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Introducing Javier Fernandez

Since everyone is doing intro post to their favorite skaters, what the hell. Might as well do one of my own. Many of my favorites already have introductions (and much better than this) but there is one which I haven’t found and I really wanted to do: Javier Fernandez. Many people just know him because he’s Yuzuru Hanyu’s training partner, but this guy here has an awesome story of his own.

Warning: Very, VERY, long post. Read at your own risk. 

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Yess Jaytim! I love the way you write them. As for prompt, maybe where Tim is the new intern at Research and development and has to deal with Jason always messing with his gadgets? Please and thank you!

Tim’s not a native Gothamite. The fact that he was born in the city meant nothing when his parents whisked him away to the other side of the country to be raised. Which is a tragedy because it means that Tim is sorely lacking in certain areas that all people raised here seem to just get without having to have it explained to them. Like the sixth sense that thins a busy street down to almost being deserted minutes before a bank gets blown up, or the way that most people know when it’s safe to drink water from the tap and when it’s been laced with Fear Toxin or Joker Venom. Basic survival things that Tim doesn’t have because he might’ve been born in Gotham, but he wasn’t raised here among it’s craziness.

Maybe if he had any of that instinct he’d be able to figure out why a dangerous vigilante, one of the more violent ones no less, is being allowed free access to Wayne Tech’s R&D floor. There was no other way of describing it. Security is pretty tight on the levels Tim works in, and while that might not deter some of the masked people that flood the city the fact that Batman –and most of his associates– like to show up randomly to patrol his sponsor’s business is. Considering the fact that most of what Tim works on goes to them he’s under no delusions that his every move isn’t monitored. So Red Hood’s appearances can’t have gone unnoticed.

“Huh,” Red Hood looks down at the pile of parts and circuits that lay heaped on the floor. Lips twisting up into a smirk Tim wishes he could wipe off. With his fist if possible, though some days Hood is nice enough that Tim wonders about using other parts of his body instead. Not tonight though. “Was it supposed to do that?”

“That took me seven hours to assemble,” Tim says as a deceptively calm peace settles over him as he stares at what was an entire days work. No, three days, because Tim had been very meticulous about cleaning each part of the intricate mechanism beforehand.

“Oops?” Hood says in a tone that’s more innocent than any man wearing body armor and blood stained boots should be able to vocalize. He looks back down at the pile, nudging it with the toe of his boot and leaving behind a suspicious smear. Tim watches in wonder as all that calm peace evaporates at the smarmy grin Hood gives him. “Well, whatever it was, it obviously wasn’t going to work anyway-”

Screwdrivers are not designed to be aeronautical, and that’s the only reason why Tim’s throw falls short of its target. Hood doesn’t even flinch or act like he was going to dodge it. “Because I wasn’t finished screwing the back on!”

The smarmy grin twists into something gleeful, “If you’re going to screw anything, it should be-”

Tim goes for the fire extinguisher like he should’ve the second he heard the crash of something breaking. Hood actually moves then, though the laughter that fills the lab echoes mockingly as Tim furiously chases after the dangerous –supposedly psychotic– vigilante that’s been making his life hell from the first day he was hired.

Finnrey ficlet

Rey has worked with metal parts and mechanics her entire life. On Jakku, waste was not allowed : everything, up to the tiniest scrap of metal, was to be either sold or turned into something useful so that she could ensure her survival. But here, at the Resistance… she finds that some damaged or outdated circuits and ship parts are simply put aside or thrown away, no one having any use for it. And as the scavenger she is, she can’t resist taking all of it and putting it in her room. All this waste is unbearable ! There has to be something she can do with all that.

At first, she tries to build tools and circuits out of it, but the scraps are really beyond any use - even her mechanical genius can’t turn them into something functional. So, frustrated and a little bored, she starts playing with the metal rods, tweaking and curving them, using the blowtorch to fuse them together. She finds that the activity relaxes her, and when she’s done she realizes she has made a sculpture. A tiny metal sculpture looking like a sunflower turned toward the sky. Rey loves it so much that she starts working on a second one, a tulip this time. This one turns out to be prettier and more elegant than the first, probably because she knew what she was doing this time. When she’s done, Rey scoops up her sculptures in her hands and runs toward the shooting range, eager to show her work to Finn.

