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“My child, you will break my heart no more.”

“Young human of my property. You will cease from damaging the organ of my property in wich it is named “heart” and pumps blood trough my body.”

“Human who has yet to reach the age of maturity whom I consider to be my property, you will cease to inflict emotional damage that metaphorically injures the muscle in my chest which supplies life giving blood.”

“homo sapiens of an age value smaller than mine, and therefore younger than myself. you shall cease causing me emotional pain, usually metaphorically described as causing physical harm to the organ in my circulatory system which sends blood cells and oxygen through my body, known as the “heart.””

“Stop hurt“

5 colors of phytonutrients
8/10 Americans don’t eat enough color

Phytonutrients: lycopene, ellagic acid, quercetin, heperidin, anthocyanidins
Red benefits: Supports prostate, urinary tract and DNA health. Protects against cancer & heart disease

Phytonutrients: resveratrol, anthocyanidins, phenolics, flavonoids
Purple benefits: Good for heart, brain, bone, arteries & cognitive health. Fights cancer & supports healthy aging.

Phytonutrients: lutein/zeaxanthin, isoflavones, EGCG, indoles, isothiocyanates, sulphoraphane
Green benefits: Suppots eye health, arterial function, lung health, liver function, & cell health. Helps wound healing & gum health

Phytonutrients: EGCG, allicin, quercetin, indoles, glucosinolates
White benefits: Supports healthy bones, circulatory sistem, & arterial function. Fights heart disease & cancer

Phytonutrients: alpha-carotene, beta-carotene, beta cryptoxanthin, lutein / zeaxanthin, hesperidin
Yellow benefits: Good for eye health, healthy immune function, & healhtygrowth & development


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I have a character who gets shot, in the chest. It does not pierce the heart, it just nicks it, leading to blood filling the pericardium (i probably didn't spell that right) how long would it take for the heart to be too squished to beat? Also if this isn't feasible any suggestion for an alternate wound site? Thank you so much!

Hey there! You’re actually correct: the pericardium can indeed fill with blood after being nicked!

For those unfamiliar with this effect, this is a condition called pericardial tamponade (or cardiac tamponade).  The heart is enclosed in a sac called the pericardium. When fluid – sometimes pus or chyle, but typically blood–builds up in the pericardium, it puts pressure on the heart itself. That pressure eventually overcomes pressures tha the heart is able to generate on its own, and the heart stops being able to get blood out into the circulatory system (and especially over to the lungs for oxygenation).

Here’s a visual, courtesy of :

The rate at which blood builds up in the pericardium is dependent on the rate of the bleed.

Note that this is actually more likely if the shot hits not just the pericardium  but the ventricle itself. The ventricle, especially the left, can sustain a GSW and bleed into the sac. You need a source for the bleeding. What you don’t want is for the wound to penetrate into the actual ventricle; you want the muscle wall to be nicked, not completely perforated.

I would give your character some time, but not a huge amount. A pericardial tamponade due to trauma should really be dealt with inside of half an hour, and survival beyond one hour is extremely limited.

So long story short, dearest nonny, your situation is realistic, and it’s a surgical emergency.

This character needs a trauma center, and they need it right now. Someone has to crack open this chest, put in a drain (a pericardial window, basically a flap cut in the pericardium to let it drain), and suture the ventricle shut.

The character can live or die, it’s up to you!

Best of luck with your tale.

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


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1) Does anybody else see an upside down heart on my décolletage? I’m generally pale enough that you can trace my circulatory system across my body – no, YOU’RE sexy – but I think that’s a shadow.

2) I ate a lot of Chinese food today. Like … a LOT of Chinese food. I actually gave myself heartburn.

3) I meant to go to bed a few hours ago since I plan to get up at 5:15, but I shamed myself into working out for 45 minutes instead. (See previous bullet.)

4) My plan to get back to a steady workout routine and subsequently drop a few pounds before the DC sister’s wedding is going poorly. Still trying, though.

