Rumors circulated for months on end about who might play the iconic reporter and the love of Barry Allen’s life, with names ranging from Imogen Poots to Rita Ora thrown around in various forums and social media platforms. During that time, fans organized #KeepIrisBlack and later #BlackIrisForDCEU trends to let the producers know they’d like to see more diversity on the big screen. Candice Patton’s casting on the CW version of The Flash in 2014 sent shockwaves throughout the DC universe. It coincided with the introduction of a black Wally West in the comics and later led to a black Wally in the television show. Though the racebending resulted in some angry fans claiming comic book purity, Candice has been well-received for the most part and viewers commend CW’s The Flash for their portrayal of a healthy interracial relationship and for spotlighting a close-knit black family.

Not everyone was in favor of a black Iris for the movie. The same types of fans who theatened to boycott Star Wars due to a black stormtrooper bemoaned the thought of giving up a white heroine. The possibility of it increased, however, once acclaimed director Rick Famuyiwa stepped in to take over from Seth Graham-Greene. He previously worked with Kiersey Clemons in the film Dope, and his movies often focused on racial dynamics and exploring what it means to be black. Because Cyborg – also known as Victor Stone and the only black member of the Justice League – is said to be appearing in Barry Allen’s solo film, it made sense to hire a director who is sensitive to issues at play. A film about superheroes does not need to tackle race head on in order for it to be an important factor.

Allowing another young black actress the opportunity to play Iris West seems like the right move for a few reasons. Marvel’s Black Panther and Spider-Man diversity announcements have received an overwhelmingly positive response, and DC should keep up. More importantly, fans of all races deserve to see themselves onscreen, and not just as superheroes but as people worthy of being loved by said superheroes too. The trailers for Wonder Woman and Justice League dropped this weekend, and DC fans are going wild over them. Let’s hope this latest casting decision is also met with enthusiasm.

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So, there’s things circulating tumblr about how Dominic ‘Dom’ Charbonneau (Aka the voice actor for Hellucard) is a creep who has messaged minors. 


A post about it on deviant art

I just want to say do not feel bad for still liking the character Hellucard, the voice actors and characters are separate people / not connected, so liking Hellucard does not translate to you liking the voice actor! So don’t feel bad okay? 

I would advise you to stay away from Dominic Charbonneau  (This is his deviantart) and ignore him if he messages you. Stay safe!
It’s Official: Brie Larson is Captain Marvel!
Larson's casting in the role was announced at the tail end of Saturday night's Marvel panel at San Diego Comic-Con.

“The rumors of Brie Larson being the favorite of Marvel Studios to play Carol Danvers a.k.a. Captain Marvel have been circulating since last month (I weighed in on my feelings about the casting, as did Captain America himself Chris Evans)–and now Marvel themselves have put those rumors to rest.

Larson’s casting in the role was announced at the tail end of Saturday night’s Marvel panel at San Diego Comic-Con, as Marvel actors both new and old (including the casts of Black Panther, Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2, Spider-Man: Homecoming and Doctor Strange) all came out on stage to take one group photo.

President of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige mentioned they had to bring out the newest addition to the Marvel cast too: Brie Larson as Captain Marvel! You can watch a clip of the official announcement on stage at Hall H below.”

Read the full piece and see the video of the announcement here

For anyone that ships Richonne:

I know there are other posts circulating about the user ihatethesnow, but please, block this user asap. Even if you’ve never interacted with her, do it as a precaution. I didn’t really know about her until recently and I immediately blocked her.

