Another submission for @owbigbang !! i wrote this fic for my partner artist @erughostcat

A fantasy AU pharmercy. 

mirrored on ao3, By Our Wings

It was a clear morning. Fareeha, captain of the Giza city guard, walked the wall. The rocky plains stretched almost as far as she could see, giving way to green just before slipping beneath the horizon. She breathed deeply, thankful as always for these quiet, warm mornings. The life of captain was one she fully enjoyed, happily serving her city, but she relished any time she got to herself. Between her own training, training the guards, and coordinating with the local Overwatch office, free moments were few and far between.

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31 Days of Halloween:Day 19-22

Christine (1983)

Ever since I first saw this film I have been obsessed with it. I even read the book. It’s an annual watch for me in October.

Evil Dead (1981)

When I first really got into horror films I blindly bought this movie at Circuit City, I was like 7 too. I remember loving every second of it and I still do, even if it feels a lot cheesier than it used to be.

Scream (1996)

After watching both seasons and the Halloween special of the Scream TV series, I decided to watch the movie that started it all. I’m pretty sure Scream is one of my most watched horror films, up there with john Carpenter’s Halloween and Halloween II. It’s such a great film.

Sleepaway Camp (1983)

It sucks that when I originally watched this film I already knew the ending of it. It’s such a great camp slasher film with really cool inventive kills. If you haven’t seen it, watch it, especially if you somehow don’t know the ending.

heres a poem i wrote today… 

the dead boy on a cold ancient night drinking sugar free monster energy at a circuit city parking lot meditating on ex-girlfriends, Huey Lewis and The News blasting on a portable battery operated radio that was stolen from a drunken hobo puking in front of a Dollar Tree, this is my teenage paranoia cathedral, pissing on Seth Meyers face on the cover of Time Magazine and funding robotic male masturbation machines on Kickstarter with my grandmas credit card, my dick shuddering and trembling with happiness, remembering— 

unrequited love makes monsters of us all 

anonymous asked:

How many unreleased songs are there from beyonce?!?

Lotssss. I’ll give you a list of her unreleased songs along with some other interesting songs that may have been forgotton over the years just click the titles of the songs to listen.

(Unreleased Dangerously In Love Songs)

Baby You’re The Only Man / I’m Glad There’s You / Ice Cream 
Settle 4 U / I Can’t Take No More (Appeared on the “Speak My Mind” mixtape) / Sexuality (Appeared on the “Speak My Mind” mixtape)

(He’s) My Man
(Appeared on a later edition of Destiny Fulfilled also has the full conversation at the start) / What’s It Gonna Be (Japanese Edition, also on Live At Wembley)

(Unreleased B’Day Songs)

Blind Trust / Inevitably/Forever To Bleed / Kick Him Out (Next Ex) / New Shoes / Back Up (Circuit City Bonus) / Lost Yo Mind (Itunes Bonus)

(Unreleased I Am… Sasha Fierce Songs)

Black Culture / Control / Now I Know/Forever To Bleed / Roc
Slow Love / Stop Sign / Waiting

(Unreleased 4 Songs)

Dreaming (Japanese Bonus)

(Unreleased Destiny Fulfilled Songs)

Body Rock / Heart / Twirk


After All Is Said And Done (The Best Man) / Woman Like Me (Pink Panther Movie) / God Made You Beautiful (Life Is But A Dream)
I’m Leaving (Appeared on the “Speak My Mind” mixtape)
Keep Giving Your Love To Me (Bad Boys II) / My First Time (Live At Wembley) / Rise Up (Epic) / Sexy Lil Thug aka In Da Club (Appeared on the “Speak My Mind” mixtape)
I’m Alone Now / What’s Good With You?

(Forgotton Features)

Usher - Love In This Club Part II Feat. Beyoncé & Lil Wayne

Solange - Naive Feat. Beyoncé & Da Brat

Alicia Keys - Put It In A Love Song Feat. Beyoncé

Kanye West - See Me Now Feat. Beyoncé, Big Sean & Charlie Wilson

The Dream - Turnt Feat. Beyoncé & 2 Chainz

Justin Timberlake - Until The End Of Time Feat. Beyoncé

Kelly Rowland - You Changed Feat. Beyoncé & Michelle