33 Abused Circus Lions Going Back to Africa on 747!
An extraordinary “Lion-Air” rescue mission by a team from the UK is to fly 33 abused circus big cats - back to Africa.
The big cats were saved by Animal Defenders International from 10 circuses in Peru and Colombia.
The airlift – which will fly the 33 lions on a specially chartered Boeing 747 - is the biggest in history.
Almost all of the rescued lions have been mutilated to remove their claws.
One has lost an eye, another is almost blind, and many have smashed and broken teeth.
The lions, which endured years confined in cages in trucks and a brutal life in circuses, are heading to huge natural enclosures at Emoya Big Cat Sanctuary in South Africa.
ADI is chartering a Boeing 747 to transport all 33 lions with a veterinary team.
President Jan Creamer, who is leading the rescue mission, said: “We are delighted that these lions who have suffered so much will be going home to Africa where they belong.
“The climate and environment are perfect for them.”

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circus freak starters

“Why’d I let you free? You’re my favourite act.”
“You okay in there? That collar looks awfully tight.”
“Hold on, I will come back for you tonight. I won’t let them use you like this.”
“Don’t worry, you’ll get used to the cage soon.”
“You have nothing to worry about, my dear, everyone will love you tonight.”
“First performances are very exciting, I know, but that doesn’t give you the right to misbehave like this.”
“You’re just nervous because you’re new, they all are in the first few weeks.”
“What are you doing in a cage… this is inhumane.”
“Haha! Look at that one. What’s wrong with you, then? Can you talk?”
“If you keep talking back at me like that, I’m going to give you a muzzle.”
“Stop complaining, kid, I picked you off the streets because you look funny. You could’ve gotten killed out there for it. You should be grateful.”
“You need to stay here. Outside this circus, you’re just a freak.”
“I’m giving you a dry place to sleep. That’s better than what you had before. I’d be grateful if I were you.”
“Put on a bit of a happy face. If you look like that, people aren’t going to like you, are they?”
“I love your act… I come here all the time to see you and I was wondering if you were ever free outside of this circus… Maybe you’d like to meet up with me sometimes?”
“In here you can be proud of what you are.”
“So, what trick shall I teach you today?”

Imagine being a Jotun like Loki, but sent to Earth and adopted by the circus. There, you’re accepted by everyone, especially the Ring Master, even though your appearance would be considered strange. As you grow older you practice using your ice powers to make beautiful displays till you’re old enough and ready to put on shows. When you’re all grown up, the circus is performing in New York, and your special guest are the Avengers along with Loki.

During the show everyone is having fun and enjoying what they see, except Loki, who could care less about prodding lions with chairs or elephants balancing on small balls. His attention though is quickly caught when you’re announced by the Ring Master and your show begins with an explosion of blue dust and the sound of exotic music playing. Upon seeing you he can’t help but stare in shock and amazement as you perform beautifully to the sound of music; dancing and making displays with ice magic.

After the performance the circus comes to an end and everyone leaves for the night while you and the other performers get ready for a party that Tony is holding for you all. Later at the party, everyone is having a great time chatting with people or dancing, but deciding to get some air you leave to a quiet balcony over looking the city. You’re silence is interrupted by Loki who approaches you kindly. He asks you many questions about your life and after telling him that you’ve been an orphan since you were a baby, you had been adopted by the circus. He then proceeds to ask you about the way you look, like if you feel out of place, or if you’ve ever felt like people looked at you as some sort of monster. You in turn simply reply that you think you’re beautiful, and could honestly care less about what others have to say about your appearance.

This intrigues Loki and makes him think about his own Jotun form. It’s now your turn and ask him out of curiosity as to why he’s so interested about your life and thoughts. He’s not really sure how to answer and thinks carefully about the choice he’s about to make. Making sure no one else is around he tells you that you’re a Jotun, a creature from a planet called Jotunheim. This causes you to start laughing which he doesn’t find very amusing. He ask what’s so funny and you reply that he must be joking with you, since he’s the God of Mischeif. Loki however insist that he’s telling the truth, and you ask him how would he even know such thing. Frustrated with the fact that he can’t get you to believe him he makes the hasty choice to actually turn into his Jotun form, telling you that he knows because he is a Jotun.

Now with Loki in his true form before you, you are left speechless, only gaping at him with wide eyes. Loki takes this as a bad sign and turns to leave, claiming that he shouldn’t be surprised that you fear him too, though you are both alike. You quickly stop him before he can leave or change form and tell him that’s not true at all. You find him very attractive this way and the complete opposite of what a monster is; beautiful and a true wonder.

Soon a slow song can be heard from the party and looking towards the doors for a quick second, your attention is brought back to Loki when he ask you if you’d care to dance in a gentle voice. You smile softly and you dance the night away with your Jotun partner.