I logged on yesterday to find out a friend of mine, a Richonner, was MIA. It turns out she deleted her Tumblr because ihatethesnow was sending her messages, calling her the n-word, and threatening to contact and harass people the richonner knew in real life. Ihatethesnow has this user’s real name, family’s names, etc. I really don’t like fandom drama but this is about staying safe.It’s moved from the virtual world and into the real one. 

nobledoohickey replied to your post “I’m saying this because noone else seems to notice. While a…”

Like if they do make pidge nb (like in the comics(?)) Then all the girls are aliens and half of ‘em are evil/not good guys

I just want to address this quickly. I remember seeing those two panels from the comic circulating a while back and getting so excited about they pronouns being used, but just seeing those two panels out of context can be misleading

Here is the full page from the comic:

I think this is one of those situations that is frustratingly ambiguous. Seen one way “they” could be referring to Pidge, seen another way “they” could be referring to all the paladins

I’m not saying this to squash the comic Pidge is NB and uses they pronouns headcanon, as you can see it’s ambiguous. I just want to provide a little more context, especially for people who maybe don’t have access to the whole comic and have only seen those first two panels out of context

I can confirm though that Pidge is never referred to with she nor he pronouns in the comic

I’m gonna have to start putting “don’t reblog if you’re ddlg” on my edits. Stop leaving your nasty comments on my stuff. Like I’m a positive/recovery blog and I legit have no clue why my stuff circulates through the ddlg community but damn if it doesn’t make me uncomfortable.

So I was on Twitter early this morning and this is circulating…I mean the fact that someone is this pressed about wonho…hmm. I’m not going to go into a long rant but if I happen to, I apologize. I’m just gonna break this person’s baseless argument in a few parts.

1. “That guy is only good bc of his body” Let’s examine this statement. This person saying wonho is only good because of his body is quite baseless. If this person referred to no. mercy, they would realize that wonho was not only aspiring to be an idol/entertainer but he was also aspiring to be a producer. Have y'all seen his arrangement of Yoseob’s “Caffeine” or his arrangement of Baek Yerin’s “Across the Universe”. Only good for his body? I’m tired. He studied on his own time about how to compose. HE TAUGHT HIMSELF. Even if he was scouted for his body, he is striving to become more than that and he is damn good at what he does, despite not getting the recognition. If anyone wants links to referred arrangements:



2. “Wonho didn’t sing on 0 young for a reason. He can’t sing”

So he didn’t sing on 0 young because he can’t sing? I’m tired. If you watched that episode of no. mercy wonho was being extremely hard on himself. He was pulling all nighter after all nighter and was not looking after his health and then all of a sudden he had to go into the recording studio to record 0 young. You think his voice is gonna be top tier? Nah. Even after Jooyoung roasted his ass and sent him out, he was really hard on himself because he knew he could do better. Even if he didn’t get to record vocals for the track, did y'all see him slaying giriboy’s parts in 0 young at their solo concert? Yeah I don’t think so. Let’s take a look.

0 young (Wonho rapping):

He may not have been good then and may have been extremely self-critical but he has showed so much growth as an aspiring artist and producer. Did I mention his vocals in Caffeine & Hug Me?! Don’t even get me started. See for yourself.

Hug Me (This performance always fucks me up lmao):

Wonho has only been in the industry for a little over a year and he’s showing so much growth and to be petty and say something so degrading and demeaning is very trifling. He works so hard for his members, for his fans, and for himself, and this person is limiting his potential only to his body. This is the reason Wonho is self-critical about his body. He’s more than that. He’s a soft man (lowkey satan) who goes above the bar. He may not be the best vocal but he is certainly showing himself. He has so much potential and I can’t wait for him to show it to the world so all you salty ass snakes can sit tf down. Anyways stay pressed while my man slays 👏🏼✌🏼️

*if y'all want more links I’ll add onto this post

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➳  You and Bobby go public.

➳  Bobby x reader

➳  so the request was for Bobby surprising you at school and i didnt know if that meant like.. highschool!au or what but i just made it normal


“I swear,” your friend concludes suspiciously, “she looked just like you!”

You shake your head incredulously, shoving more kimchi and rice into your mouth so that you wouldn’t be forced to answer her properly. “You’re seeing things, MiMi.”

Your friend has just spent the last 10 minutes expressing to you quite passionately that she had seen a circulating picture of little old you with an idol - Bobby of iKon. You had bristled, frowning at her and hoping the disapproving look on your face was enough to throw her off of your case. How were you supposed to explain to her that it was actually you? From how she described the photo, it sounded perfectly like when you and Bobby had went to get bingsu on the weekend. You hadn’t gone overboard with disguises, because as far as you had been told, YG was fine with Bobby publicising your relationship - it was really just you two that decided to stay in the dark for a while longer.