She finds him hitting perfectly target after target with his blaster, and she stays put for a little while, admiring the focused and determined look on his face. Eventually, Finn notices her and puts down his blaster.

“Hey, what’s up ?” he asks, putting an arm around her shoulder and kissing her forehead. Rey leans into his warm touch.

“I wanted to show you something I made,” she says, suddenly self-conscious.

She knows that Finn would never laugh at her work, but showing it to him still makes her feel weirdly exposed and vulnerable. She trusts him with her heart and her life, though, so she puts the tiny sculptures in his hand. Finn carefully looks at them, delicately turning them between his fingers, and then his face lights up with wonder.

“You made these ? That’s amazing ! They are really beautiful. I didn’t know you liked art.”

“I didnt know either until now,” Rey blushes under the compliments. “I never had the luxury of making something whose final purpose was to be beautiful and not functional. But.. i like it.”

Finn nods and stays silent, then a secretive smile stretches his lips.

“Come on,” he says, offering his hand. “I also want to show you something.”

Rey takes his hand and follows him to his room, intrigued.

“Is this an elaborate plan to get me naked, Finn ? Because you could have just asked,” Rey teases with a wink.

Finn laughs wholeheartedly, then shakes his head with an amused smile.

“That is a very attractive prospect, but I actually do have something to show you.”

Rey watches him open a drawer in his desk, and pull out stacks of paper. She realizes these are drawings and paintings. Finn seems a little embarassed, but allows her to browse through his artworks. He’s made colourful watercolors of landscapes and starry nights, and pencil sketches of droids and various people. There are a lot of sketches of Rey sleeping or working on her ship, and she smiles while wondering how she never caught him drawing her. Some other paintings are more abstract, looking like an attempt to depict an elusive memory.

“Finn, all of these are gorgeous ! I can’t believe you’re only telling me about this now,” she says while admiring a little painting of Takodana’s lush forest.

“Yeah, I know. I started sketching when I was still bound to bed, it was helping a lot with my frustration and boredom, and I ended up really liking it. I didn’t really hide it from you though, it just didn’t seem worth mentioning. Also,” he adds with a chuckle, “I kinda like drawing you when you’re not paying attention.”

Rey playfully smacks his arm, then puts her arms around his waist and her head on his shoulder. Finn squeezes her in his arms and she sighs, content. She couldn’t imagine a better place to be than Finn’s arms.

The Office Masterpost

Season 1

1x01 - Pilot

1x02 - Diversity Day

1x03 - Health Care

1x04 - The Alliance

1x05 - Basketball

1x06 - Hot Girl

Season 2

2x01 - The Dundies

2x02 - Sexual Harassment

2x03 - Office Olympics

2x04 - The Fire

2x05 - Halloween

2x06 - The Fight

2x07 - The Client

2x08 - Performance Review

2x09 - E-mail Surveillance

2x10 - Christmas Party

2x11 - Booze Cruise

2x12 - The Injury

2x13 - The Secret

2x14 - The Carpet

2x15 - Boys and Girls

2x16 - Valentine’s Day

2x17 - Dwight’s Speech

2x18 - Take Your Daughter to Work Day

2x19 - Michael’s Birthday

2x20 - Drug Testing

2x21 - Conflict Resolution

2x22 - Casino Night

Season 3

3x01 - Gay Witch Hunt

3x02 - The Convention

3x03 - The Coup

3x04 - Grief Counseling

3x05 - Initiation

3x06 - Diwali

3x07 - Branch Closing

3x08 - The Merger

3x09 - The Convict

3x10, 3x11 - A Benihana Christmas

3x12 - Back From Vacation

3x13 - Traveling Salesmen

3x14 - The Return

3x15 - Ben Franklin

3x16 - Phyllis’s Wedding

3x17 - Business School

3x18 - Cocktails

3x19 - The Negotiation

3x20 - Safety Training

3x21 - Product Recall

3x22 - Women’s Appreciation

3x23 - Beach Games

3x24, 3x25 - The Job

Season 4

4x01, 4x02 - Fun Run

4x03, 4x04 - Dunder Mifflin Infinity

4x05, 4x06 - Launch Party

4x07, 4x08 - Money

4x09 - Local Ad

4x10 - Branch Wars

4x11- Survivor Man

4x12 - The Deposition

4x13 - Dinner Party

4x14 - Chair Model

4x15 - Night Out

4x16 - Did I Stutter?

