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↳  THE NIGHT CIRCUS ; Le Cirque Des Rêves. [5/6]

The circus arrives without warning. No announcements precede it. It is simply there, when yesterday it was not. Within the black-and-white striped canvas tents is an utterly unique experience full of breathtaking amazements. It is called Le Cirque des Rêves, and it is only open at night.

Hey guys, I know a lot of my followers know who this is but with all the hype surrounding The Orbiting Human Circus (of the air) I thought I would make a bit of an appreciation post

This is Julian Koster, though many of you might recognize him as Julian The Janitor, he is the genius behind The Music Tapes and The Orbiting Human Circus. Many indie-rock fans may recognize him as a multi-instrumentalist for various Elephant 6 related bands such as Neutral Milk Hotel, Chocolate USA, and as I mentioned earlier The Music Tapes. He is not only an incredible musician but a genius storyteller. He wrote an amazing story album with The Music Tapes called “2nd Imaginary Symphony for Cloudmaking” (which didn’t get the attention it deserved) and he has toured across the country in a giant circus tent called The Traveling Imaginary and now with the help of the people at Night Vale Presents his genius is being spread to a wider audience. I know many of you are in love with the amazing things that the Night Vale crew has put out (I am in that same boat) but I wanted to take a moment to appreciate how awesome this man is.


Part 6:

Show time was as hectic as ever.
Keith tried to concentrate on ruining around after Allura rarther then his kiss with Lance.
However when she told him to go sell snacks in the stands, Keith found himself once again alone with his thoughts.
His thoughts of Lance and what he longed to do to him.
Keith shook his head trying to clear his head.
“Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls of all ages! Welcome to the Voltron circus!”
The crowds cheered as Allura began to introduce Shiro the first act.
Keith smiled as he watched the older man chained up and suspended off the ground in a straight jacket.
He had never actually been the the circus as a kid, and since joining he had always been backstage only seeing the acts from behind the curtain and never from the view of the audience.
To be honest they were all amazing.
Shiro with his quick escape attempt the chains falling to the ground only seconds before the straight jacket.
Hunk with how he engaged with the audience having two rather large men join him and sit on a log which he then lifted above his head.
Allura with how fearlessly she swung from the trapeze with Lance, the two of them looking to fly through the air.
And of course Lance himself.
How beautiful and graceful he was as he played and flirted with the crowds.
How his gaze seemed to hold Keith’s linger and longer with every turn of the silk.
Keith couldn’t stop staring after him.
It wasn’t until a costumer cleared his throat.
“Oh.. sorry what did you want again?” Keith asked with a start staring down at his cart of roasted nuts, popcorn, candy apples and lemonade.
“Allura, I said I’m a friend of Allura and would like to know where I can find her after the show.”
Keith looked the man up and down, he looked rich, his black jacket alone proberly cost more then everything keith owns, his pants were pressed and his shiny shoes didn’t have a speck of dirt on them despite the dirt all around them.
He had long white hair so like Allura’s that Keith wouldn’t of been surprised if it turned out they were related.
“Erm…” Keith looked at the line behind him and knew he couldn’t drop what he was doing to escort him…
He did say he was a friend of Allura.
“Erm… just go round back and you should see her through the curtain.”
The man smiled at him, picking up a bag of nuts and handing over few bills.
“Thanks, keep the change.” He winked as he quickly made his way towards the backstage.
Keith couldn’t shake the feeling that he had done something wrong, but considering the size of his line he really didn’t have time to worry about it.


“Oh Allura be reasonable.”
Keith had just managed to get away and had gone backstage in search of Allura or Pidge to see if they needed his help with anything.
“I am being reasonable! You come into my circus and demand to take one of my performers!” Keith cringed.
Never before had be heard Allura sound so angry, so filled with primal rage that it made him shudder.
“I offered you more then generous compensation for him, after all what good does a little run away do you?”
Run away?
Keith’s heart began to speed up, he had ran away from home after his dad found out he was gay and was preparing to send him to a hospital.
Was this guy here for him?
But why?
Did his dad put out a reward, if that were the case why not take him before.
“And I told you Lance is not for sale!”
Oh no.
Keith almost wished it was him he was after just so it wouldn’t be Lance.
“You know he belongs to me.” The man kept his voice terrifyingly low and calm.
“And you know Lotor that slavery is illegal!”
Lotor, Keith assumed his name was merely chuckled “oh sweet little Allura, we both know that’s not what Lance is to me. You know he’s my pet.”
Something inside Keith snapped as he ran forwards and would of decked Lotor.
However somone beat him to it.
And boy was Keith glad they did.
Hunk stood over Lotor practically growling “you don’t touch him! YOU DON’T GO NEAR MY BROTHER DO YOU UNDERSTAND!” He screamed looking like he was ready for another swing.
Lotor looked up in shock for a moment as blood flowed from his nose.
“I-I see the attack dog is still around” Lotor attempted to keep his composure but it was clear he was losing it. He stood up his hands shaking slightly.
“I think it’s time you leave.” Keith finally spoke breaking the tension.
He spotted Keith and seemed to weigh out his options.
He was outnumbered and out muscled.
“Very well, i shall take my leave. Lotor struggled to his feet, no one moving to help him.
“But know this Allura, there will be consequences for what happened here today, and you shall pay.”
Soon as he was gone Allura punched the wall and screamed in frustration.
“That slimy bastard! I want to kill him! I want to tear him apart and leave his body for the rats!”
“Allura… not now” Hunk spoke gently as he moved to one of the barrels usually filled with water or animal feed.
This one however contained Lance.
He was pale and shaking with tears falling down his cheeks.
As gently as one may carry a kitten, Hunk picked Lance up into his strong arms and held him close.
Lance didn’t cuddle into his chest like Keith had always seen him do.
Instead he stared into the distance shaking and crying.
It was then that Keith realised he could never hate anyone as much as he hated Lotor right now.