“It’s freaky, though,” MiMi presses on, sipping on some banana milk. “It looks just like you - and as your best friend, I’m obligated to know what you look like in every photo-”

“That’s not creepy at all,” you joke lightly, wiping your mouth and throwing your legs over the lunch bench so that you could stand. “I’m just gonna get some stuff from my locker, yeah?”

MiMi nods, turning to some other girl behind her as you picked up your metal lunch tray and strode to place it on the cleaning desk. Covertly, you slip your phone from your blazer pocket as you near the doors of the cafeteria, unlocking the phone and checking if Bobby had messaged you.

I miss you.

A smile blooms on your face from the sweet message, but you can’t answer just yet. You open your locker tiredly, setting your phone inside for a second while you swap your books around for your after lunch classes. You’re about to shoulder your bag and take your phone back in your hand when there’s a bang on the locker beside you.

Shocked, you turn your head towards the source of the noise, only to become confused when you see three girls beside you, expressions irritated and annoyed. “Are you sure this is her?” One girl says to another, tilting her head to the side and inspecting you.

“Excuse me?” You ask in confusion, but you’re completely ignored and interrupted rudely.

“She’s ugly, though,” one sighs in mock sadness, pouting her lips, “I doubt an idol would date her.”

You scoff quietly. Of course, this was what this was about. You weren’t that offended by their rude comments - although you weren’t the most confident person, you knew the difference between jealousy and the truth. You were more disgusted by the fact that they didn’t even know Bobby, yet they were willing to bully anyone who might be dating him so confidently. It was horrible.

“Let’s make this clear,” the last one smirks to you, her voice sugary sweet but filled with malice. “You don’t deserve to date an idol, and you never will. So do yourself a favor, and stay away.”

You have half a mind to strike back at them, telling them that not only were you dating Bobby, but they would have no chance with anybody with a personality that horrid, but you weren’t stupid. The last thing you and Bobby need was a scandal about how ‘his girlfriend is a bully to innocent students’. So you let them walk away, rolling your eyes and finally settling your school bag onto your shoulders.

I miss you too, oppa.

Biting your lips, you check the time - you have at least another ten minutes until lunch is finished, so you slide onto the ground against your locker, holding your phone close to you as Bobby started typing.

I’ve been thinking.

Don’t hurt yourself.

Wow, you’re so funny. No, but really, I’ve been thinking. About us. I think we should go public.

You stare at your phone screen in shock. Crap, what do you say? You want to go public, but with the way those girls just acted, could you really take more? You sigh. You want to be with Bobby - to hell with what those girls think about you, and anyone else, for that matter.

I think that’s a great idea.

It’s almost as if you can hear him release a breath of relief, as he texts you back an over dramatic few lines of emojis and an ‘I love you’, which you easily return.


You’ve been fidgeting ever since your conversation with Bobby. Don’t get me wrong, you were ecstatic to finally go public with your boyfriend, but all this tension and waiting was making you antsy. You wanted to get it over and done with.

As the last bell of the day rang, you finally felt even the tiniest bit at ease, walking through the crowded halls and out into the sunlight with MiMi and talking about anything and everything - this time, MiMi was relaying her irritation with her latest favorite TV show.

“-and I mean,” MiMi huffs passionately, “I just don’t get it! If you love someone that much, why do you not return when they come back from the dead- Oh, my God.”

You look to where she was staring at, feeling your eyes widen at the sight of your boyfriend, standing against the bus stop directly in front lf your school, on his phone. And boy, was he attracting attention. You don’t know if he was just ignoring the amount of people staring at him and whispering behind their hands, or if he really was unaware, but he didn’t seem bothered with it either way.