4x17 - Job Fair

4x18, 4x19 - Goodbye, Toby

Season 5

5x01, 5x02 - Weight Loss

5x03 - Business Ethics

5x04 - Baby Shower

5x05 - Crime Aid

5x06 - Employee Transfer

5x07 - Customer Survey

5x08 - Business Trip

5x09 - Frame Toby

5x10 - The Surplus

5x11 - Moroccan Christmas

5x12 - The Duel

5x13 - Prince Family Paper

5x14, 5x15 - Stress Relief

5x16 - Lecture Circuit (Part 1)

5x17 - Lecture Circuit (Part 2)

5x18 - Blood Drive

5x19 - Golden Ticket

5x20 - New Boss

5x21 - Two Weeks

5x22 - Dream Team

5x23 - Michael Scott Paper Company

5x24 - Heavy Competition

5x25 - Broke

5x26 - Casual Friday

5x27 - Cafe Disco

5x28 - Company Picnic

Season 6

6x01 - Gossip

6x02 - The Meeting

6x03 - The Promotion

6x04, 6x05 - Niagara

6x06 - Mafia

6x07 - The Lover

6x08 - Koi Pond

6x09 - Double Date

6x10 - Murder

6x11 - Shareholder Meeting

6x12 - Scott’s Tots

6x13 - Secret Santa

6x14 - The Banker

6x15 - Sabre

6x16 - The Manager and the Salesman

6x17, 6x18 - The Delivery

6x19 - St. Patrick’s Day

6x20 - New Leads

6x21 - Happy Hour

6x22 - Secretary’s Day

6x23 - Body Language

6x24 - The Cover-Up

6x25 - The Chump

6x26 - Whistleblower

Season 7

7x01 - Nepotism

7x02 - Counseling 

7x03 - Andy’s Play

7x04 - Sex Ed

7x05 - The Sting

7x06 - Costume Contest

7x07 - Christening

7x08 - Viewing Party

7x09 -

7x10 - China 

7x11, 7x12 - Classy Christmas

7x13 - Ultimatum 

7x14 - The Seminar

7x15 - The Search 

7x16 - PDA

7x17 - Threat Level Midnight

7x18 - Todd Packer

7x19 - Garage Sale

7x20 - Training Day 

7x21 - Michael’s Last Dundies

7x22 - Goodbye, Michael

7x23 - The Inner Circle

7x24 - Dwight K. Schrute, (Acting) Manager

7x25, 7x26 - Search Committee

Season 8

8x01 - The List

8x02 - The Incentive

8x03 - Lotto

8x04 - Garden Party

8x05 - Spooked

8x06 - Doomsday

8x07 - Pam’s Replacement

8x08 - Gettysburg

8x09 - Mrs. California

8x10 - Christmas Wishes

8x11 - Trivia

8x12 - Pool Party

8x13 - Jury Duty

8x14 - Special Project

8x15 - Tallahassee

8x16 - After Hours

8x17 - Test the Store

8x18 - Last Day in Florida

8x19 - Get the Girl

8x20 - Welcome Party

8x21 - Angry Andy

8x22 - Fundraiser

8x23 - Turf War

8x24 - Free Family Portrait Studio 

Season 9

9x01 - New Guys 

9x02 - Roy’s Wedding 

9x03 - Andy’s Ancestry 

9x04 - Work Bus 

9x05 - Here Comes Treble 

9x06 - The Boat 

9x07 - The Whale 

9x08 - The Target 

9x09 - Dwight Christmas 

9x10 - Lice 

9x11 - Suit Warehouse 

9x12 - Customer Loyalty 

9x13 - Junior Salesman 

9x14 - Vandalism 

9x15 - Couples Discount 

9x16 - Moving On 

9x17 - The Farm 

9x18 - Promos 

9x19 - Stairmageddon 

9x20 - Paper Airplane 

9x21 - Livin’ The Dream 

9x22, 9x23 - A.A.R.M. 

9x24, 9x25 - Finale 

‘Can you write the guys with an autistic s/o? Bonus if their special interest is the guys talent!’

Can you write the guys with an autistic s/o? Bonus if their special interest is the guys talent!