5) I’ve been in a grouchy, pissed off mood all day because of an interaction with my parents about said wedding and wasted the afternoon/evening angrily catching up on TV and doing NONE of the things I was supposed to do today … which of course only makes me feel grouchier

6) The friend’s fiancé ended up pushing for The Invitation, so that’s what we watched. I really liked it – thanks @breakthecitysky!! – but it got mixed reviews from the group. It’s one of those where the whole movie is suspense until a huge last 15 or so minutes. I like those, but I think the guys were expecting a Jason-esque slasher. (Also, I think there’s something to be said for the psychological need to kick a thing that turned out to be not as scary as you were afraid it might be.)

7) I really don’t want to go to work tomorrow. I have to since my boss and team leader are on a site visit until Wednesday, which gives me more responsibility, but I realized I will literally be the ONLY person from my team trekking into the office. Bummer. Might mean I can take an awkward Monday Mug, though, so bright side?


17/09/16 ; [ 6 of 100 days of productivity ]

honestly wasn’t very productive today (and yesterday) oh god but at least I completed my transport in human notes! and can i just say that I’m really happy with how my drawing of the human heart turned out?? 😍

okay so T-8 days till exams start I’m so stressed out omg 💦💦 also it’s 1am but I think I’ll be making more notes for biology before i head to bed 😪

Jelly’s Energy System Notes: Introduction

Hello! This is my notes on energy systems. I have gathered this knowledge over the years through my dealings with energy work, especially while healing others. This knowledge pertains mainly to human energy systems. The structure of other beings’ energy systems are often similar, however, the way their systems interact with the environment is usually not similar to humans.

Note that while it is similar to the chakra system it is not the same; this is not the chakra system, this is my own system. The points/”chakras” may be similar but the way energy flows through the body is not.

What are Energy Systems?
Your energy system is all of your energy, plus the main energetic points in your body, plus the pathways it flows throughout your body. It’s how your energy is and flows in your body/spirit body/astral body. Similar to how your blood and heart and stuff is called the “circulatory system”; like that, but with energy.

Your energy collects in focal points, of which I just call “points”. These points are where energy is processed and distributed throughout a small location of the body. The health of these points is crucial to someone’s entire energetic system, because of their effect on energy flow and storage. Most points are spherical in shape and appearance, however they can become cubes or triangular pyramids through odd magic shenanigans.

There are 9 Main Points. These points are named for their effect, with the exception of the hand and feet points.

  • Astral Point: Indicates spiritual connection/spiritual ability. This is where most of the communication with spirits, especially deities, “enters” from. This point does not need to be open or flowing for someone to live a healthy mundane or magical life, it is more of an added bonus. 
  • Mind Point: Shows the ability to think clearly.
  • Communication Point: Shows the ability to communicate with ease, without struggles and anxiety, and the ability to listen to and understand others when they communicate; how you connect to others in communication. 
  • Heart Point: Deals with all emotions to a certain extent, though primarily more personal ones such as love and trust. 
  • Confidence Point: Deals with confidence. 
  • Enjoyment of Life: Deals with being able to feel happy and enjoy life. 
  • Security: Deals with feelings of stability, self-reliance, and independence. 
  • Hand Points: These deal with doing work/being hardworking, and thus signs of overworking yourself, or being lazy, can be seen here. 
  • Feet points: These deal with perseverance/general stamina, and work similar to the Hand Points to an extent. Leaks in this point are very common in people with strenuous jobs.

How does energy flow through these points?
All energy in the body should circulate through the heart point, as energy flow is very similar to heart flow. The heart point is the most central of the points because of this, and its health can affect the health of the entire energetic system. Your energy is pumped throughout your body in rhythm with your pulse. All points have entrances and exits with valves that allow energy from other points to pass through them.

Each point makes energy while also absorbing and balancing with the other energies in the body. While each point has a specific “flavor” of energy, all of your energy flows through and circulates throughout the entire body. This circulation is important as it keeps your energy balanced (make sure none of the points have too little or too much energy), and is how your body automatically cleanses itself and distributes energy.

There are also what I term “Flow Paths”, additional paths that the energy flows along. These are special paths in that they don’t directly interact with the main energy flow throughout the rest of the system. They also have their own specialized, specific meanings. (Pink lines in the above picture)

  • Hands to Heart and Confidence Points: Hard work in relativity to your emotions and your confidence. 
  • Feet to Root Point: Perseverance in maintaining your own security; independence or lack thereof. 
  • Mind and Communication Points: Ability to communicate logical, rational thoughts.