Ignoring the fact that you told MiMi just hours earlier that you certainly weren’t dating Bobby - or anyone, for that matter -, you walk passed her, striding towards you boyfriend, who looks up from his phone with a smile just in time for you to reach him. “Hey, princess.”

Ignoring the confused expressions of those around you, you give him a small smile, accepting the hug he gives you seconds later with blushing cheeks. “What are you doing here?” You ask shyly, head buried in the crook of his neck. His chest rumbles with laughter at your shyness.

“We said we’d go public,” he shrugs as you pull away from him, avoiding eyes with everyone who was ‘inconspicuously’ watching you. “So I wanted to be seen with you as soon as possible. I’ve lost out a good few months not being able to show my girlfriend off, I’m not missing out anymore.”

You don’t say anything but stand on your tiptoes, placing a kiss on his lips and almost smirking once you pull away and catch sight of the same three girls from earlier, gaping at you and your boyfriend. In public. God, it’ll take a while for that to become normal.

The Other Gospels

by Saṃsāran

“For there exists a great and boundless aeon, whose extent no generation of angels could see, in which is the great invisible Spirit, which no eye of an angel has ever seen, no thought of the heart has ever comprehended, and it was never called by any name.” 

— The Gnostic Gospel of Judas (ca 120 CE)

The Gospels which we now call gnostic were circulated in the Christian world in the years after Jesus was crucified and Paul began his ministry to the Greco-Roman world. Most were written in Greek and then translated into other languages such as Latin and Coptic. There were over thirty such Gospels including the four we know today as part of the New Testament.

The writers of the gnostic texts did not call themselves gnostics. They were simply Christians who had also been exposed to Greek and Roman philosophy and literature. In 180 CE in a bid to organize the Church which had grown a great deal since Paul’s day a Bishop named Irenaeus went through these gospels and discarded all but four. He particularly disliked the Gnostic gospels because they stressed the direct knowledge of God rather than receiving the message through priests and bishops something he believed undermined the authority of the Bishops.

These other Gospels including the gospel of Mary, the gospel of Thomas and the Gospel of Judas were declared heretical and ordered destroyed. Some few were buried by monks to avoid the flames and have been discovered in the caves of the Egyptian desert. What we know for certain is that Matthew, Mark, Luke and John did not write the gospels attributed to them. They too were anonymous hand-copied documents circulated through the early church.

The entire collection is in our sangha library:   The Nag Hammadi Texts

The Tao that can be spoken is not the eternal Tao
The name that can be named is not the eternal name
The nameless is the origin of Heaven and Earth
The named is the mother of myriad things

— The Tao Te Ching

D’International Gossipmonger

We make it up. Daily.
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July 25, 2016

Jamie Fraser isn’t the only fictional highlander getting some these days: Highland Fling in the Rockies

G.Ros la Bouche, Staff Writer

Banff, Alberta, Canada: Hot on the tale of Daily Mail’s report of fictional Outlander character Jamie Fraser’s dating living actor Caitriona Balfe, DIG discovered Jamie’s godfather, Murtagh Fraser, is dating living river, Boyne. Sources say the couple is engaged, although a wedding date has not been confirmed. Australia’s gift to visual art, @sassylover-stuff, provided DIG with exclusive photographic coverage of the happy couple’s recent pre-engagement-party-pre-wedding-pre-honeymoon-pre-August-long-weekend-rates romantic getaway at the historic Banff Springs Cabins and Livery Stables.

Murtagh and Boyne (wearing mask) danced the night away at Saturday’s Dairy Queen Ball. Photo: @sassylover-stuff

Lake Louise provided the perfect setting for a romantic Sunday afternoon paddle. Photo: @sassylover-stuff​​

Banff Springs Cabins & Livery Stables recently issued an RFT for stronger-privacy draperies. Photo: @sassylover-stuff

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Nay theories about where/what happened to hide? I had quit a few but they all turned out to be faruta lmao

