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McLaren 12C “The Perfect Line” At Yas Marina Circuit Video 

“As part of a major Middle Eastern push by British automakers, Abu Dhabi is getting a spiffy new factory McLaren dealership. To celebrate, McLaren has published “The Perfect Line” a video of their race-ready MP4-12C supercar blasting the nearby dune circuit at Yas Marina. The 592 horsepower, 3.8L.. ”


Some more Danger Days/Killjoys headcanons and theories I have!

Besides The Graffiti bible, there is no such thing as fictional books or stories in Bat City, BLI thinks any type of fictional literature can trigger emotions and ‘inspire’ citizens

Blue is a failed prototype humanoid hybrid, she was a human who had robotic parts and circuits surgically placed into her so she could be connected to a larger droid and used as a weapon, however the experiment went wrong when Blue escaped and her memories were erased and Destroya was scrapped, which is why she was able to reactivate it

The sword The Girl has in the last issue is actually the head of BLI’s sword that Cherri Cola managed to steal

Korse’s boyfriend’s name is Carlos, idk why I just see it

When BLI first began, they actually had droid Dracs but later began using humans, as they don’t need to be built, Korse was one of the first human Dracs

Kobra Kid is trans

Val Velocity used to neighbors/friends with Party Poison and Kobra Kid in Bat City, when they left Party promised to come back for Val but when he never did and found out about The Girl, Val began to hate him

Killjoys would use Drac’s bulletproof vests as binders

The trans am used to belong to Korse until Fun Ghoul and Jet Star stole it for a joy ride

The most expensive/rare food in Bat City and The Desert is chocolate, since chocolate releases endorphins, BLI rarely makes/distributes it

Show Pony is Fun Ghoul’s cousin

Before they discovered hair dye, having long and crazy hair was a way to represent freedom and Jet Star’s and The Girl’s fro was extremely admired

Circuit training

I am really really really R.E.A.L.L.Y motivated to do this since I’ve seen that guy in my gym doing a circuit. It’s been a while that I’ve last trained with circuits, it was a part of my plan a few years ago (just a small one with about 4 exercises). But noooooooow I want to make a real circuit with about 15 exercises and I know it will kill me, and I will enjoy it, how sadistic…

Olicity: Marked

@peillimoops​ said:Hey got an olicity prompt. Soul mates can see what is written on the others skin. Do felicitous is drawing circuit boards and computer parts and code. Whilst laurel is writing her name on lovers arm and Tommy is messing with Oliver. You can change anything if you want. I just really like this idea. 💙💙💙


It starts off innocent enough. Laurel just wants to know if they are each other’s soul mates before she goes any farther with him. He agrees because Laurel Lance is hot and he’s not going to turn down the opportunity to possibly get into her pants. So she takes out a Sharpie and writes her name on Oliver’s forearm, but nothing happens. When he offers to double check her entire body for an identical mark, she agrees and Oliver is pretty sure he now knows what heaven tastes like. Tommy is right. Sex is better than drugs.

At 16 years old, he could care less about the idea of soul mates. The only thing that matters is the amazing escape he feels every time Laurel lets him bury his pain by burying himself in her. So he doesn’t think twice about letting her write her name all over his body each time they have sex. After all, if it’s what Laurel feels she need to feel comfortable, who is he to deny her?

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You know you’re screwed when the word “curse” appears in the name of your disease. Such is the case for those who suffer from Ondine’s Curse, a disorder that short-circuits the part of your brain responsible for breathing, which we’re sure you’ll agree is one of the more important parts.

Once afflicted, patients “forget” how to breathe automatically and consequently are forced to consciously inhale oxygen into their lungs. That alone is exhausting and terrible, but that’s not the worst part – Ondine’s Curse becomes a life-threatening problem when patients fall asleep and just stop breathing altogether.

The curse, otherwise known as congenital central hypoventilation syndrome, is essentially a form of sleep apnea on steroids (if you take your steroids with just an unsightly amount of booze).

The probability that you ever develop the disease is low, a comfort which is only somewhat diminished by the fact that you could suddenly, for no reason at all, fall asleep for a nap and leave your confused brain at the helm of your lungs shrieking, “HOW DO YOU WORK THESE THINGS?”

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