” “this year has been.. Difficult”
A shadow darkened Lucy’s eyes

Juvia squeezed her, smiling “we are all together now! Everything will be fine Lucy San! Juvia thinks that even if things will not be the same as before maybe this can bring something good! This year made us all grow! You and Natsu san will be able to set things up and become even closer” She winked and then returned serious “He cares deeply for you, Juvia can see it”

Lucy blushed but there was no point in pretending with Juvia that She didn’t care this much about her “more than bestfriend” Juvia knew exactly how she felt.

“Juvia, Gray too, he cares a lot for you, you know, don’t you?!”

Juvia stretched a sad smile “So..about tonight, Juvia was thinking that Fairy Hills is no more and She doesn’t know where to go..Juvia would ask Gajeel but he will host Levy” Juvia joined her hands to her chest while little Hearts started to flow out of her eyes and Lucy laugh “those two…”

“Maybe Juvia will take a room at the Magnolia Inn”

“Juvia? Don’t be silly! Obviously you will stay at my place!

Juvia’s face lit up, a night with a friend was exactly what She needed to cancel her sad thoughts

“Lucy san, you paid your rent for a whole year without using your apartment? Your works for the Daily Sorciere were amazing! You surely must have been well paid”

“Oh Thanks i am so happy that you read it!! Do you really think that they were good.. Wait.. Damn” Lucy clapped the hand on her forehead
“I didn’t!! Now that i think about it i am homeless too: This tavern will close in an hour and the guild is still in ruin so i think we have to think quickly for the night arrangement”

“Whatcha saying Lucy?? You will come with me and Happy!” Natsu said overhearing her

“What?” A single glimpse at Natsu’s face and Lucy became pink, looking into his best friend’s eyes was becoming harder and harder so the idea of spending the night at his house made her embarassed from head to toe “I mean thanks Natsu, but i’ll stay with Juvia!”

“She can come too!” He grinned
Juvia looked at Lucy and at Natsu and again at the way Lucy’s cheeks were burning, she cherished every moment she had spent with Gray in their house and there was no way she would took from Lucy that kind of memory, even if it meant she would sleep alone in the wood!“
Thanks Lucy san but now that Juvia thinks about it she told Cana she would stay with her, so Juvia won’t come!”

Juvia waved her goodbye leaving Lucy confused and embarassed being drag out from an over exciting Fire mage “it will be fun Luciiiiii”

Now She had to find Cana and ask her if she could find a place to stay. Cana always had a plan.


Meanwhile the card mage went out of the pub looking around until she spotted a certain dark haired guy sat on a bench “Ehi sexy” she said sitting beside him.

“Yo” Gray said

“The hell are you doing here alone?”

“You know, just thinking ‘bout.. Stuffs”

“More like sulking if you ask me” She teased “so i heard a gossip: did you pleased her boy?” She smirked

“Oh come on Cana don’t you even start!” He complained “i’m not in the mood”

“Ehi ehi ehi cool off! No need to stay all aloof, i am not here to joke i just wanna talk ok?”

Gray glared at his friend, her cheeks were red, her breath smelled like rhum but not more than usual and she seemed serious.

“Ok, but there’s nothing to talk about, it is true, me and Juvia we lived together! But then i left her and went to Avatar”

“And did you ask her for forgiveness kneeling before her?”

“ it was my intention.. But.. she simply said she was fine with just me, being alive and that she was not upset!” He said passing a head on his nape

“And did you believe her?” She glared at him

“…” “Nope but i don’t know, maybe it is for the best, we are here now and..”

Cana put a hand on Gray’s trembling leg: “Gray, i know you since we were kids so don’t you try to lie to me, you are here, alone with a bottle of shitty vodka crying on yourself. This is not for the best”

“It’s just, i don’t know what to do, maybe She just, You know expected me to fuck things up, it’s like she do not expect me to care for her and She just takes what i can give and this is.. ”

“Wrong?” Cana finished his sentence

“Yeah. But i don’t know how to fix things. I would rather have her to yell at me, slap me, being angry so i could have make amend, i was ready to do everything she asked, but like this, i can only see that she is hurt inside and that i don’t know how to fix things!”

