bendy and the ink machine bad end: some weak plot twist about how it was actually all henry’s hallucination while inside a mental institute/he was already in purgatory/hell

bendy and the ink machine good end: the game sticks to a creepy yet whimsical plot and continues showing its brilliance by delivering a creative well though out ending

bendy and the ink machine true end: alice, bendy and boris (and other cartoon characters that may be introduced or not later on) walk out of the studio and into the streets and they fucking, they do this

n-x-northwest  asked:

Re: the responses on Russian diminutives - it's entirely possible Yuuri might have a hard time saying "Vitya" - it might sound more like "vee-tay-yah," but that reaally depends on how comfortable he is with consonants, which he very well might be after being in the US for 5 years. ANYWAYS that led me to thinking about Yuuri calling Viktor "Vitka" instead and I died a little from how adorable it would be.

Ahh that’s very interesting!!! & OH MY GOD “VITKA” I can’t I’m slain.

I HC that Yuuri starts calling Victor by silly nicknames when he’s sleepy / when they’re just lying around the house and it’s really casual. Victor notices and it sends a thrill through him each time but he never points it out. Yuuri gets more and more comfortable around him over time and starts calling him nicknames in everyday conversation and in public. It’s so domestic and pure that Victor can’t even handle it. He holds Yuuri’s hand a little bit tighter every time Yuuri says “Good morning, Vitka” or “I love you, Vitya” or “Could you make me tea, Vitenka?”

He really couldn’t care less which nickname Yuuri uses for him, so long as he keeps doing it because it warms Victor’s heart and makes him the happiest person on the planet.