Do you want to hear the truth from me?  I mostly stopped speculating because of Furuta and Uta (ghoul 86) who stole Hide’s theories hehe. But I can still tell you some theories that circulate in this fandom and one of them is kinda funny because this would mean there are really no humans in Tokyo anymore ;’D (so I don’t know what I should think about it because right now I still want to believe he’s human).
1) Kaneki and Arima share a birthday right ? (20.12). Hide’s birthday is (10.06), so some people say now “what if Hide is half of what Kaneki is?” aka Kaneki is a human who became a part of the ghoul world and Hide a ghoul who lived as a human (I think this mostly comes from the “he’s a garden child who escaped” theory)
2). It’s Hide (or Kimi) who Touka visited in the hospital 

I personally will just let myself surprise now :). But I still believe he’s alive and I still believe Hide will come back and will have a more important role in the plot (because I think  the school play in TG is actually some kind of foreshadowing (x)).

tfw a semi-popular post you made starts circulating on terf tumblr :(

hey guess what, butch trans women protagonists would be amazing. well, any trans women protagonists would be amazing regardless of presentation, but you get what I mean. 

give me a butch lesbian trans woman action heroine who gets the girl and saves the day. and no one ever gives her shit about her gender, sexuality, or presentation, not even the villain, because it’s fiction and we can write it however we want. yeah.

i return from a long conversation about Alex Hirsch and performance art with another update shot. there are guesses circulating as to what the words could be based on Alex’s hints, but so far it is speculation; there’s not enough evidence from the puzzle to be sure.

once more of the puzzle is finished and the cipher hunters have a more unified theory, i’ll post again. i’ll still be around, if you’d like to talk about the hunt or ask any questions.

here’s a link to the twitch stream one more time!

thanks ∆


Exteriors and interiors at Aztec Ruins National Monument in New Mexico. The careful stonework emblematic of Chacoan Anasazi architecture is readily visible, as are many T-shaped doorways into the central plaza. Especially interesting at Aztec is a roomblock with its original roof intact, visible in the final photo. Because pueblo roofs are made of wood and plaster they are often the first feature to deteriorate, but somehow these survived and give an impression of what the rooms would have felt like when they were occupied in the 1200s. Other key features are the extensive series of vent-windows pierced through series of rooms to allow for air and smoke to circulate, several peculiar corner doors which only appear in Chacoan-style dwellings, and a fanciful band of green stone incorporated into the western walls of the pueblo. There were simply too many details to take in on one visit, but these may help give you an impression of what an amazing place is hiding out in Aztec. | RedBubble

Can anyone confirm this? I do not want to spread false information and I have seen this circulating.

Do not lose hope!!! Jane Sanders caught on a hot mic saying, “they don’t know your name has been put in nomination. That’s the concern.” At the end of Bernie’s address to our 1900 delegates today… This is important for delegates to know.

DELEGATES - Fight for our man! He gave a *prepared* speech and said what was expected of him by the DNC. Ignore his token statement on electing Hillary!! He had to say what he said… Fight for him and fight for us!!! *The world wants Bernie!* When they announce HRC’s name, make sure you are quiet so that you can blast as loud and as energetic as possible when they announce Bernie’s name!!!

IF YOU KNOW A DELEGATE, text them this and tell them you’re with them right now and to stay strong! Keep fighting for Bernie!!! ‪#‎WeWantBernie‬and we want the world to know!!! They must keep the energy strong.

IF YOU ARE IN PHILLY, keep marching (peacefully)!

It’s a small chance, but we’ve got to give it everything we’ve got!!

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Hi I don't want this answered I just wanted to say I think it's better not to reblog pics of muslim girls wearing fitted clothes & bright makeup etc like there're guidelines in Islam & if their lack of adherence is circulated thats not good for them

You’re totally right.

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This isn't for your about me summary but seriously one of my favorite things is going to your blog whenever fandom BS is circulating because I know you'll tell the truth, expose people for their agendas, and be funny while doing it.

Kimmy I love you n thank you!!

anyway I’m not here to perpetuate nonsense. I’m here to shitpost and be nasty over my two favorite toasted wonderbread Caryl, marvel at the fact people follow me and drag Scott Gimple’s hairline into space