“Did something happened? She is deadly sexy to resist for six months, alone, together!”
She grinned

“Oh come on Cana you said you won’t jok…” Gray blushed furiously but Cana interrupted him
“Ehy i am just trying to undestand how fucked you are!”

“We kissed!” He admit passing a hand through his hair

“Whoa, i didn’t expect this so you really did not resisted her stunning body and her deadly cuteness, After all!” She laugh

“Look i just.. Even after i kissed her, more than once actually, we spent the evening kissing… but then I told her she couldn’t sleep in my bed because, You know? I wanted her to undestand that i was serious about us..”

“Yeah, that you weren’t doing it just because you were horny with Blue balls after months of seeing her walking around with her sexy ass”

“Yeah Thanks! but i am not made of ice! So i told her to go. She went away kissing me goodnight and she told me she would undestand if it was just once and that she would not tell anyone.
She never mentioned it again to not make me unconfortable and i am not good with this things! I didn’t know what to do! But i was not unconfortable, i kissed her because i wanted to! but i don’t know how to drum this in her head! She is damn stubborn!” Cana rolled her eyes at the fondness in his voice

“She is always there for me, doing things at my pace while i would just smash my head against a wall because i am an idiot! I made her feel like this,this ensecure and just when i was trying to convince her that i was right there, first it appeared this fucking marks on my body and i didn’t want her to be in danger so i too started to pretend that that kiss never happened and then when i was starting to control my marks i met Erza and i had to left. For six fucking months! How the hell can i hope now that she can trust me? It seem that i always hurt her in some way. Maybe i just have to stay far from her, to give her a little bit of space!”

“Whoa you sure became a talker during this year. I think i have never heard a longer speech from you before” Cana smiled “However Is this what you want? I mean space? Time? What was on your mind during this six months?” Cana asked looking right into Gray’s eyes

“I missed her”

She nodded “But now you want to leave her all over again, look Gray i can read my card and i know for sure that the future is not a written path but more like a flow that changes constantly and only your choices can tame it so if you want Juvia to trust your feelings, show her how much you care, maybe it will be not today or tomorrow but keep staying by her side and one day she will know you will not leave right because you prove her by staying! Enough with all this crap! Just stay close to the ones you love and everything will be fine!”

“Is this a premonition of the amazing Cana? I’ve heard you have worked in a circus with Bacchus!” Gray smirked

“Yeah Well barrels are not free,idiot! However i Will make a bet! I bet there will come the time She will know that you love her as much as she loves you and that you have loved her From the very beginning!”

“Yeah” Gray said “wait, what do you mean From the very beginning? I did not.. I mean i didn’t know.. I… Fuck what’s the point of going against your words, witch?”

“Amazing Cana never Fails was my slogan, hottie! Past and future have no secrets for me!”

Juvia went out of the tavern and met Cana on the door: “Cana san, Juvia was just looking for you! Can Juvia ask if you have a place for her to stay tonight?”

“What do you mean a place to stay tonight?” Asked a deep, way too familiar, appealing voice and only with that Juvia had goosbumps on her skin

“Gray sama, Juvia didn’t know you were here too! However there is still no fairy hills so Juvia was thinking where She could go and maybe i could stay with Cana and…”

“Sure we can go out like Crazy girl all night long Juvia!” Cana shouted hugging Juvia “the two of us will be unstoppable and every hunk in the town will pay us a drink!”

Juvia seemed unconfortable and Gray took her from Cana’s hand!

“Why didn’t you ask me?” He asked

“Well time for me to go little birds, Juvia You know where to find me if you want to have fun” Cana said walking away swaying left and right more than it needed

Gray took Juvia’s hand “let’s go” He simply said smiling at her

Maybe, Cana was right, now it was on him to prove her that he was right there for her! Always! He just had to work hard and maybe one day she would really trust his feelings!