How to determine the health of the system in general, or health of specific points?
Skill in sensing energy is the easiest way, as energy sensing skills will allow you to see or feel the blockages. However, you may determine if you have a blockage or if a certain point is unhealthy if you are having troubles in what each point symbolizes. It is still best to have someone else with energy sensing skills, whether they be an entity or human, to verify if you have an actual blockage or not. 

Additionally, energy systems are very relative- determining if something is unhealthy is based on large differences. For example, if someone has gigantic points in general, and their hand points are super large as well- then those hand points are probably healthy. However, if the hand points were small while the rest of the system has rather large points, then those points are highly likely unhealthy.

How do blockages form?

Blockages may form from mental, emotional, physical, or magical stressors. It is my belief that when there is a non-magical blockage, mundane problems arise first, physical, mental, or emotional, which results in an energy blockage afterwards ; an energetic manifestation of the problem.

Magical blockages may form through cursings, bindings, and other harmful magic.

How to cleanse a blockage or heal the energy system in general?

All of my magic is this: mundane first. Ignoring the mundane is probably one of the biggest problems in the magic community I’ve seen, even for people who aren’t aware of it. Mundane problems arise first , physical, mental, or emotional, which results in an energy blockage afterwards ; an energetic manifestation of the problem. Because of this, if you don’t take care of the mundane issue, getting an energy healing won’t do anything: the blockage will keep coming back, because you keep doing the same things that result in the blockage over and over.

Example: You’re really shy and have trouble expressing yourself, and an energetic healer sees the blockage. They heal it for you. You feel better for a few days, but ultimately didn’t change anything about your habits. After about a week or so, the blockage comes back, because you’re still not talking to new people, you’re still avoiding going out because you don’t want to put effort into socializing, etc. Nothing will change unless you take the mundane actions to support it. Did you try talking to someone today? Did you order your food yourself, even though it makes you anxious and your friend offered to do it? Did you force yourself to go out and socialize, even though you felt unmotivated to do so? Or did you stay at home, then complained why you felt lonely, again?

They can get better as you grow as a person, but it’s up to you to make sure that happens.

Meditations and visualizations can and will facilitate getting over these problems, but that’s all they can do: facilitate. They can be a start to getting over your own blockages, but they will never replace the actual physical work necessary to fix them.

How is this different from the chakra system? 

Note that I am NOT an expert on the chakra system, this is just what I know of: 

  • There is no religion tied to this system, unlike the chakra system, which is Hindu in origin (please correct me if I am wrong!). In my system, these points contain no spiritual significance, there are no deep meanings behind each point. My system is fully secular. 
  • You don’t need your astral point (”crown chakra”) to be healthy to have a balanced and healthy energy system, unlike in the chakra system. 
  • In the chakra system, energy only flows from the root/feet chakras upwards, instead of circulating throughout the entire body. 
  • My system has absolutely nothing to do with “raising your vibration”, which is a common concern among people who follow the chakra system. 
  • The chakra system does not contain details on energetic flow paths. 
  • Hand and feet points are considered main points in my system. 
  • 9 main points (my system) versus 7 (chakra system). 

Again, this is based on my knowledge, I am no expert on the chakra system. 


This is just the introductory post, I will add more posts on specific parts very soon! 

Aquarius - The Water Bearer

Element: Air
Modality: Fixed
Rulers: Saturn and Uranus
Exaltation: Mercury (some disagreement)
Phrase: “I know.”
House: 11th
Body parts: Circulatory system, veins, ankles, calves, and shins.
Air Trine: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
Fixed Square: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius
Opposition: Leo
Positive traits: Knowledgeable, Friendly, Innovative
Negative traits: Unpredictable, Odd, Distant
Quote: “When you live for a strong purpose, hard work isn’t an option. It’s a necessity.” -Steve Pavlina

17/05/16, 23:49
24.5 hours later, 6 units later, 26 pages of review later, and a more thorough understanding now then when we originally learned it later, I am done. Tomorrow is the pay off.