Of course! Once again I hope this doesn’t seem offensive ;w;

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Antonio Giovinazzi begins his slate of FP1 stints with Haas F1 Team July 14 at Silverstone Circuit in England as part of the British Grand Prix. He returns to the VF-17 in FP1 July 28 at the Hungaroring during the Hungarian Grand Prix, Sept. 1 at Autodromo Nazionale Monza during the Italian Grand Prix, Sept. 29 at Sepang International Circuit during the Malaysian Grand Prix, Oct. 27 at Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez during the Mexican Grand Prix, Nov. 10 at Autódromo Jose Carlos Pacé during the Brazilian Grand Prix and Nov. 24 at Yas Marina Circuit during the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

Haas F1 Team driver Kevin Magnussen will relinquish his seat for six FP1 sessions while teammate Romain Grosjean cedes his racecar to Giovinazzi during FP1 in Mexico.

“In a year that’s already been filled with great opportunities, I’m proud to have another one with Haas F1 Team,” said Giovinazzi, who rocketed to Formula One this year after a strong rookie campaign in the 2016 FIA Formula 2 Championship (formerly GP2 Series) that saw him finish second to his teammate, Pierre Gasly.

“Being the third driver with Scuderia Ferrari is obviously a great place to be, and getting seat time in these FP1 sessions with Haas F1 Team will keep me sharp. I’ll be able to take what I’ve learned in the simulator and apply it in actual race conditions. I’m proud of the faith Ferrari and Haas have in me and gracious for the seat time Kevin and Romain are sharing with me.”

so for the beastmaster eranko story mission, if you’re not the opener, during the circuit part you’re turned into a Friendly Ghost who can provide speed buffs, and this in itself is fine however despite the ghost using a small human model, in order to keep up with the opener, it is set to move at the same speed that mounts run AND jump as high as them, meaning you are now a tiny ghost who’s limbs move at nightcore speed and grant you the ability to launch urself into the air at 3x ur height

it’s Very Good

Some more Danger Days/Killjoys headcanons and theories I have!

Besides The Graffiti bible, there is no such thing as fictional books or stories in Bat City, BLI thinks any type of fictional literature can trigger emotions and ‘inspire’ citizens

Blue is a failed prototype humanoid hybrid, she was a human who had robotic parts and circuits surgically placed into her so she could be connected to a larger droid and used as a weapon, however the experiment went wrong when Blue escaped and her memories were erased and Destroya was scrapped, which is why she was able to reactivate it

The sword The Girl has in the last issue is actually the head of BLI’s sword that Cherri Cola managed to steal

Korse’s boyfriend’s name is Carlos, idk why I just see it

When BLI first began, they actually had droid Dracs but later began using humans, as they don’t need to be built, Korse was one of the first human Dracs

Kobra Kid is trans

Val Velocity used to neighbors/friends with Party Poison and Kobra Kid in Bat City, when they left Party promised to come back for Val but when he never did and found out about The Girl, Val began to hate him

Killjoys would use Drac’s bulletproof vests as binders

The trans am used to belong to Korse until Fun Ghoul and Jet Star stole it for a joy ride

The most expensive/rare food in Bat City and The Desert is chocolate, since chocolate releases endorphins, BLI rarely makes/distributes it

Show Pony is Fun Ghoul’s cousin

Before they discovered hair dye, having long and crazy hair was a way to represent freedom and Jet Star’s and The Girl’s fro was extremely admired

Hairy Situation

Request by anon: Could I request a Dean Winchester one-shot were the reader has short hair (like boy short) and totally has a crush on Dean but he always makes jokes about the shortness of your hair and about Sam’s being longer than yours but one day he makes you get so angry with him and the agreement escalates but he ends up crashing your lips against his and pushes you against the wall. All that time, he found it really hot.

Word Count: 2754

Warnings: None?

Version en Español: Situación Peluda

“Hey, Goldilocks! Get in here. Sam found us a case,” Dean called, his voice echoing through the bunker.

You’d been wondering when he would land on Goldilocks as his name of the day. Rapunzel had been the first. That one had lasted a whole week. The nickname that lasted the least amount of time had been Samson, from the bible. It just got too confusing for Dean with Sam around as well, so he gave up on that one a few hours after he started.

“Where’s this one?” you asked, not acknowledging the new name. Dean’s eyes lit up when you walked in the room without comment and you knew this one was gonna stick for a while. You just wished his eyes lit up for a different reason when you entered the room.

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